Horrors of Physical Therapy, AKA, Physical Torture

Am I exaggerating?

Well, how about you injure your shoulder, go six months without treatment, then have a Dye Injection, MRI, Cortisone Injection, and Physical Therapy, only to find out that after 10 months nobody knows what’s wrong and your shoulder is worse than ever.  You end up having Exploratory Surgery, and then 5 weeks and a partially frozen shoulder later, you start PT.  Want it?  Right.

I started Physical Torture on Monday and I have to go back Thursday.  Everyday I have to do exercising including:

  • Pulleys (horribly painful)
  • Putting a ball between my arm and waist and then squish it (not quite as horrific but still painful)
  • Lifting my arm up to a tabletop (just that hurts) and then using my other arm to slide it forward (horribly painful)
  • Keeping my arm on the table and turning my body as far as I can without moving my arm (horrific)
  • Bending over and letting my arm hang, then move around in circles (horrible)

I also have to use a gripper thingy for my hand because the blood isn’t circulating that well and I’ve lost a lot of strength.  I have ice on

my shoulder almost ALL the time…and I think that my Physical Torturist is going to increase my exercises.  😦  She really is nice (and she’s my neighbor), BUT, I’m still gonna send her looks of daggers when she hurts me!

Arm wrestling was DEFINITELY NOT worth it, and those days are OVER!

Question of the Week: What do you think of Physical Therapy Torture?



10 thoughts on “Horrors of Physical Therapy, AKA, Physical Torture

  1. My mom’s going through this for her operated knee. Its the same. Painful. But I keep hearing that this is the way to get better. So, Hang in there Tia. I’m sure this will pass soon. Will keep you in my prayers.

    • Thanks Angel. I bet knees are even worse because you have to walk w/it. I keep hearing that too…so, I just keep praying for the strength. Thanks so much…the prayers are greatly needed. I’ll pray for your mom too. 😉


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