Movie Review: Soul Surfer

Last week, my very gracious bro decided to take my fam and I to a movie – yay!  We haven’t gone to one since before my shoulder surgery in December, so this was really fun.  I LOVE the movie theater…more than I should, probably.  It’s so amazing with the drinks, popcorn, rows of seats, dark room, and huge screen.  Even if it wasn’t that great of a movie, usually I’m just happy we went to the theaters.  Call me crazy, but those things are cool.  😉

So we decided to see the movie Soul Surfer that came out a few weeks ago.  It tells Bethany Hamilton’s story – a story all should know.  The movie really helps one remember that no matter what happens, we have a God who loves us and has everything under control. 

Jeremiah 29:11 states, ‘”For I know that plans that I have for you” declares the Lord, “plans for welfare, and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope”‘


Bethany Hamilton Surfing

This exact Bible verse is quoted in the movie, and how perfect it is!  After being attacked by a shark while surfing and having her left arm severed, Bethany struggles to get back on her feet again and realize that God is still with her and has plans for her – plans to help the world even.

This amazing story is played out very well and is definitely touching.  Even if you aren’t emotional at all, this one will most likely affect you a bit.  Tear-jerker’s the term.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of funny parts too.  AnnaSophia Robb does an excellent job as Bethany Hamilton, and in the credits there are even shots of Bethany in real life surfing and speaking at conferences.

Even if you aren’t one for Christian movies, you’ll still like this film.  It isn’t preachy, but does show Bethany’s strong faith in God.  It definitely has a message of faith, and this is because the Hamilton family are strong Christians.  This movie is great, and I can give a big THANKS to my bro for taking me to see it.

What do you think of Soul Surfer?



8 thoughts on “Movie Review: Soul Surfer

    • Oh good, I’m glad you want to see it. It really is an amazing movie, and so faith filled, along with encouraging to those in physical and mental trials themselves! Yes, I love Fireproof. I also like Flywheel and Facing the Giants from the same makers. Actually, Facing the Giants is my fave out of the three. I can’t wait for Courageous to come out! 😀 Thanks for commenting, Angel.


      • OK,first off, I didn’t even know that I could comment on your blog without having one myself. SO, thanks for telling me! Your movie review is awesome, thank you! I can’t wait to see it when it comes out on dvd! I would agree, going to the theater holds many thrills. I haven’t been in a while, so I’m anxious to go this summer. Thanks!

        -Ayce 😉

        • Your’re welcome! I’m so glad you commented! Anybody can comment on my blog as long as they enter at least their email address. It’s way easier to comment on WordPress than on Blogspot – just sayin’.

          Yay….thanks. We should get together to watch the movie when it comes out on DVD. Yes, the theater is amazing. can’t wait for SMF!


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