Well, we’re still here.



At least most of us anyway, right?  According to Harold Camping, Rapture should’ve come yesterday at 6:00 pm, no matter what time zone.

I’m a Christian and I’m still here.  I went to church today, and all the strong believers I know are still here.  I didn’t feel any earthquakes (which were predicted), and as far as I know, my Lord and Savior didn’t come yet.

I wasn’t exactly surprised, because it states in the Bible that no man knows the day or hour which the Lord will return – not even Jesus Himself knows it.  The Bible also states that He will return like a thief in the night, and everyone will be going about their normal business.

With people having parties, “last suppers”, and spending their life-savings to get ready for May 21, 2011, I’m pretty sure that if the rapture came, it wouldn’t have been like “a thief in the night” to surprise everyone.

And for not anyone knowing the date, I’m pretty sure the Lord was/is showing us just how Sovereign He really is, and to show that no one can pin-point His exact return.

Now, He could’ve returned yesterday.  He could return ANY day.  That’s why we need to have our hearts and minds prepared at all times, and live like He is coming in the next second.

Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s extremely hard to remember that at all times when regular life happens.  People upset you, you get excited about things, you fall in love, events arise – and you forget about preparing yourself for Rapture.  It may not even occur in this life time!

But we do know two things:

  • Jesus will return.  Point-blank.
  • We don’t know when, so we need to be ready.  Do your really want to be caught unprepared?  I don’t think so.

If you’re not a Christian, I just want to let you know some things.  I know a LOT of Christians are two-faced snobs.  I’m so sorry about that!  It’s gotten so bad, that I almost don’t want to call myself a Christian, because I’m not part of that group!  I prefer to refer to myself as “a Believer in Jesus Christ”.  But I guess I’m more than just a believer – I’m a slave of Jesus Christ.  He is my Lord.  It’s says in James, “You believe in Jesus Christ – you do well.  But even the demons believe, and shudder.”

So, yeah I’m more than a believer.  ‘Cuz like anyone besides an atheist can say they believe in God.  But it’s where your relationship is with God, is the real question.

Anyway, I don’t want to be taken as preachy, because I’m not trying to be at all.  I just love Jesus Christ with my heart, soul, and mind – and I want others to have the relationship with Him that I have!  He loves each and every person, and will help you through the greatest of trials.  He gave His life on a cross with nails driven through His hands so that you can live with Him in Paradise.

Ok, now that this was a ginormous post, I think I’ll sign off now.  I want to leave you with one final thought – Jesus could come any time, so how’s your relationship with Him?



12 thoughts on “Well, we’re still here.

  1. I Totally and Completely agree with you!! he needs to read his bible. Did you hear what he’s saying now? apparently he was off…again, and is now saying its October 21. You’d think he’d read his bible if he was a Christian right? too bad as well, I’m not going to reach my 16th birthday. *Sniffles* jk

    • Well thanks Rach! I guess it’s easier for me to post to the blog world about my faith than actually walk up to someone’s door and witness…but maybe one day that’ll change. 😉 I really appreciate your encouragement!


  2. Well put, Tia. Very good. Harold Camping is not a very happy camper is he? Hahaha…sorry. No, I feel bad for him, he is smart, but he did overlook God’s sovereignty big time. All those people who were his “followers” were also blinded. Many of them went and gave up all they had because “Jesus is coming next week”. Now, they have nothing. Many people were made to look into the gospel by this, though. Sovereignty again! Oh, btw…I love your pictures of Eragorn!

    • Yea he definitely overlooked God’s sovereignty. I bet they’re really suffering now. We should pray for them. Thanks, something weird just happened to my blog, so I’m trying to figure it out!


  3. hello tia! 🙂

    first off, i noticed that you subscribed to my blog. thank you! it’s nice to know that people read it. 😀

    second, i totally, one hundred percent agree with this post! it really does make you think of how one’s relationship with Christ is. this is an excellent way to spread the gospel.

    nice to meet you! 🙂

    • Hi Katy! I know, it’s super nice to know people like to read what you right! haha I liked your blog. I’m glad you agree with me! I have to say, I’m not as bold in person, but it’s much easier online. So that’s my way of witnessing. 😉 Thanks for commenting, and nice to meet you too!


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