Bring On The Demolition!

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My family has been talking for so long about remodeling our garage into a living space, that it started to seem like a distant dream.  Until one day, my dad was talking with my older brother and announced they were going to start that weekend!  I was like, “Whoa…really?!”  He was totally serious.  😯

Our garage wasn’t actually a garage at that point.  We had stopped parking our cars in there for a while, it was cleaned every week, and it had some overstuffed chairs and rugs in it.  However, it still seemed like a garage since there was still a garage door, no insulation, dirty walls, and storage in it.  Of course, the first process for the remodeling would be the demolition.  This was just about 2 1/2 weeks after my shoulder surgery, so I couldn’t help with the demolition (in fact, I was still kind of out of it – if you know what I mean  😉 ), but I was there for moral support!  Oh yeah – they wouldn’t have accomplished *anything* without my help.  🙄

A bunch of men and their sons from our church came over early in the morning (like 7 am!  I was still in my PJ’s!  Glad they didn’t actually come in the house at that point!), and started working.  Actually, a neighbor was here and helping before I was even awake.  Scary.  😉  However, a lot of the daughters came too…so I had a lot of company.  I had no idea they were coming, and suddenly here they were knocking on the door just to see me!  I felt so special.  Let’s see…I think there were like 5 or 6 girls there – while I’m lounging on the sofa in my PJ’s with an ice pack on my shoulder.  How nice, right?  Actually I did really enjoy it…

By the middle of the day, the frame-work for the wall in place of the garage door was already up.  The spot for the window was there – ready to be filled in, and the next thing for them would be to put the siding on.  I was amazed at how quickly it went, though I guess it shouldn’t take too long when you have like 20 guys working on it.  My brother was actually saying that they had too many people out there and they started getting in the way.  I’ve always liked the quote:

“Many hands make light work”

But I guess that didn’t really work that well here!

By nightfall from the outside, it looked like we had an entire new room.  The siding was on, the window was in, the trim was connected, and the wall was insulated.  On the inside it looked like Santa’s workshop.  But that’s beside the point!  😀

One family stayed to have dinner with us, and by the time they left, I was worn out and talked out.  It’s amazing what surgeries and drugs do to one’s body!  I was also hoarse from talking so much ❗  It was a very strange feeling for me since I had never been hoarse before!  Over the next two weeks, my dad and brothers worked together to finish insulating and putting on the dry wall.  After that, we started moving furniture in!

Ah…the feeling of an expanded home!  😉

Have you ever remodeled your home?  What’s your story ❓



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