Just puttering along…

I’m so excited to have my book published!! 😀 😀  I’m probably more motivated now ever since I found my publisher (CreateSpace), and I know that I’m going to have a custom cover and a custom interior, rather than desperately trying to find the funds to publish AND the publisher.  I feel secure now, and ever since my surgery, I’ve realized I kinda like security!  It’s a sweet, sweet thing, and I feel so sorry for those who don’t have security in their family life. 😥  However, no matter how motivated I am, it still is taking me a LONG time to get anything done in my book editing process!  I have lists of what I need to do, and work on it everyday, but it sure doesn’t seem like I’ve progressed that much! 🙄

My publisher called me a few weeks ago to help me set my book up with them, and I saw that once I give them my back cover text (book summary and author biography), they can get started on my cover before I even submit my manuscript.  I think that’s pretty cool, so I set out to write my summary and bio.  Along with everything else. 🙄  Am I ambitious?  Guess so.

My main editor who’s also helping me with my book told me she would help with my summary, so I decided to construct a rough draft and show it to her.  As of right now we are working on it together.  I’ll post it on here when we’re done so you can get a better feel for what my novel is really about. 😉

I also created a rough draft of my bio, and I have to say, that is SO much harder than you’d think! 😯  Obviously, it’ll be all about me, but it’s quite difficult for me to come up with a bio expressing things about myself others would want to read in a book!  Pathetic, right?  Aargh…  So I sent my rough draft of that as well to my editor, and had her analyze it.  I need some serious help!

We go to the same church, so after I had given it to her, I asked her what she thought (almost biting my nails), and she said she’ll work on it.  “It’s not flashy enough.  I’ll make it amazing”, she said.  Okie dokie!  I’m absolutely fine with that.  Take it, and have fun because I’m glad it’s out of my hands.  Hehe

So yeah, not much is new on my book except creating the summary and bio, which I will share with y’all when we have them!  I’m just still so ecstatic about having a publisher and a custom cover!!!  😀 😀 😀  Can you tell??

With love,


13 thoughts on “Just puttering along…

    • Yes, blogging is amazing! Hey, when you publish a new post, you are a published author – no worries! 😉 Thanks, that would be fantabulous if I sold that many copies! Thanks for commenting.


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