I am finally finished! (Almost!)

Have you ever felt that sense of accomplishment when you’ve been working on a project for a year or longer, and you’ve finally completed it or reached your goal?  Well I do now, because I have finished writing my novel!  I started 11/09 with very few ideas, but with high hopes, and now those ideas have blossomed into a full novel.  As of right now I have over 100,000 words in my novel…and it’s just amazing to sit back and think, “I’m finally done!”  Granted, it wasn’t as long as some authors take to write their books, but it was quite a long time for a high schooler.  In the midst of school, parties, family, and just everyday life, I was able to write a novel.  It feels so strange to me, but it also is an amazing feeling.  I love knowing that now I just have to have it edited, and then send it off to the publisher.

Ok, so that’s not all I have to do…unfortunately.  It does costs money to publish a book and right now, I don’t have enough.  Not that it’s a big surprise or anything – there seems to be a shortage of money everywhere, but it is a little problem for me if I want to publish my book.  Which is my main goal.  Anyway, I’m sure that eventually I’ll probably come up with the money through various jobs that I can do… and that will give me extra time to make sure I have my book completely edited.  I am so excited to just be in the editing stage right now, though, that I’m not really concerned about the money.  It’s just huge for me to not have to worry about adding this chapter here, or maybe re-wording something there – it’s all written!  Now, I’m just checking for typos and other minor details that don’t really make a big difference to the actual story, but it makes a difference in the manuscript.  Plus, I am a perfectionist, so I really don’t want typos in my novel.

You know what’s also great?  Most authors wait until their books are completed to come up with a title…and at times it is quite a hassle.  Well, for me, I never had to think twice about my title.  One day while I was typing up my book, it just hit me – I knew that Holding the Future Hostage would be the title for my novel.  It fit my book perfectly, and is catchy.  Later on I came up with my subtitle, but even that wasn’t difficult.  My book is pretty much all I work on in my free time now, and the story has captured my mind.  At times, without even realizing it, I find myself thinking about my book….of what Virginia would do in this situation, or how others would act.  It’s truly incredible.

Unless my plans radically change very soon, my novel should be published hopefully by summer!  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to have a book trailer or anything, but I will definitely look into it and see if I can find something like that.


4 thoughts on “I am finally finished! (Almost!)

  1. It’ll come out as soon as I finish editing, earn the money to publish, and then just the time to actually have the book published. Thanks for reading, and I’m thrilled to hear you’re excited!

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