Stylish Blogger Award!

Yep, you read that right! I have been given the “Stylish Blogger” award by both “Our Note 2 Self”, and “Cynilog“!   I was really surprised to find this out, but honored as well.  I make it a practice not to answer personal questions which abound on the internet, and I think that I already let all of you know what’s going on in my life anyway.

However, I am going to nominate others for this award – which is part of the rules too.  I gladly list the following blogs and give them the “Stylish Blogger” award with or without answering personal questions – however they want it, they still get it.  😀  So, without further ado:

Escape Route

365 Days of ME

Stars In Silence

Misty’s Medley

Others who I would like to include in this I see have already been given this award, so I figure I won’t add to it.  Just know you deserve it, k?

Well, I guess that’s all folks!  Once again, thanks for the award!!  😉



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