Finding a publisher…to be, or not to be?

One would naturally assume that writing a book would be the hardest part of, the “becoming an author” process.  And in many ways, it is.  You have to be creative in coming up with new plots, consistency throughout the book, and being careful not to “mirror” other books, or infringe on copyrights.  As I am right now in the process of editing my novel, I am having to re-think all the topics of my book.  I have to make sure that it is consistent, and I have to re-write sections that just don’t make the cut.  Of course there always comes the question, “Is my book even good enough to try to publish?” – which you know is just SO encouraging. 

I realize that once I have my book published, there will be those who absolutely love it, and there will be those who think it wasn’t even worth reading.  However, just because some may not like the book, does not mean that everyone won’t.  So when discouraging thoughts are roused in my mind, I have to remind myself of that fact.  However, as I continue to edit my book, I have realized that I don’t just like it because I’m happy that I completed writing it, I like it because it’s a good read!  In fact, I can’t *wait* to read more of it.  🙂

So is writing the book harder than editing?  Yes.  But editing is almost as hard – in a different way.  Every process of writing a great novel has its own levels of difficulty, and they’re all different.  

Then there comes the question of what publisher to go with.  Or moreover, which publisher will go with you, and how much money do they want?  As I have researched publishers, I have been unsatisfied when I see how much of your profit they claim.  Or, how you aren’t allowed as many rights as you deserve.  I mean, come on – you’ve written the book!  You deserve the rights and most of the profit, don’t you think?  Anyway, for this and other reasons, I have become more interested in self-publishers.  With most of them, you retain most to all of your rights to your book, and you receive more profit that of standard publishers.  Even with self publishers, though, it’s hard to “choose” which one, and they are all still expensive!  Or, at least for a highschool student they are expensive.  I mean, where would a high schooler come up with 3 or more grand from?!  I can’t even afford to pay for my texting!  😉

I continue to search for a publisher who seems to “fit” my needs…and I’m definitely praying about it.  Maybe the Lord will somehow supply me with the money I need, or some other option to publish my book with them.

Question of the Day: If you’ve published a book, what publisher have you gone with?


6 thoughts on “Finding a publisher…to be, or not to be?

  1. Hahaaaaa, my friend the question shouldn’t be ‘if you’ve published a book, what publisher have you gone with?’, the question should be ‘if you’ve published a book, what did it cost you’ or better still, ‘if you’re a publisher, what book did you go with?’
    Yeah, the finding the publisher seems to be the hardest part of the whole process. In the words of Dave Chappelle ‘for those of you who have yet to find out where artistic freedom and corporate interests meet, prepare to have your heart broken’.
    God Bless you dude, hey if you want to hear a totally mind blowing sermon I heard this morning- heres the link:

    totally blew me away this morning

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Haha that’s very true! However, I figure if people tell me what publisher they went with, I can just do some research and figure out how much it costs. That’s a great quote and *so* true. 🙂 Thanks for the link also, I’ll make sure to check it out. Oh and I guess I didn’t specify on my blog that I’m a girl, so I can understand your confusion!


  2. Hi Tia, Got to know about your blog through Ava’s.. Really awesome job that your done with your novel.. Am in the process of writing one as well, but I actually prefer short stories that target children.. HOwever, am not giving up and going to finish my book and “eventually” get it published!

    All the best in your search for getting the “best publisher that fit your criteria”! Will folllow your blog now onwards..

    Best Wishes,

    • Thanks for dropping in! Congratulations on your book as well! Even though you’re not finished, just setting out to write a novel and having the mind set to finish it is an accomplishment in itself. 🙂 Thanks again!


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