Editing: The passage to Insanity

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Ok, so did you know that editing a really long novel is way more in-depth, complicated, and let’s just say insane than you had ever thought it to be?  I had no clue.  And now I do.  Imagine that.

I thought that you just go through it looking for misspellings, typos, punctuation…ect.  But no.  See, when you first write a book, you are establishing the “bones” of the story.  Then, when you edit and proof-read, you are putting the flesh on the bones.  I’ve had to change the entire structure of some chapters, rewrite others, and spend hour after hour scrolling through the pages and changing tiny details that unfortunately make a huge difference.  I thought the hardest part of creating a novel that someone could buy on Amazon would be the writing process.  My view of that has drastically changed.  I was buzzing right along, having fun, when I had a sudden idea which grew into several ideas and now I have lists of things to edit and change – just so I can remember it all.

Then, after completing those, I’ve figured out I’ll need to print out my entire novel to go over it all again.  Did I say before that my brain is fried?? Aargh. 

Along with everything else going on, I’ve thought of something else: so far, all the only people who I’ve had proof-read my book has been women.  I want my book to appeal to guys as well, and yes, even though my main character is a girl, I think guys could get over that.  After all, the whole Fellowship in the Lord of the Rings was made up of guys, and girls like it too, right?  Not that I’m comparing

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my book to Tolkien’s.  He was a genius, and went so deep into his book, it’s hard for me to even comprehend it all.  I’m just trying to make a point.  Let me go a little more modern: the main character in Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr is a boy, right?  Yet girls LOVE those books. 

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So, my thinking is that guys can like books that have books with a heroine.  However, to establish this concept, I have a feeling that I should have some guys proof-read over my book and give me their suggestions as well to make it appeal to them before I publish it.  That’s where the problem comes in.  I don’t know hardly any book-savvy guys!  This might just be an issue.  I’m hoping I can find at least one book-savvy man who would be willing to read my book and proof-read from his view for me.  This shouldn’t be too hard…?  Yeah, right.

I continue to trudge through the muckery of my book, and I continue to come up with more ideas.  I guess this is better than having no clue about giving my book the best shot, but sometimes it’s just a little overwhelming.  However, it’ll be worth it in the end.  I just know it.  I want to leave a legacy behind – even if I don’t get world-famous…or really famous at all, maybe one day my grand-kids can look back and see that I wrote and published a Sci-Fi novel while in highschool.  Maybe I can encourage them through their daily trek in life with a simple message: keep going, keep working – it pays off.  This applies to all things, not just writing or editing.  I’m still doing Physical Torture, and I have to admit – I do not like it one bit.  I am never comfortable with my shoulder – it hurts in a sling, hurts when I don’t move it, and hurts when I do move it.  But there’s only one way to go and to get back to normal – forward. 

This applies to all of life…you just have to keep going.  And for me, I don’t have to rely on myself.  In fact, I can’t rely on myself, or I’d be dead in the water.  But I have a loving and gracious God here right by my side who is ready to hold me steady, wipe away my tears, laugh with me when I laugh, and hold my hand when I fall – but pick me right back up.  Yes, life is hard.  I’ve had so many

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 people tell me that I shouldn’t be going through this since I’m so young.  But my sweet Jesus is here with me and it’s all for His glory.  This whole thing has brought me closer to Him, so I just have to remember that through the hard times.

This isn’t really what I thought this post was going to be on, but this was what I was led to write.  I hope it encouraged you on this February day, and maybe gave you a couple laughs.  😉



9 thoughts on “Editing: The passage to Insanity

  1. Sure, let’s be blog buddies, but remember, my current blog is “First year of freedom”. “Memoirs of a teenage insomniac” ended at the beginning of the year.

  2. I’m not a young adult, but I teach them, and goodness knows I’ve read so many book reports on YA books… and I’m male, so I’d be happy to take a shot at reading your book. Last I checked, The Hunger Games has a female protagonist and it’s hugely popular with boys as well as girls. Keep on keeping on… the very fact that you have a full draft means you’re light-years ahead of where I am with a twenty-year head start! 🙂

    • I’ve heard that the Hunger Games are very good, and extremely popular as well. I haven’t read them myself, but it does give me hope that guys like them too! Oh good, I’d love to get a view from a male’s perspective on my book! All my editors are female as well…haha. Your words are very encouraging! Thanks!


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