My Family and the Declaration of Independence

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Have you ever watched National Treasure?  As one of my favorite movies, I have watched it several times.  However, I am not nearly as crazy about it as I used to be.  A couple of years ago, I watched National Treasure everyday.  Literally.  I was going through American History at that time, so every afternoon when I was done with school, I would pop the DVD in and watch the movie.  I was enthralled with it and became like a National Treasure fanatic.

As this continued, I think my mom eventually became tired of me watching the same movie everyday, or even just the fact that I was addicted to watching a movie everyday instead of being her little bookworm like I was and still am.  So, she talked to me and I ended up agreeing that it was too much, and I decided to make some sacrifices.  I would watch half of National Treasure everyday.  Great, right? 😉

I started to become more and more interested in the Declaration of Independence.  Though I had already learned the basics in my history book, National Treasure made me want to know more.  Afterall, if Ben Gates and Riley Poole knew all that stuff, then why shouldn’t I?  I wondered if there really was an invisible map on the back of this famous document.  Wait – no way right?  Ha, you just think it’s only a movie.

That’s when I found out how I fit into the picture of the United States becoming its own country – well my family, that is.  But before I burst your little bubble or make ya too excited, let me tell you that I was already starting to become really patriotic (in my own creative ways) just by the inspiration of National Treasure.

I was talking with my brother, and both of us were looking at a copy that he had of the Declaration. Yes, a copy.  I didn’t go so far as to swipe the real one.  I’m a good girl, I am!  Anyway, we were looking at the names of the signers, and suddenly, my brother noticed a certain name that’s in our family!  Holy Smokes, we have a connection here!  Running to my parents, I told them our his discovery.

We talked, counted, and figured, until we came up with the genius family tree.  My great, great, great, great-grandfather signed the Declaration of Independence!  Yes, there are 4 greats there.  *Whoa* I was SO jazzed!  Not only was I crazy about National Treasure, but now my family had an important connection to the making of my country!!  This put me over the top!

Except then, National Treasure 2 came out.  Oh My! 😛



11 thoughts on “My Family and the Declaration of Independence

  1. Very cool! I was wandering around Charleston (if you like American history, it’s a great place; you can see Ft. Sumpter out in the channel from there) with one of my friends this summer and we headed down a back alley, ending up in a very old graveyard behind St. Phillip’s. We found not one but two signers of the Declaration there.

  2. Both of the National Treasure movies are two of my favorite movies of all time. And every year at Christmas I make it a ritual to watch them. Plus I watch them a few times throughout the year as well. Such good movies. I hope they make another one someday.

    Also, that is really freaking cool about your relative!

    • They are awesome movies, aren’t they? hehe I even have the movies on my iPod… 😉 Thanks for commenting, Kate! Oh and yeah I can’t wait for NT3…along w/Pirates 4.


  3. As it turns out, one of my ancestors did the same thing. William Williams, he was a signatory from Connecticut. Hey, they probably knew each other!

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