My fiction world becoming real

the Grand CanyonI started writing my novel – Holding the Future Hostage – November of 2009. After writing consistently for about ten months, and now editing, it seems as though my novel has become real. I find myself thinking about it more and more, until now I’ve realized that it’s become part of me. I’m not just writing a story – it is a story.  Though none of the characters are based off of anyone in particular, I think that I’ve definitely taken traits from people around me and meshed them together to make my characters.  As this is my first novel, I’ve been (and still am) working my hardest to make it interesting and satisfying.  Also being a first-time author, lots of time and thought have gone into this book that I never even imagined when I first started.

The ideas of my novel, or even of just writing a book, were not extensively thought of, and I didn’t really know of anything that was going to happen.  All I knew when I started was the first sentence…then the story grew as I continued typing.  It has become a fast-paced, heart-wrenching, page-turning novel  – that I can’t wait to be published.



4 thoughts on “My fiction world becoming real

  1. I’m in a similar boat myself. I always wrote either non-fiction or short stories, then one day I wrote a rather tongue-in-cheek fantasy/fairytale just to be funny. Lo and behold, friends really liked it. The next thing I knew, I was trotting along through Book Two of a fantasy novel! It’s exhilarating, isn’t it?

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by! It is very exhilarating!! How long is Book One? Do you plan to publish, or just have it for yourself? I haven’t started a second book, but I’m still very excited about my first, and have been trying to find a publisher. Fantasy books are just so fun to write, because you can go anywhere with them! 🙂


  2. That’s got to be the coolest feeling in the world, when you’re writing (or not even writing) and your book starts to feel real. You think of the people in it and their problems and you have to solve them or you know what they’re going to say next. I love when you get that feeling, or when you’re watching a show that’s been on TV for a long time and you know the characters so well you’re not surprised who says what. By the way, love the title. I’m intrigued! What’s it about?

    • Hi, thanks for commenting! It is really cool…I’ve actually dreamt about my book and their problems and stuff. It’s *amazing*, even though some of my friends have thought me crazy because of it. Oh, I’ve had that happen with some TV shows…and it’s kind of annoying with that because you’re never surprised with what they say. hehe Oh thanks, I’m glad you like the title! My book is about a teenage girl who finds a glowing Ruby perfume Vial that alters the course of the Universe between the Past, Present, and Future. It’s Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action-Adventure…ect. 😀 Thanks again!


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