I’m Italian.




Really, I am.  😯

Ok, I’ll explain.  I actually don’t have a drop of Italian blood in my veins.  But, ever since I can remember, I’ve always LOVED Italian food. Like if I had a choice between spaghetti, chicken enchiladas, and chili, I would 100% of the time choose spaghetti.  Any kind of Italian casserole would catch my eye, and I would always go for the Italian over anything else.  However, I never actually realized I was going for just Italian stuff.  Pretty much all I was thinking was that I just like the red sauces, ect.  That is, until about two years.

It had to be a Divine Revelation to make me realize this, honest.  Whenever someone asked me what my favorite food was, I started to reply, “Anything Italian.”  That pretty much summed it up!  Now, I have become very much so aware that my genes had to have been switched at birth or something because I am totally and completely Italian.  No questions asked.  Yes, I’m Blonde, no I don’t have an amazing accent, no I’ve never been to Italy, and no, I don’t have any relatives who are Italian.  But I am Italian.

Without wavering, if you give me the choice of Italian food versus any other kind, I will still take the Italian.  My dream vacation is to Rome.  I’m learning the Italian language next year with my studies.  And, (haha this one still makes me laugh), my shoulder surgeon is Italian.  I have to say that’s the best and most ironic out of all my reasons.  See people, I’m just meant to be Italian.  My mom has said that I will most likely end up marrying an Italian guy.  That would be SO AMAZING.  I could totally learn how to cook REAL Italian food!!  Oh yeah, another reason why I’m Italian: I have an Italian cookbook stashed in my closet. muahaha

So if you ask me, “What’s your fave food?” you know the answer, “I’m Italian.  what kind of food do you think?” haha 😉

Isn’t Italian EVERYTHING just awesome?!  If you could be of a different heritage than you are, what would it be, and why?

Well, on a more serious note, I just want to let you know that my Lord and Savior did not make me Italian, and I’m truly okay with that.  He made me perfect in His eyes, and I need to be happy with that.  Still….Italy is amazing.





22 thoughts on “I’m Italian.

  1. That’s sweet Tia. Maybe there is an Italian guy out there claiming he is going to marry an american girl. 🙂 BTW, you are american right?

  2. I never knew that you had a Italian cookbook stashed in your closet? Their food is the best! so I agree with you wholeheartedly. 🙂 But Italians are really cool, and good looking! who knows, maybe you will marry an Italian guy if God wants you to. 😀 time will tell. though as for your question, I’d probably pick Italian as well. I’m pretty much everything else 😛

    • haha yep, it’s my big secret. Though not so much of a secret now that I just told the world about it. 😉 Oh yeah, Italian EVERYTHING is amazing! Glad you agree! I would absolutely LOVE to marry an Italian guy…that would be like my dream come true. 😛 haha Thanks for commenting, Haeowyn!


  3. Haha! This makes me laugh. Mostly because I’m Italian……. but only by marriage. 😉 I look Italian in the summers (dark curly hair, dark skin and dark eyes) and my last name is Italian since my husband is Italian so people just assume I am as well. Even though I’m really from the British Isles. 😉 When it comes to food, I love lots of foods, but my all time favorite that I just can’t seem to say ‘no’ to are spaghetti and pizza, haha! Love it! 🙂 So, I bestow on you honorary Italian-ness from one nonItalian to another. 😉

    • I’m so glad I’ve met you, Rach! I feel so honored for you to have bestowed on me your Italian-ness. Hey, you’re way closer to actually being Italian with marrying into it, than I am! It gives me hope that you married an Italian…maybe there’s one out there for me. 😉 haha I know right? Italian food is amazing. And, you look WAY closer to being Italian than me – I have light skin with blonde hair and green eyes. haha But it’s the thought that counts right. If you hadn’t told me that you were only married into Italian-ness, I would’ve thought you were Italian also. 😀 Thanks so much for commenting!!


  4. Thank you for subscribing to my blog.
    You know what,if everyone could love other country, other culture so open so friendly like you did.It would be a better world.To be honest, i have to apologize for my ignorance, well, i only have eatten Italian food in Pizza-hut,poor guy, and the impressions of Italy on me were beautiful country, “Italy job”, Valentino, and Al Pacino. I can feel your passion about Italy, Wow~
    So wish you and your Italian guy happy forever.

    • Thanks for commenting, Chenpeng! I think other countries are so fascinating…and you’re right, it would be a better world if others were more open to differences. Hey, Pizza Hut is my favorite pizza restuarant, so no worries there! It makes really good Italian food! I absolutely love Italy, and would be soooo happy if I ever get to go there. haha thanks, I hope my Italian guy is out there somewhere. 😉


        • Well, as a citizen of the US, I have to say it is nice. But the problem is that we are so spoiled here. Isn’t that sad? Our problem is being spoiled – we can’t even imagine living in like Haiti or somewhere like that. But, we have been blessed, and I hope our country stays this way. Germany is absolutely amazing! It’s so full of culture and life – plus it’s food is yummo. I’m actually like 1/4 German…so I have a lot of it’s culture in my blood. A great country indeed! Thanks for commenting, CP!


      • I agree with you, Tia,German food is so amazing, you got 1/4 German? That’s so cool, “Gutten Tag”.I have two friends from the U.S who is now living in shanghai China. Vic and Julie, both of them are kindhearted. Yep, i like American people.

        • I espcially love German bread! 😀 Yep, around 1/4. Probably a tad less, but close! haha “gutten tag” to you as well. I’m glad you have great American friends! It’s always nice to have friends that care. 🙂 Thanks for commenting, CP!


      • German bread, full with butter, i mean “Käsebrot”, yummy!(i have learned a little German, it’s so difficult for me )
        Having foreign friends is amazing, i’m so glad that Vic and Julie like China, like Chinese food, even we got different culture. And i’m sure you are a friend of mine too, may i ? 😛

        • Mmm butter makes everything better! Ok, maybe not everything (on ice cream would be a little weird… 😉 ), but sooo many things! Wow, you know German better than I’d dream to! I bet it’s difficult – I think German is said to be one of the hardest languages to learn. Chinese food is really good too…all I’ve had of it is just from like fast food Chinese restaurants, so I’m sure it’s a lot different than the real thing! Fortune cookies rock! I’d definitely consider you one of my friends! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much interaction with anyone else on my blog… It’s cool. Thanks once again for commenting!!


        • hahahaha ok you go ahead and put butter on ice cream! I think I’ll stick with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. 😉 I’m glad you like my posts….I just write whatever I happen to think of at that moment. It’s seems as though the posts I think the least about are the ones people like the most. Thanks again! 😉


  5. haha, Tia! I was wondering when you are going to blog on this topic! Yes, my friend…you are most definitely Italiano! To answer your questions: I would be British or Irish-no good reasons…I just absolutely LOVE the accents! And yes, I know Jesus! You already know that, though. My Jesus is the Jesus of the Bible-God in flesh! To Him be the glory!!!!!!

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