Apartment Improvements!

I have been planning this post for a while, but I wanted to make sure we finished our big improvements so I could write about it all at once.

If you didn’t know, my hubby and I moved to a new apartment at the end of February via a lease takeover.  Unfortunately,  the previous tenants left it absolutely filthy and pretty damaged.  There were literally gaping holes in the walls.  We have scrubbed every inch of this apartment with bleach water.  And I mean every inch–even behind the fridge, behind the washer & dryer, and inside all the cupboards to name a few unusual places.

(1) We started with patching & texturizing the biggest hole in the bedroom.  This was actually covered with spackle when we moved in, but it needed to be redone because it was way too large of a hole to merely spackle (it was literally sinking into the hole).  Kona sped up the need to fix it, however, by eating through the spackle one afternoon when I was in the other room.  In the end, though, I guess she did our work for us since we would’ve had to remove it all before we could re-do it anyway, lol.

The hole is now patched, re-plastered, and texturized.  It completely matches the rest of the wall, so once we paint it an off-white, no one would even know there was a hole to begin with.



(2) Next, we shoveled out the years and years of dog poop and trash that the tenants left in the yard.  It was absolutely revolting, and we filled 14 garbage bags!

(3) We bought a new shower head off Amazon since the one here had hardly any water pressure.  We’d wanted a handheld sprayer shower head for bathing Kona anyway, so it worked out perfectly.

(4) We installed a hand towel ring by the bathroom sink, because for some reason there wasn’t one??  There was only one usable towel bar in the bathroom to begin with since the previous tenants had pulled the other out of the wall and left another gaping hole.  The one remaining towel bar had to suffice for both bath towels and our hand towel, which was just ridiculous.  We examined the wall right by the sink, and could tell that there even used to be a towel bar there for hand towels…and yet for some reason it had been removed and patched over.

For $5 at Walmart, we now have a much better solution for our bathroom hand towel.  Our apartment complex should thank us for the improvement, lol. 😉



(5) We replaced the bedroom blinds.  I never took a picture, and I should have, but literally half of the blinds were trashed, broken, and missing.  It’s my opinion that a dog crashed through those blinds and damaged them.  But the past tenants installed curtains instead of paying $10 at Walmart and taking fifteen minutes to replace the blinds.  Our new blinds are an improvement anyway because they are cordless!  I can’t stand those corded vinyl blinds…I can never pull it right to get it work for me.


(6) We patched & texturized the hole from the other bath towel bar in the bathroom.  With the help of Joshua’s coworker, the texture looks just like the rest of the walls now, and again, no one will be able to tell once the walls are painted.  (We aren’t concerned about painting until we eventually move out.  There’s been too much to do already to worry about painting for now.)  We also installed a new bath towel bar, which has been absolutely fantastic!

I forgot to take a picture of the hole in the wall, but here is a “before” picture with just the patch, before the final plaster and texture.



(7) We took the dilapidated grill to the landfill for recycling.  We were so excited when we initially noticed the grill in the yard, but upon closer inspection, we realized it was rusted and corroded.  I doubt it was ever protected from the outdoor elements or maintained.  There was no amount of cleaning that would have made me feel safe cooking food on it!

Our yard seems a lot bigger now that the grill is gone.  When we have some extra spending cash, we will just purchase a brand-new charcoal grill because we obviously still want to grill now that we have a yard. 🙂



Those were all of our repairs!  Oh, with the exception of emergency maintenance replacing our deadbolt because we kept getting locked in/out of our apartment since that was also broken.  Also, we installed a new security latch on our door, since the other one was on a cracked and loose portion of the doorframe, which meant that the slightest bit of slamming on it would have broken the door frame right off.

Maintenance has also fixed the bathroom faucet (which was making a screeching sound whenever the hot water was on anything slower than full blast), replaced the stove hood light, and replaced a missing bathroom bulb.

The bathroom sink is beyond help.  It’s old and plastic, it looks like a hole has been filled with caulk, and I’m pretty sure they burned it because there is a long black mark that I cannot scrub out.  Oh well, we are simply renting, so I’m not going to care about that!  Maybe we can find waterproof paint for that mark when we eventually move out.

It’s been a lot of work, a lot of money, and a lot of initial frustration, but we would still do the move all over again.  This apartment is THAT much better than our last one, lol.  Click here to read a comparison of our last apartment to this one.  We adore our new home, and we are so grateful to have found it and that it worked out for us to move here.  We are even more grateful now to have all the repairs done so we can just enjoy living here!

I hope you liked reading about our apartment “adventures”!  🙂

Until next time,

-Tialla ❤


Resolving the Lack of Work

3:05 PM

Well, aren’t I getting a late start on this post?!  Today has been busy in addition to me still feeling pretty sick, which has resulted in everything taking longer.  Thus, the late start to the blog. 😉

I slept in again to get extra rest, but I don’t think I’m going to take any more NyQuil during this cold because I’m just over that awful morning groggy feeling.  As much as I love the sleep aid, I really hate that feeling of not being able to wake up and feeling like I can’t concentrate on anything in the morning.  The first two days were okay, but when I got up this morning, I just felt totally done with it.

After getting ready for the day (aka, feeding the dog, getting dressed, and grabbing my coffee), I started on the requirements needed for taking on a new project at work.  If you’ve been following my posts, you know my work has been having issues with a low work load on my current project.  I was invited to another project, so today I went through the documentation and orientation for the project, and signed the scope of work. 😉  I passed the orientation, so now I’m just pending approval and I should be able to start work on this new project by Monday.  Yay for consistent work again!

Joshua came home during that time because he once again used up all his hours during the week and got Friday afternoon off.  He loves surprising me with fun treats and today he brought home a Sonic frozen lemonade for me.  This man totally spoils me.  ❤   He called the IRS while I was working on the new project stuff.  Good for him, lol, because those phone calls royally suck.  He was on hold for like 45 minutes.

Afterwards, we pulled together our grocery list for the week, and checked up on our budget (I do this super often to keep on top of everything).  Now Joshua is making avocado toast for lunch, and we’ll probably read or maybe watch a few shows before heading over to my in-laws’ tonight.  I also need to vacuum up the stray litter around the litter box.  We were given a free large pizza coupon at Little Caesar’s in a new neighbor welcome package, so we are hoping to use that for dinner tonight!

Honestly, I do not feel up for going anywhere, but maybe if I force myself, I will feel better in the end since a little socialization and fresh air tends to help.  Besides, I can just lay on the couch the whole time at my in-laws’, so it’s not a big deal.  They will just have to excuse my sneezing and nose-blowing, haha.

11:17 PM

This afternoon, we finished Season 5 of Silicon Valley, so we now have to wait an entire year before we can watch more, darn.  Once we finished the season, it was about 5 PM so it was time to head out.  We stopped by Joshua’s work for a few things, and then picked up our food and headed to my in-laws’.  The free coupon for the large pizza worked!  We also ordered breadsticks & marinara and only paid $3.88 for all of it! 😀

Kona was less hyper than usual tonight, which was super nice.  I’m pretty sure she was just very intent on tearing apart a toy they bought her.  She went into ultra-destruction mode and literally covered the whole living room with its stuffing.   She was too funny and so determined, lol.

I survived the night, but I definitely feel more worn out now.  I was hoping it would help perk up my energy levels but it just kind of drained me.  I’m off to read and call it a night.  Even though I don’t really want to, I am considering taking more NyQuil just because of how sick I still feel.  It might give me my best chance of getting the most sleep I can by relieving some symptoms, even though I’ll feel groggy tomorrow morning.

This weekend, health-pending, we are going to bathe Kona, hopefully exchange items for store credit at Bookmans (an entertainment exchange bookstore/movie/music store here in town), and get a free car wash with the same kind of coupon like the pizza one we got in the mail.  I’m also hoping for a good walk with Kona if I’m feeling better.  It should be pretty nice. 🙂

Until next time,

-Tialla ❤

Sneezing & Reading

12:02 PM

This week feels like a blur to me.  It’s pretty startling that it’s already Thursday when I feel like I haven’t accomplished much at all this week with being sick.

Today I feel a bit better!  A lot of the terrible pain with my throat has dissipated, which I’m so thankful for!  Everything else is pretty much the same, but it makes a difference to have 90% of my sore throat gone.  I do have more of a runny & congested nose today, but it hasn’t gotten worse than that, thankfully!  I started today with sleeping in again because I am fully convinced that rest & fluids are the best way to get better as fast as possible.

I wasn’t planning on taking an actual sick day from work today, but there isn’t any work available with my company again, so I guess that decides it for me.  I got invited to another project to bridge the gap of fewer hours, so I may have to go for that.

Today will probably be pretty similar to yesterday in terms of activity just to make sure I can get better as soon as possible.  Joshua has either caught the cold from me again or is getting a second wave of it.  😦  I want to make sure I feel well enough to take care of him, so rest for me today is essential.  Aren’t we a pair? lol

I think something that really helped my sore throat clear up yesterday was not only constantly sipping on honey lemon tea, but also taking a few tablets of the Airborne for immunities.  I feel like every time I start feeling sick, if I take Airborne, it’ll clear right up.  I forgot about it when I started feeling crappy on Tuesday, but I took a couple yesterday and by last night, my throat felt better.  Maybe it’s a coincidence, but it has copious amounts of Vitamin C, so either way it is good to take! 😉

9:03 PM

My sore throat continues to stay better, though my sinuses have gotten worse with pretty bad congestion/sneezing/runny nose, and I’ve developed a cough.  However, since Joshua has been home tonight, I’ve felt better with my energy levels.  Either he’s just great for morale, lol, or I’ve turned a corner tonight.  I’ll say both, haha.

Today, I created our meal plan for next week and caught up on our budgeting before I was completely exhausted.  After that, it was a day of reading, trying to nap, reading more, trying to nap more, and more reading and TV watching. 😉  All day I felt like I couldn’t stay awake, yet I couldn’t fall asleep either when I tried to nap.

Kona was too cute with even smushing against my laptop to cuddle with me. ❤

I did, however, end up putting dinner in the slow cooker later for burrito bowls tonight.  The recipe turned out pretty well, though I’d definitely make adjustments in the future.  The flavor was fantastic, but the rice just didn’t have enough liquid or time to cook completely so it still had a bit of a crunch to it, which I don’t like.  Next time, I’ll increase the liquid and let the rice cook for the couple of hours on low instead of how the recipe called for 30-45 minutes on high.  Also, I’d drastically cut down the servings as we now have leftovers for dayssss.  Oh and we didn’t include the chicken, so it was basically veggie burrito bowls topped with melted cheese, sour cream, salsa, and avocado slices.

Tonight, we finally ordered Joshua’s replacement driver’s license with our new address (for some reason, the website kept having errors whenever we tried and we will do anything to avoid going to the DMV in person), I got a package I ordered from Mary Kay for my new blemish control toner (of which I ran out and have been breaking out ever since), and we signed up for a free healthy snack box from Graze thanks to a “new neighbor” package coupon we got in the mail, haha.

We are probably going to keep binging Silicon Valley until we call it a night.  I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday!  I feel like I haven’t done anything this week.  :O

Until tomorrow,

-Tialla ❤

My First Cold in Three Years

12:06 PM

This cold has hit me hard.  I pretty much feel absolutely miserable.  I keep getting a low-grade fever off and on, my throat is horribly sore, I have congested sinuses, a post-nasal drip, and I’m super fatigued.

I haven’t actually had a cold for about three years, so I guess it was about time.  Also, my lack of sickness hasn’t been from working from home.   Before I met Joshua and I was literally home all the time and hardly around anyone from the “general public,” I would get the worst colds every time someone even basically sneezed.  Don’t even get me started on how often I got terrible bouts of the stomach flu, ugh.

However, since knowing Joshua, we’ve gone out more and he works with the general public, so I’ve been exposed to a lot more and built up my immunities.  After that, I would still get “cold symptoms” where I might have an extra scratchy throat, or a foggy head, or extra cold-like fatigue, but not more than one at once.

But, a virus is still bound to get through every once in a while.

Last night is kind of a blur since I felt so miserable, and I took NyQuil before heading off to bed.  Without it, I’m sure I would’ve woken every time I swallowed.  I slept in this morning, deciding to take a “sick day.”  At least this cold waited until I finished the semester, lol, so I can take a sick day.

I may edit my book if I feel up to it, but I don’t know if my foggy mind and low energy levels will cooperate.  Zelda has been the sweetest this morning and hasn’t left my side for a moment!  Whoever said cats don’t care about their humans is just crazy, lol.  She’s been cuddling, snuggling, sleeping, and caring for me all day.  Even giving me little cat kisses with her sandpaper tongue, lol. 😉

I’m sipping some honey lemon tea, because that’s the best remedy I’ve found for a sore throat other than Cepacol.  It’s delicious and super soothing.

8:51 PM

It’s a good thing Monday was productive because my cold completely knocked me off my feet today.  I honestly didn’t accomplish anything other than figuring out the show “Property Brothers” (which confused me for the longest time, strangely enough), and making sure Kona was fed and let out when needed.

I have felt just miserable all day, with a fever off and on.  I basically typed up the beginning of this post, read a few blogs, drank my honey lemon tea while reading on my Nook, and then heated up leftovers for lunch and hardly strayed from the sofa while watching HGTV until Joshua got home.  He was so sweet though, and picked up $0.50 Frosty’s on his way home to help my sore throat!  He’s so thoughtful. ❤

We finished the episode of “Property Brothers,” finally watched our recorded episode of Dancing with the Stars, and have been mindlessly binging Silicon Valley since.  It’s been a TV day/night, but that’s fine with me with how sick I feel.  Dinner was more leftovers, and I just took a shower, which has helped me feel better, thankfully.  I love how showers magically help me feel like I’m not even sick with all the steamy air and hot water.

Here’s to hoping I feel better in the morning!  Also, Joshua has started sneezing and sniffling again tonight, so I’m really hoping and praying he didn’t re-catch the cold from me.  :/

Until tomorrow,

-Tialla ❤

A Full Editing Day

8:11 AM

It’s a bit of a chilly Tuesday here, which is nice because I’m hoping that means it’s won’t get too hot this afternoon.

Zelda is full of cuddles this morning, which just warms my heart!

Since I work from home on my laptop, I tend to change up where I work from in the apartment.  For about the first month at this new apartment, I worked at our desk, and then alternated between the couch and our kitchen table for my morning work versus afternoon work/homework.  Lately, I’ve really been sitting on our bed while I work.  I typically didn’t like sitting on the bed because it made me feel wayyy too tired, but it’s been working well lately without adding sleepiness, lol.  Also, Kona and Zelda absolutely love it because they can both cuddle with me all day! ❤ These are definitely huge perks of working from home. 🙂

Today is a very chill day!  I have my morning work, some laundry to wash, and lots of novel editing on my agenda.  I have been looking forward to summer break for a while so I can get farther on editing my book!  Tonight we have Greek pasta salad on the menu, and we’ll probably watch our recorded episode of Dancing with the Stars from last night.

4:17 PM

Today has been such a power editing day!  I picked up halfway through chapter two, and now I’m 3/4 of the way through chapter six.  Now that I write it out, it probably doesn’t sound like that much, but let me assure you, it is.  If you’re a writer, you know what I mean, haha.  Editing takes for-freaking-ever because you have to be thinking of the big picture, the details, the sentence structure, the necessity of the sentence, and more.  You have to keep in mind the purpose of the whole “scene,” the whole chapter, the whole book, and constantly question what you can do better or if something/everything needs to change.

For instance, I am fairly certain that my entire first two chapters need to be different.  I don’t know how, but they bore me, so that’s not a good sign, lol.  The beginning needs a fresh take.  I don’t know if I should change the premise of the beginning entirely, or just start the book at a different part in the story.

As a side note, for my two previously published books, I had completely changed the beginnings in my editing phases as well.  I guess it’s sort of my thing to write a lame beginning and then change it later on, haha.  Every writer has to have some kind of quirk, I suppose!

Anyway, I’ve been working on it all day and I’d like to continue, but I’ve gradually started feeling crappy this afternoon and now I have a full-on sore throat, fatigue, and a low-grade fever, so I’m going to lay down and rest.  Looks like I actually caught my husband’s cold, boo. :/  Here’s to hoping it’s just a one-night thing and I feel better tomorrow.


Cuddling with her daddy on the couch. ❤

Back to the Work Week

8:36 AM

Good morning everyone!  I would say “Happy Monday” but then again…Mondays.  You guys, they are always hard.  After a nice long weekend with my hubby, it’s always a struggle to get back to the weekday schedule.

I totally meant to edit my “Apartment Improvements” blog on Saturday to get it up on Sunday, and then didn’t think about it at all.  I will hopefully edit it this week and schedule it for this coming Sunday!

On Saturday, both Joshua and I woke up with cold symptoms.  I haven’t actually caught a full cold in a few years, so I still don’t consider it a cold, but I felt a lot of the fatigue associated with colds.  It was like that mind-fog feeling and just utter exhaustion.  Joshua, unfortunately, definitely had a cold.  He was sniffling and blowing his nose all day, and he had been battling a sore throat all week anyway.  We were planning on cleaning that day, but decided to take a rest day instead.  All we did was go to the library and then Starbucks, and spent the day reading and watching HGTV.

On Sunday, we made to sure rest more with sleeping in, and ended up feeling much better when we got up.  Since we were improved, we went ahead and cleaned the apartment.  Joshua is so great and knows I hate cleaning the bathroom, so he always volunteers to clean it.  ❤  While he tackled the bathroom, I vacuumed and mopped all the floors.  While I was finishing up the bathroom floors, he ran cleaner through our garbage disposal and then washed the sliding glass door.  Finally,  we sanitized the kitchen & laundry room.  Before we headed out to grocery shop for the week, I also vacuumed out our window’s track.

Even though I keep up with general/maintenance cleaning throughout the week with vacuuming daily, dusting once a week or so, and wiping down the bathroom, it always feels good to just take a cleaning day and deep clean.  Obviously hardly anyone likes to do the cleaning, but it feels good afterward. 😉

After our grocery shopping, we stopped by to give our Mother’s Day presents since they were out of town earlier in the day.  ❤

3:24 PM

It has been such a productive Monday!  I’m honestly ecstatic with how wonderfully productive this day has turned out to be.  There are some days where you just have to get all the things done and it feels stressful, and then there are other days where you still need to get all the things done, but it just works out without any stress.  Today has been the latter, and I love these kinds of days!

This Monday has involved catching up on our budgeting from over the weekend, washing a load of laundry, studying my devotions, looking into some of our IRS stuff (ugh, lol), editing & scheduling my apartment improvements post for Sunday, dusting the apartment, polishing our glass furniture, responding to a client, writing & submitting an article for my client, and my regular morning work for my company!  To top it all off, I also edited a few pages of my novel!  I’m hoping to edit through it while I’m on summer break so I can at least let my husband read it.

A temporary cover for my work-in-progress novel 😉

Now I’m off to vacuum up the litter around Zelda’s litter box and grab some lunch since I haven’t had the chance for that yet.  I’m hoping to edit my book more before Joshua is home, but I’ll just have to see how the timing works out.

9:15 PM

I edited about one page of my novel before Joshua was home from work, lol.  It still worked out, though, because when he knew I was editing, he told me that he wanted me to edit to my heart’s content.  He can’t wait to read the book, so he is the biggest encourager ever when I’m editing!  He just sat down to play a video game with his earphones on so I could still have the space to myself for editing without distractions.

By the time I finished the first chapter and a couple pages of the second, I needed to finish up dinner.  Joshua had been awesome and said that he would do whatever needed to be done to start dinner, so I wouldn’t need to stop editing. 😉 #besthusbandever

Dinner was a one pot meal of kielbasa and pasta, which was delicious, though I totally forgot to take a picture.  Below is the one from the recipe.  I definitely recommend it!  It was easy and tasty, and I’ll be making it again.

While dinner was simmering for the last few minutes, I played around with putting a bohemian braid in my hair since I just wanted something different.  I didn’t really like it, though, so I didn’t take a picture.  I’ll have to experiment more with braiding my hair now that it’s long enough to braid well.

We ate dinner and headed off to Bible Study, though about fifteen minutes late. :/  I would like to blame it on the 99.9 degree low-grade fever I suddenly had while making dinner, so we’ll just say that’s why we were late, and not just bad timing with getting out of the house, lol.  (On that note, I’m feeling much better!  I have no idea why it hit me.)

We just got home from Bible Study about twenty minutes ago.  I tried my hand at French braiding my hair, and for the first time in my life, it was a success!  It doesn’t look that great, but I’ve never been able to French braid my hair in my life–not once–so I’m pretty happy about it.  If I keep practicing, it can only get better from here!

Now we’re probably going to watch Silicon Valley and wind down for the night before heading off to bed.  I hope you all had a tolerable, if not great, Monday!  One day down, four to go. 😉

Until tomorrow,

-Tialla ❤

Last Day of Class!

7:53 AM

Well hello there, Friday!!  This week felt like it went pretty fast for me.  I’m guessing that has something to do with it being my last week of class, so I didn’t have much homework.

We didn’t end up finishing “The Last Jedi” last night as yours truly started nodding off. 😉  We only have about half an hour left, I believe, so we will finish that today!  Again, Joshua used up most of his hours earlier during the week, so there is a pretty good possibility that he’ll be home early in the afternoon.  If so, we’ll probably finish the movie then, since I’m usually too tired to stay up after we get home from my in-law’s.

On my agenda today is my morning work, budgeting, creating our grocery list, and submitting my final research paper for class.  It’s a good, good day!  🙂

12:33 PM

Looks like my work isn’t loading today, but you know what, I’m not even going to stress over it.  I updated my availability with them, so hopefully I will get invited to another project to help bridge the gap in my hours with this project having a lower workload.  Besides, it’s Friday and I’m too excited about that to get annoyed with work. 😉

I finished and submitted my final essay today!  Woohoo!  I have officially finished this semester and it feels so good.  It’s definitely a milestone to me as it’s been my first college experience. 😉

After that, I checked in on our budget, created our grocery list, vacuumed the apartment, unloaded the dishwasher, and put Kona’s pillow in the wash.  I started getting kind of shaky and realized that it’s lunch time, so I am now updating this blog post while eating my lunch.  It’s a hot dog with ketchup and mustard today, so definitely not healthy, but hey, gotta eat the leftovers.

Joshua is on his way home now, as predicted, lol.  Since we have Friday afternoon together, I’m certain we will finish “The Last Jedi” and then probably read or walk Kona, depending on how hot it is, before we go over to my in-law’s tonight.

Now I’m off to read some of your blogs before my mister comes home. 🙂

10:45 PM

We finished “The Last Jedi” right after Joshua came home, during which Kona cuddled with us.  Kona always loves cuddling with us on the couch, but today she decided to be extra adorable.

After bringing Star Wars week to a close, we went on an impromptu celebratory ice cream run!  It was only 2:15 by then, which amazed both of us.  The soft serve ice cream cones were only $0.75!  I got chocolate as always, and Joshua got swirled chocolate & vanilla.  This was our celebratory ice cream for my last day of class in my first college semester.  😉

When we came back home, we settled on the couch and read our books until 4, when we realized we should head out to get Kona’s nails trimmed before going to my in-law’s.  Since she’s a fighter and her nails are dark, I can’t stand the idea of accidentally hurting her.  At the groomer’s, there is no appointment needed, nail trims are only $5, and it’s so much less hassle for us!  They even had pork rinds to give Kona as a treat when we explained that she is allergic to grain.  ❤

It was pretty fun at my in-law’s house, as is typical, haha.  They got us Burger King this week, which was pretty good.  I haven’t had it in forever since I’m not a fan of charbroiled burgers.  Still, it was better than I expected and so much bigger than I remembered, lol.  Unfortunately, my in-laws dog wasn’t too fond of Kona tonight and growled at her multiple times, as well as snapped once and kept baring her teeth or snarling.  Kona’s an instigator for sure, though their dog is also cranky and the two just don’t get along very well.

It also didn’t help that Kona decided to pee on their rug, the bad dog.  She never pees in our apartment, and if she has to go, she always shows us that she’s anxious and whines a little.  But she didn’t wine at all or act anxious, she just started peeing right in front of everyone.  -_-

Now we’re back home and lounging around before getting ready for bed.  Joshua is playing a video game and I might try to read, though the odds are high that I will just fall asleep.  My stomach also hasn’t been feeling the greatest after and in-between meals today, so I’d probably rather try to sleep off the nausea.  I’m sure it’s because I only had junk food today, so I’ll have to intentionally eat much better tomorrow, haha.

I hope you all had a wonderful Friday and have an even more fabulous weekend!  What are you doing this weekend?  We are probably going to do some cleaning, possibly give Joshua a haircut & beard trim, and get Starbucks, lol. 😉

Until next time,

-Tialla ❤