The Dry Well | A Writing Update

The Dry Well {A Writing Update}

Some, or perhaps all, of you may have noticed my lack of blogging for quite a while.  A large part of this absence from blogging in the past 11 1/2 months (wow, almost a year!) has been due to God bringing a very special man into my life–the man I now call my husband.  However, it’s been longer than that since my consistent blogging, probably since I published my second novel, “Where Shadows Lie” in June of 2015.  Ever since I decided to take a break from writing at that point, I haven’t blogged very much.  It’s been one post here or there, every month, or couple of months truly.  My blog has become a place for general updates–how I spent my summer, haircuts, big news, dating, engagement, and marriage.

I would like to take back my blog to the place I consistently updated, but I’m not even sure how to now.  It’s been so long, and my life has changed so drastically since that was a priority for me.  I started this blog when I was fourteen and in school and now I’m nearly twenty-one, married, and working.  Life is 100% different in every way.  I feel like I have grown up with this blog, but I don’t quite know where to go with it now.  I don’t even read blogs like I used to–I have severely cut back on my blog subscriptions and I only follow at most five blogs now.  I am more particular about what I put energy into reading, and I hardly update my blog because I just don’t know what to write.  I love my life, but it simply isn’t fascinating enough to share about all the time.  Honestly, I feel like that has a large part in all this: what to write.  And that actually brings me to the topic I wanted to share.

I am a writer and a published author.  Writing is my passion and nothing else quite compares to the thrill of seeing a book go from an idea to a published novel in the hands of readers.

It kills me that I have absolutely zero passionate story ideas to follow right now.  I am dying to start writing a new book and begin that process all over again; to experience the joy of a story unfolding before my eyes as I type away.  The truth is, my imagination feels like a dry well right now.  Perhaps I need to just wait for things to settle down with my marriage and then I’ll have an idea to run with.  People ask me when my next book will be out, they wonder what I’m working on…because surely, as an author, I always have a ready spring of ideas to pull from.  I watch my favorite authors as they release book after book, year after year, and I can’t help but marvel how they have all these great ideas–they never run out!

So, to be completely honest, I’m a bit at a loss right now in my writing.  But I refuse to give up and I am keeping my imagination wide open for an idea that I can latch onto and mold into a story.  I have high hopes that I just need to wait for life to settle a bit, and then it will come to me.  We will see, I suppose!

The same concept applies to blogging.  I still don’t know how to start consistently blogging again because I simply don’t know what to write about.  Perhaps I will post more book reviews here, but even as much as I love books, those reviews don’t feel personal enough for my blog.  Perhaps I will post more vlogs, but I have a hard time filming those because I’m such an introvert.  Or perhaps, through trial and error, I will find something that suits me, and discover my blogging niche.

Until then, thanks for sticking with me, friends!


We Decided on Forever


Hello friends!

Back at the beginning of the year, I mentioned my boyfriend and how I feel so thankful for him.  Well, God has blessed us further by showing us we are meant to be together forever.  Yes, we are engaged!❤❤❤


Joshua proposed to me a month ago, and I honestly can’t believe it’s already been a month!  This has been the absolutely busiest and craziest month of my life!  We have accomplished SO MUCH with wedding planning…I don’t even know how we have done it all, but it’s coming along swimmingly!  Our wedding date is July 10, 2016, so just long enough to complete all the preparations.  However, thanks to a couple handy checklists (specifically a wonderfully helpful app called The Knot), we’ve been able to get tons of tasks accomplished already and not get too stressed in the process.  Yes, it’s taken about a month to have a chance to breathe, but it’s been a fun ride.🙂


I have had a few people ask about the proposal, so I thought I would include that here if you are interested in knowing!❤ I was sitting down to watch a T.V. show with Joshua, and he said he would “be right back,” and left the room.  A few minutes later, he came back with a Hershey’s chocolate mug with a letter taped to it.  When he handed it to me, I removed the letter and as I opened it, realized it was a long, adorably sweet and romantic love letter from my mister.  It took me a few minutes to read, and once I had finished with a smile on my face and my heart overflowing with love, I said, “Aww,” while reaching over to give him a hug.  We hugged for a moment, but then he said, “And…” with a grin on his face, knelt on one knee, opened a ring box and asked, “Will you marry me?”


It was my own fairytale.❤


Anyway, I just thought I would update all of you, especially my longtime readers!  We greatly appreciate your thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes as we continue to prepare for the big day, and as we begin married life together.

Much Love,



Guide to Getting Your Book Published

Guide to Getting Your Book Published

As an author, I’m often asked questions about how to publish a book.  Writers come to me, wondering about everything from the writing process to editing, formatting, cover design, and last but not least, finding a publisher.  Sometimes even a little marketing is thrown in there.  Considering writing and publishing books is my passion, I love answering these questions and talking about this subject.  It thrills me to share what I know and hope that it helps others who are looking to see their story printed and bound.

Due to the fact that I greatly enjoy discussing this topic, I’ve recently written an article with this exact subject over at  It is a guide to getting your book published, and I basically poured nearly everything I know about the process into the article.  It is filled with tips, links, resources, and more.  For those of you who are looking into publishing your book, I hope it is helpful for you!

Happy writing,


New Writing Project?!

If you have been following my blog for a while, you probably know that I took a break from writing after publishing my second book in June of 2015.  Simply put, I was exhausted.  That book required so much from me, for so long.  I needed a reprieve.  I needed a chance to just read what other people had written without being concerned with my own work.  So I took that break, and it was glorious!

However, now that I am refreshed and it has been about eight months, I’m back to easing myself into the writing world again.  Because of my fresh start in writing again, I thought it might be fun to film a vlog to document it!  So here you go, my video explaining all about this new writing project I’m working on, and some struggles I have been having with it.🙂

oh. It’s another post about love.

I definitely agree with her emphasis on choosing to love the person after you have fallen in love. Love is a choice on a daily basis, and worth fighting for.❤

Science, Books and Silly Things

For a person who doesn’t know romantic love at all I surely write a lot about it…   I tried to prepare myself to write this with my romantic playlist.

2016-02-12 (2) Yes, this is an Anna and the French Kiss quote. It’s one of my favorite romantic books and Etienne St. Clair is one of the main reasons I have so many unrealistic expectations.

But then again, it’s Valentine’s Day! My Uni’s celebration was last Thursday, so everyone had it in mind –including my professors. You could feel the love in the air… or at least the smell of the roses and chocolate people were giving each other because they think they are in love.

tumblr_ljrdmkepot1qav3oo Something like this?

My professor said something about this. Being in love isn’t the same thing than actually loving someone. Loving is a choice. You will eventually lose those neurotransmitters that made you attracted to the…

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