Nerves and Surgeries

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For the past 18-ish years, my Mom has had carpal tunnel in her hands.  It didn’t bother her all that much, so she pushed it off until it became really bad and really sensitive – then she decided she would go with the surgery.  It was supposed to be a quick ( 5 – 10 minutes per hand), easy surgery, that would take 2 weeks recovery time – max. 😀  However, in our family, things kind of happen…differently to us.  I don’t know why, we don’t ask for it, but they do. 

So, sometime between 6:15 this morning, my Dad, my Mom, and myself all walked into the Surgical Center.  Everything goes well with the check in, so we sit down and wait for her to be called back.

That’s when it started happening.

I noticed that I started tapping my feet more…moving my fingers….hmm, my hands are sweaty – that’s odd…  You got it – I was nervous.  Now, you’re probably thinking, “Ok, so?  She’s your mom…you’re going to be nervous about the surgery!”, but with me, things don’t just end there.  I have doctor-phobia – literally – I get so nervous that I get sick when I have to go to the doctor or have any procedure done.  I’m actually not that nervous about the doctors – I know that they are ok, I’ve met them before, and they’re nice and fun…but just going to the doctor freaks me out…even if I know that I shouldn’t be nervous!

Anyway, back to the story.  So I started getting nervous, but it wasn’t bad, so when my Mom was called back, I went with her to help her change into the hospital gown and all…and then the anesthesiologist came in and talked with about the IV.  They realized that since she was having the surgeries down in both her wrists, they wouldn’t be able to put the needle in her arm, so they started looking at her feet.  Which, you know, really hurts!

My Mom has really bad veins…it’s very hard to take her blood or insert an IV.  Take my word on this – very hard.  The anesthesiologist ended up poking and prodding and digging in different places in her skin 5 times!  It took a long time, lots of pain and heavy breathing, and oh, did I tell you that I have needle-phobia too?  Yeah.  And, my Mom is a well-controlled diabetic of 34 years – which is very hard on the veins too!  The five needles were on one in her left foot, two in her right foot, one in her hand (since they couldn’t use any veins in her feet), and at last they got it to stay and stick in her wrist – though after she was asleep they put it in her foot.  Great, right?  At last the IV was in her and she was wheeled into the OR.

My Dad and I walked to the hospital cafeteria and my Dad ordered breakfast for himself.  Me? No….I was so nervous for my Mom that just looking and smelling food made me nauseous.  My nerves had really cranked it up by now…if you notice.  I was scanning the exits to figure out which one was closest – just in case, you know.  When we got back to the waiting room, we were there for about thirty minutes, when the doctor came out and said that everything went absolutely perfect.  We went and visited her and after a couple of hours, we brought her home, but I still have to tell you that I’m still on edge.

It’s pretty annoying, but that’s just how it is.  However, my Mom’s doing great and should be better in a couple of weeks! It wasn’t even my procedure and I was still as nervous as could be. So, that was my adventure today…not so fun at times, and well…not so fun, but hey, it’s life and that’s what’s has to happen sometimes. Oh yeah, my Mom was also supposed  to be out at 9:30 AM…she was out at 11:45 AM – just barely still AM.  It’s all good, though.  🙂 

Question of the Day: What have been your latest adventures, medical wise or not?



2 thoughts on “Nerves and Surgeries

  1. Hmm, my adventures, well, I had a strange conversation with an art student last night. I was sitting on my own at a bar reminding myself why I hate whiskey and finishing a book. I succeeded in both of those. Then rather than feed huge clouds of self-pity I asked if I could join a couple of art students sitting at a table near me. There was an old guy called John, a young lady called Annie, and a dude called Jonny who I had invited a couple of hours ago but hadn’t expected him to show up. Anyway, turns out John and Annie were both Fine Art Students, spend all their time in the deserted art studio and never see any other students. Pretty lonesome.
    As the night went on John showed me a mental video he had made of some sculptures, and we had a long conversation about total nonsense. I couldn’t even follow it. The hardest part was figuring out whether to nod, mutter ‘yea’, or laugh weakly. I really had no idea what on earth the guy was on about, and this lasted atleast half an hour. So I decided to walk home.
    Its not really an adventure I guess. It left an impression though.

    About half my family work in the hospital, they know all about blood and guts. I’m not quite as comfortable with it as they are

    • Thanks for commenting! Well, I would call that an adventure…for me, anything out of the ordinary, or anything that leaves an impression is an adventure. 🙂 I can understand the weird conversation… Some people are totally ok to have empty conversations that are meaningless, and I’m always uncomfortable with that. It’s like, if I’m going to have a conversation, it means both people talk and the conversation *should* have a point, right? Anyway, that’s my opinion. I think it’s cool that John and Annie are fine art students, but that is really lonely… Anyway, thanks for commenting, and I appreciate your thoughts!


      PS. I just noticed your gravatar, and I wanted to tell you that I *love* it! That is ONE FAT CAT! haha 😀

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