Visual Arts Have Power

A few months back, my friend came over to my house, and as we were just talking and hanging out, the conversation started veering towards my novel, Holding the Future Hostage.  At that time, I wasn’t finished writing it, but almost, so my friend decided to ask me about publishers, editing, and finally, my characters.

Now, obviously, all of my characters already have their own personalities, but I hadn’t really defined their looks according to their personalities (make sense?).  My friend loves art and drawing – creativity in general, so, she asked if she could draw my main character – Virginia.  (

Of course, I was all for it.  I couldn’t wait to see how she pictured my heroine just by my definitions and imagination (yes, I still have a rather large imagination 🙂 ).  As my friend sketched Virginia to life, I was astounded, amazed, and (here it comes) flabbergasted at how well she had done.

I never knew my friend could draw like this!  In about 15 minutes – max – my main character was drawn on paper (no, sorry, but it wasn’t a chalkboard) just as I had always imagined her.  Beautiful, peaceful, yet resolved, and content.  Not jaw-dropping and fake gorgeous, but real and inner beauty that shows through her.

After my friend saw my reaction to her drawing and how I couldn’t praise her enough for making “Virginia come to life”, she decided to draw another big character in my novel – Bryan, Virginia’s computer geek 18-year-old brother.  (See link above)  Once again, in just a few minutes, she had Bryan down-flat as I always imagined him.  It was….stunning!!  My friend continued onto draw my bad guy, Shawn, and Virginia’s best friend, Ashlee.  Both were amazingly accurate, and now while I’m editing my novel, I can always glance up to my wall where all the “portraits” are proudly hung.

Even now, as I stare into Virginia’s penetrating eyes, I imagine her as a real person…just locked in an adventure I’ve created.  Well, actually, right now I am watching my dog eating the stitches out of my bed comforter, but that’s beside the point!  You know what I mean!  😀

Question of the Day: Visual arts are so influencing on our brains…what visual art has impressed you lately?



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