I’m pretty sure I can’t wait for Heaven…

Actually, I know I can’t wait for Heaven.  Nothing will be like the pure paradise…no pain, no tears, no needs, no confusion, no anger, no problems whatsoever.  All the chocolate and Dr. Pepper in the world, and an eternity of my sweet Jesus.  😀  Ahh….I so can’t wait.

Today I attended Physical Torture again.  It was absolutely horrible.  I couldn’t reach above my head with my right arm from my shoulder surgery, and my physical torturist didn’t like that.  She had me lay on a bed, heated my shoulder, and then stretched it far above my head and sideways and every way I think she could.  With tears running down my face and me crying out, I had to remember to breathe and then try not to hyperventilate.  It seemed to go on and on…  That was the worst pain I’ve ever been through in my entire life.

When we finished with that, she had me do some weight lifting, pulleys (which I have to admit, I could go above my head now.  That’s a bright side to the horrible pain), arm bicycling, and lots of rows with thera-bands.  At the end my physical torturist was like, “Don’t try to use curse words with my name, ok?…..And make sure to keep stretching….Oh, and don’t forget, I want you to come back twice next week.”  Great.  I also have an appointment with my surgeon next week – who leaves me hurting for 3 days after every visit.

So…just pray for me.  Please.  I’m gonna need them, and you know you want to help me.



12 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure I can’t wait for Heaven…

  1. Poor girl! It hurts me to think of you going through that. God is really putting you through the fire, but you will come through it an even more refined gem. You will make it through this – I promise. After this, “normal” pain will seem like nothing. (I’m glad the torture is giving you more range of motion, though)

    • Your words have encouraged me, Mrs. Ihrke. Thank you so much. Yes, “normal” pain of getting a cut, shot, stubbing your toe or whatever will definitely seem like nothing. I never knew I could stand so much pain and still function…but It’s not me, it’s all God. Once again, thank you! 🙂


  2. sweet girl – thank you so much for your comment on my blog. you are such a gem. i am praying for your PT (been there!!!) and am so encouraged by you!

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