The Influence of Music

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I have to admit: I love music.  I love to plug my Skullcandy ear buds into my ears and play the tunes on my iPod.  I love to set it to “shuffle” and get a surprise every time a new song comes on whether it varies from Christian contemporary, rock, or pop.  I usually like to stick to Christian music (especially Christian rock), just because music is a powerful tool.  It’s almost scary in some ways.  Music can completely encompass your thoughts and decisions.  A person needs to be careful with what they listen to and know the background to genres. 

Did you know that country music has been statistically proven to be the root of more suicides than any other genre?  That kind of surprised me – I thought it would’ve been rock with all the drugs involved.  But no, it’s country.  That’s probably because of how depressing most country music is made out to be  – with the loss of a girlfriend, beer, dog, and pick-up truck – right?  I also have to

Country Music

 admit this: I cannot stand country.  So, I wasn’t sad at all to find this out.  But I know several people who would be VERY offended if I told them this.  If you are a die-hard country fan, just know that I did not make this up.  Don’t kill the messenger!  😉 

Anyway, music is totally influencing.  Just like with filmmakers – they have to be very careful with deciding which songs should be used for certain scenes in movies.  If they use an opptimistic song for a sad scene, the audience is going think it’s a poorly made film, or have different feelings than what the director intended.  Music is so powerful – I just can’t say that enough.

As a Christian, I need to realize that listening to music with cuss words and immoral sequences are not glorifying to the Lord, and does not help me in my walk with Him – in fact they lead me elsewhere and place thoughts in my mind that do not need to be there as a servant of His.  Even with Christian music though, or any music that contains the label “Christian” I still like to monitor it and check it against Christian to see if it really is Christian.  There are a lot of bands out there blasted on the Christian radio station, yet they have alternative motives from worshipping the Lord and are in no way Christian.  It’s sad, really.  I do love listening to music, though, and enjoy experimenting with different genres.  All except country of course.  This girl isn’t even goin’ there!  😉

What kind of music do you like best?  Have you felt it guiding your decisions and moods as you listen to it?



8 thoughts on “The Influence of Music

  1. I love music and often the mood I’m in will dictate what I listen to. My commute to work is long so my iPod is key for the journey! I have to admit I like a bit of pop country 🙂

    • Yeah I bet your iPod really helps on your way to work! haha I had a feeling someone who likes country would comment on this! Thanks for commenting vixter2010!

      -Tia ❤

  2. I agree with you Tia. Music has so much power on us. more than we sometimes realize. I love country tho.. :)true that sometimes, the music sends us into depression but I think that goes with all sort of music.Not just country.

  3. very true…music has this power of instantly changing my mood..I love worship songs..especially Don Moen’s..brings a smile to my face everytime….nice post 🙂 🙂

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