Modern Technology: Netflix on Wii!

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Is it just me, or is it awesome?!  They started with a video game system, but now they come out with internet, photos, games, movies, Netflix and so much more!  The Wii is an amazing console, and it’s just another example of how incredibly intelligent the Lord made people!  I find Wii incredibly entertaining without being hooked up to the internet.  But hooked up to the internet?  Well, I can hardly describe how amazing modern science is!

I have always heard from others how cool Netflix is, but we never really thought about it.  Until Wii came into our house, that is.  As I’m writing this, we are literally watching “Airwolf” on the Wii.  Netflix itself is very helpful, but on a Wii, you can find practically every movie/show, and watch as many as you want for under $10 a month.  Sounds like a deal to me!

The only thing I’ve been bummed about with the Wii is that you can’t put a DVD in it and play it like on the X-Box 360, but now with Netflix on it, that’s kind of made up for.  So, if you don’t have Netflix, I’d recommend looking it up!  It totally solves the problem of a limited DVD selection in your house!

Question of the Day: If you have Netflix, and/or Netflix on the Wii, what do you think of it?



8 thoughts on “Modern Technology: Netflix on Wii!

  1. I keep telling my friends to stream Netflix on whatever gadget they’ve got. It’s such a sweet deal, and with every deal Netflix strikes with the studios, it just keeps getting better.

  2. That much technology wrapped up into a little box like that makes my head bleed. Oh, I know I’m missing out on great things by not having a Wii — But I just was able to reprogram the clock in my new car — 2 months later!



  3. my fam and I got the Wii recently, and we have used the netflix streaming on it. it works great, and though we haven’t used it much, we like it. definitely worth it. 😀 oh and a bonus, I can now get my parents to get games on it 😛

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