Hello world! I am writing a novel – Holding the Future Hostage!

Hey people! I’m Tialla Rising, a homeschooled highschool student who is writing a novel! This novel is Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Action-Adventure and entitled: Holding the Future Hostage. I’ve been working on it for about a year now and it’s over 200 pages. This novel is about a teenage girl who finds a glowing Ruby perfume Vial that alters the course of the Universe throughout the Past, Present, and Future. My goal for this novel is for it to be published, so I am eagerly working on it. Hopefully, by this time next year (or maybe even by the end of this year!) it will be published! I am becoming very excited about this and so are my friends around me! Drop me a line if you’re interested – I’d love to know who’s reading my blog so feel free to tell me what state/country you live in! Thanks for dropping by!



12 thoughts on “Hello world! I am writing a novel – Holding the Future Hostage!

    • Wow!!! Thanks so much for all your comments! I usually like to reply to all comments…..but I think I’ll just consolidate it into this one! I really appreciate your support….I’ve never had someone read my entire blog all the way through, or be so uplifting like you! I’ll definitely be over to yours in a little bit. 😀 Thanks again, Hook.

      -Tia ❤

  1. Hi :). I’m a couple years late to be commenting on this post (only three! Lol!) but what the heck! I just wanted to say, you’re awesome! 😉 I just started a novel that I’m hoping to publish someday, so I really enjoy reading about your writing experience, and thanks for all the wonderful tips! Great blog! 😀

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