Why summer is magical….


 Everybody knows – summer is magical.  There is no question about that.  Everybody (usually) starts feeling happy again now that winter is out of the way, we have BBQ’s, picnics, go to movies with friends, slumber parties, family outings….and all because of warm weather!  Why is summer so magical?  I have no idea.  😉  I just I LOVE it!  Well, I guess I could come up with some reasons.  Let’s face it, being cold is just not fun.  Having to bundle up and run heaters to keep from frostbite is not what I would call ok.  And then you still shiver anyway.  The cold also hurts.  For those with injuries of any type, cold weather is sooooo painful.

But with warmth, your joints don’t usually hurt and you can do things outside without freezing!  That’s a bonus, right?  Plus, you can get quite a nice tan, your hair lightens in color, and you’re in better shape because your most likely doing fun outdoor activites often!  It all pays off!

I know there are fun things to do in winter like ice skating and…..um…..I guess if you like to play in the COLD snow, you can have snowball fights and go sledding.  But summer is just better.  Honestly, don’t you agree?  That’s why I boycott the snow when winter rolls around!  Click here to read my post on boycotting snow….

So anyway, summer is amazing.  Just this week I was sitting on our back porch swing studying some of my school, and I already have a tan.  Apparently to one of my friends at church, I’m “really tan”.  It’s all good with me – a tan never bothers me, haha.  Who doesn’t like one?  😀

Have you indulged in the sun yet?  Do you prefer summer over winter, or vice versa?  Enjoy the summer while you can!



12 thoughts on “Why summer is magical….

  1. I would completely agree!! Summer is amazing. Somehow, though, I always end up looking forward to Fall right in the middle of summer holidays. To answer your questions:
    Yes, I have indulged in the sun…I’ve gotten burnt 3 times in the past week already. I don’t tan. 😦 I do enjoys summer more than i enjoy winter-no question.

    • hahaha wow, really? I thought you liked winter better because you love being cold! Well, I stand corrected. 😉 Ooh sunburns….no fun. Thanks for commenting, Ayce.


    • Thanks Ava! I actually thought this was one of my worst-written posts, because I just typed it out and posted it with little thought. haha maybe I should do that more often…? 😉 I love summer…. Thanks again, I love your comments!


      • As you know I post EVERY day and sometimes there is nothing funny, clever or even educational in my Noggin when I sit down at my Mac and try to write a new posts. But then I just start typing and eventually something comes out and then I massage it into a complete thought. — so you just never know…keep doing what you are doing!

        • Well, whatever it is that comes out of your noggin, it’s usually hilarious and very entertaining. 😉 I’m so glad you post everyday, I don’t know what I’d do without my daily Ava fix! haha I think I’m obsessed with your blog, and possibly a stalker. Does that bother you? 😉 haha I hope not. Alright, well if you like it, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. I’m pretty sure my most popular posts come from incomplete thoughts meshed into a post. Hey, it makes it easy, right? 😀 Thanks for commenting Ava!


  2. Yes yes yes!! I was just trying to explain this to my husband yesterday! I love the warm months SO much! And while I don’t just adore 99% humidty at 100+ degrees, I still prefer it over the miserable freezing cold of winter. My husband, however, must’ve been a penguin in another life ’cause he LOVES the snow and cold. 😛

    • hahaha that’s so funny! Yeah he must’ve been a penguin! 😉 Summer is fantabulous. humidity isn’t the greatest, but the warmth is worth it!! Thanks for commenting, Rach!


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