Toilet Papering – an art, or a crime??

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Last month, my family and I were hanging out with another family (Family A) quite often in a different city.  We had been invited down to visit different church activities and to stay the weekend with them.  Family A happens to be Christian as well, and they tend to look down on vandalism.  Which, I have to say, is a good thing.  Anyway, while we were with them, we noticed that there was quite a lot of toilet papering going on and as the story progressed, we learned that Family A had started all of it at a church camp.  Now that they were back in their homes, though, the TP-ing had continued to their houses – and all instigated by Family A!  I have known this family for over 10 years, and I thought that I knew pretty much everything about them, but when this came up, I was shocked!  I had never seen this side of this very conservative Christian family!  Now, I’m not saying that toilet-papering isn’t Christian or whatever – absolutely not – but this was just mind-blowing from Family A.  🙂

Well, while we were down there the last time, the Mrs. of Family A, decided that she REALLY wanted to “get” this other family (Family B), on the other side of the town.  And she wanted to drag us in with her.  Hmmm….. that took some consideration.  However, I didn’t really have a choice, and my mom told me that I was going to help.  So, off we went – in broad daylight.  Most of the Family B members were gone helping set up an event for their church, but the Mrs. of Family B was still there.  However, Mrs. of Family A was not deterred.

When we arrived at the home, Mrs. of Family A scoped out the house.  All curtains on the front windows were closed, and no one was visible from the outside.  We quietly climbed out of the vehicle and grabbed the toilet paper, cookies, a sign, and paper hearts stuck on popsicle sticks (literally, like fifty popsicle sticks!).  Mrs. of Family A had decided that we needed to leave them cookies and a sign saying “U R LOVED”, and “Your Yard Had a Heart Attack!” at their front door, so that they wouldn’t mind the toilet-papering.  Right.

So we began the…decoration.  First, we stuck ALL the paper heart sticks in the yard, which I have to tell you, that ground was like brick-hard!  That wasn’t the easiest thing to do.  😉  Then we began toilet-papering the front bushes, pillars, trees, and other objects.  We actually didn’t do that much, but it was enough.  At last, it was complete, and we snuck away in the van, thinking that we had been such geniuses.  I do have to admit, though, that it was wicked fun!  It was amazing how satisfying it was to TP a person’s home, even though I’m still not convinced that it wasn’t a crime – even if it’s a FUN crime.  haha 😀

Later than afternoon we received a phone call, and apparently Mrs. of Family B had seen us do everything and actually video-taped us in the process!!  I still haven’t seen that video, though I’d really like to.  We also found out that Mrs. of Family B had filled a pot of water and was planning to dump it on us from their balcony!  It was a good thing that we left when we did…or we would’ve been soaked TP-ers.  🙂

That night at dinner Family A and my family were talking about how that day had gone, and we were all dead certain that we were going to be “got” that night by Family B.  However, we just kind of pushed it off and played games.  Around 10:00, the doorbell rang.  We had been “got”.  Oh had we been got!  They had covered every single *inch* of the yard, and not only had they used toilet paper, but also streamers!  They toilet-papered the cars, the house, the trees, the bushes, the garbage cans, the mailbox – everything.  And, they had also taken all the paper heart popsicle sticks and taped them to a big cork board (the size of the door!) with a sign “Oh, how you are loved!” – which they happened to put right in front of the door, so that’s all we saw when we first looked out.  However, one of the members of Family B had accidentally left their shoes there!  Laughing, we all realized that they might have us on video, but we had their shoes!

So that was my toilet-papering adventure, and I think that I’d be willing to do some more if the opportunity came up!  I’m torn on if it’s an art, or a crime, but either way, it’s fun!

Question of the Day: What was your TP adventure, and how did it turn out?



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