Surgery Accomplished!

Have you ever had a long-term injury that absolutely nothing helps it get better and it just becomes increasingly worse to where the only option left is surgery – even though the doctors and physical therapists and nurses don’t know what’s wrong?  Oh, and you’ve had injections and therapy to where it doesn’t really seem like a shocker anymore?

Well, I have.  If you want to read about everything that happened and has been going on, you can read that

The main point is that I have spent all of 2010 (well, minus about 2 1/2 months) with a shoulder injury and lots of testing. However of December 21st, I had Exploratory Surgery on my shoulder, and now (hopefully) I’m on the healing side. The reason why I say hopefully is because I won’t know for sure if my shoulder is completely better until April or May. 😦

So right now, I practically live in a recliner, and am in more pain than I expected. My doctor had thought that I had a tear, but when he went in, he didn’t find one, but instead, he found a ton of stuff that he totally didn’t expect. My shoulder was literally filled with bursitis and inflammation, along with my shoulder being very lax – which would’ve happened from the root of my injury, don’t laugh – arm wrestling. Yes, this girl decided to take on her older brother with arm wrestling. And came out with an injury. But I almost beat him! Not sure it was worth it, though.

My doctor was so surprised at finding that much bursitis in my shoulder… He would expect it of a person twice my age or older, but never in someone my age – a girl in highschool. He was able to scrape it all out, though, and put me on meds for the inflammation.

Oh yeah, and about the…uh…meds… Well…I can’t really stand or walk or make sudden movements at all because I get really dizzy and light-headed. My mom thinks it’s because I’m a Blonde, but I account it to the drugs. Really. You believe me, right? This never happened before so it can’t be the Blonde hair, right? Ok, maybe a little…BUT ONLY A LITTLE. Hehe anyway…

The laxity my doctor found in my shoulder was very strange too (oh and for those of you who are confused, laxity just means how loose your shoulder is for movement. Aren’t you happy Tia helped you out? Sure you are. 🙂 ) – not common for a person my age. The normal amount of laxity is around 10%, but mine was 40%. So, my doctor sutured it together and tightened it up. He put 7 sutures on the inside of my shoulder for that purpose alone – we even have little pictures to show for it (no, you do not get to see them. Sorry.). He did a couple other things too, like smoothing out a sharp bone, but after two hours, he had me all fixed up.

I ended up with 18 stitches total in my shoulder – 7 on the inside, 11 on the outside. That’s 18, right? If not, don’t blame me, it’s the meds. *wink*

Ok, well, the meds also make me drowsy, (along with having to type this whole thing with ONE HAND), so I’m gonna sign off and eat some chocolate. Maybe drink some Dr. Pepper. And take a nap.



13 thoughts on “Surgery Accomplished!

  1. I had a lot of surgeries. Surgeries are tough little things, aren’t they? My last surgery was a fifteen our operation due to complications when it was only supposed to be 6 hours. I have photographs during this time. I had no further choice, and the surgery was an operation they’ve been planning for a long time. It was open heart.

    Surgeries are painful things to recover from, but man, after several weeks of feeling miserable I feel so much better over two years later!

    I’m glad your surgery went well, and I hope you have a great recovery there Tia. Shoulder surgery must be horrible when blogging/typing. 😦

    • Wow…that’s horrible it lasted 15 hours!!! You must have had a really good…uh…nap. haha I’m sure you feel much better! I’m trying to imagine not having any more pain in my shoulder and being able to move it again, but it’s a little difficult when I’ve been in pain and limited movement for so long. It’s really hard to type and it takes double time because it’s all with one hand as my other arm is in a sling. Thanks Ashkir! I really appreciate your support. 😀


      • Oh, that must be frustrating. I know how it is to be unable to use a hand. For quite a while after my heart surgery I wasn’t able to use my left hand well due to it being too numb. Stupid childhood illnesses sneaking back up on you!

        I’m glad to see your recovery is going well, Tia!

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery Tia! I know how it feels, although I didn’t have one of these experiences, both m parents have had such harrowing ones at the hands of the meds! So I know your position!

    Best Wishes,

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