Starting to Drive Again

Driving again! 😀

First of all, I’d like to apologize for this horribly late post!  I’ve completely gone over my “post a week” ambition, but circumstances wouldn’t permit me to post.  So, without further ado, here’s the post you’ve all been so anxiously waiting for, and dying without.  I just know you have.  😉

For several years now, I have eased into learning to drive.  Before my surgery, I was starting to take it pretty seriously and took as many opportunities to learn as I could.  It’s now three months since my surgery and I’m just starting to drive again!  I was so excited to have my first official driving lesson after my surgery.   My dad backed the car out (I guess he didn’t want me backing it out right next to our Suburban!), and then we switched seats.  Hopping into the driver’s side, I adjusted my seat, steering wheel, mirrors, and buckled my seat belt.  (Guess that’s an important step, huh?  😉 )  Then, after scanning my surroundings and seeing that the way was clear, I took off.  Literally.  That gas pedal is a whole lot more sensitive than I thought!  Okay, so we need to ease onto the gas.  Got it.  Oh, and we probably don’t want whiplash, so lets ease onto the breaks too, okay?

haha It was really great to be back behind the wheel.  Turns still hurt my shoulder, along with putting the car into gear, so sometimes I have to do extra with my left arm to give my “surgerized shoulder” a break.  I drove about 3-4 blocks and came back, after practicing with lots of dead ends, and figuring out the blinker.  (It can be very close to the windshield wipers, did you know that??)

A few weeks ago, my Dad picked up the driver’s manual, so now I’m determined to memorize it.  The problem is that practically my WHOLE LIFE is SHOULDER EXERCISES!  I have hardly any time to read when all my time is taken up with exercises and school.  I help my mom in the evenings with dinner, and do chores when I have the time, but practically all I ever do is exercise.  So, if someone asks me, “How often do you exercise?”, the correct response would be “When DON’T I?!”.  😉

However, what little time I have, I do take advantage of it to read the manual.  Or other books that my book editor has so graciously lent me.  BTW, she’s doing an amazing job with the editing.  We have pretty much completed the summary and bio for my book, so I’ll post it on here soon.

Like I said before, I am determined to memorize the book, (thankfully it’s not that large…), and take the test to get my driver’s permit as soon as possible.  My parents don’t want me getting my license until I’m 18, so I’m gonna have to renew my permit.  That’s okay, though, at least I’ll be able to legally drive anywhere, as long there’s someone with a class A, B, C, or D license and above the age of 21 sitting in the seat next to me.  haha And that’s straight from the manual.  😉

-Tia ❤


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