Christmas Gifts…Spend Money, or Brain Power?

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As the Christmas season approaches, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas of what to give all 5 of my family members.  Now, just figuratively speaking, we don’t really do all that much for Christmas.  Overall, it just costs a lot of money if you go all out on it, so we stay pretty minimal with the decorations and such.  Normally, we just have our stockings hung up, so we try to give presents that fit in them, but if they are bigger, we just put them near our fireplace.

However, we still do give gifts so I was thinking about what to do.  I don’t have any spare money to spend, and with my injured shoulder, I can’t work, so the normal idea of buying gifts is pretty much out.  Usually, I try to make more gifts than I buy anyway, so it’s not that foreign of an idea to me – just takes some extra thinking.

So, here are some of the ideas that I have come up with, and I hope that I can accomplish at least some of these before Christmas: (Note to Family Members: This doesn’t mean that this is what you are getting for Christmas.  They are just ideas, so don’t get excited.)

  • Puzzles – Find a photo you like in a magazine, photocopy it, then cut the photo out from the magazine.  Cut the magazine photo into puzzle pieces.  Put everything (photocopy, puzzle pieces) into a Ziploc bag. Voila – a homemade puzzle that your family is sure to enjoy!
  • Knit, crochet, or sew hats, scarves, gloves, slippers, sweaters, ect. – This will only work if you know how to knit, crochet, or sew, so don’t try it if you don’t know how. 😉  However, if you like this craft and you have spare time, these gifts will be loved!
  • Word Searches or Crossword Puzzles – You really can make these, and they are quite easy!  Just get a list of corresponding words and fit them together in a puzzle!
  • Homemade Sweets and Baked Goods – Everybody loves these, just make sure they are wrapped before entering the stocking, and made only a day or so before Christmas!

Anyway, these are just a few, and of course, one could always buy their gifts, but people always *love* homemade gifts (as long as they are well done, right?) 😀  I will definitely be making my gifts this year (or most of them), since I don’t have much money to spend on gifts, and can’t work because of my injured shoulder.  So, have fun this holiday, and be creative!

Question of the Day: What other gifts could you make?



2 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts…Spend Money, or Brain Power?

  1. Other things you can make for family members would be babies (requires at least nine months of pre-planning), fire (requires wood), 100 page-long love poems (requires love), wild animal chistmas roast (any size animal will do, its the thought that counts right).
    I think the best one you listed is a toss between homemade sweets/baked goods and the knitting one. Its tough though. Everybody uses clothes and sweets as a cop out for thinking of a more meaningful present, homemade stuff is better though.
    I must’ve bought my dad an assortment of socks and gloves for like the past ten years. So this year I’m just gonna work for him for free for the whole christmas period doing whatever jobs he wants done around the house or for university.
    Once you get to the age where you don’t play with toys anymore, I figure parents/family members have just as hard a job. I think last year I just asked my brother to pray for me for half an hour and that’d be enough. This year I might ask him to pray for longer. 🙂

    • Nice suggestions! However…uh, I think the baby thing is out of the question for a little while..haha…we don’t have wood for fire, I’m not a poet though I do love my family, and I’ll just leave the animal roast up to my bros! Yeah a lot of people like to buy (or make) candy for the little kids instead of buying toys, so I was actually kind of thinking more of like different breads.
      I think that getting things for dads are always the hardest! So, once you find something that works, it’s usually a good thing to stick with it! haha Wow…that’s a really good idea with the prayer! Thanks for commenting! 😉


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