The Castle Rising


My last name is Rising, right?  Right.  I’m pretty sure.  It says that on my birth certificate, and all my life I’ve known that I belong with the Rising family.  I’m not adopted (unless my parents were able to make me somehow mysteriously look exactly like my mom and give me the same blood type as my blood brother and dad.  Sounds a little fishy to me! 🙄 ), so I can proudly wear the Rising name.  That is, hopefully until I get married (which yes that is part of my plans someday…), and then I’ll leave the Rising name behind.  But in heart and blood, I’ll always be a Rising.  So, I think we’ve settled the fact that I’m a Rising – which brings me to something else.

Have you heard of the Castle Rising in England?  Have you ever been there?  Well, I can say yes to the first (guess that was


 obvious), but no to the second.  In fact, I’ve never left the U.S.  But that’s a different story!  Anyway, apparently my ancestors did not live in the 12th century Castle, or build it, but we keep its name! 

It’s was used for a hunting lodge, royal residence and even at one time housed a mental patient.  Please, no jokes. 😯  Like I said, my ancestors did not come from them!  The Castle Rising is most famous for its period in history when it came to the mother of Edward the 3rd, Queen Isabella, following her part in the murder of her husband, Edward the 2rd.  Okay…this is sounding bad now.  First a mental patient, now a homicidal queen.  Great.

I’ll think I’ll just move on from here….  haha  I had found it interesting that my family bares the name of this beautiful Castle (now serving as a hotel for tourists), but after learning the history, I think I won’t mention it again! 😉

Do you have anything like this in your family tree?  Or something that bares resemblance to your family tree?



9 thoughts on “The Castle Rising

    • Yeah it’s pretty annoying, especially when you don’t want everyone out there to know what city you’re in! 🙄 It’s been a while since I’ve been down there, but what I remember of it was pretty nice. Just, you know, desert. haha But I’m pretty used to that by now, after living in Az for 11 years!

      -Tia ❤

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