I am permitted….

to drive!

That’s right, I finally finished my studying, went to MVD, and received my permit!  I’m so jazzed.  I’ve read somewhere that 70% of  people fail their permit test the first time, so I was really happy when I passed it my first time!  Of course, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world if I had failed the first time, but I would’ve been disappointed.  However, “there’s always a silver lining”, so at least I would’ve been able to learn from my mistakes to do better the next time.

This actually wasn’t my first time trying to get my permit.  I went in the day before and attempted to get it, but we didn’t have all the information needed, and we didn’t know that info was required to get it.  So we came back the next day with all the info, and I was able to take my test.  😛  I have to say, I was really disappointed when I couldn’t get it the first day, but oh well – it gave me extra time to study.  Actually, I read back over the entire book that night.  😉

So we arrived at MVD 20 minutes before it opened, and there was already a line.  We thought that we might at least be like the firsts in line since we were that early, but we were #13.  Yes, I counted.  Man, these places are B.U.S.Y.  I guess #13 was still better than #113, right?  And, I did get called fairly quickly compared to the day before when I waited an hour and a half before my number was called.  😯

Can I just say that MVD takes really bad pictures?  Man, you’d think after doing it all day long, every work day, they’d have it down.  But no, the pictures still turn out dorky.  I don’t like my pic, but at least I have my permit!

On every question I can remember praying over before reading it, I got it right.  For some (especially at the beginning) I don’t know if I prayed over each question, but I had been praying constantly since the morning before for me to pass the test.  God is so good, ya know?

I hope you all are having a great day.  And if you’re not, I pray the Lord lifts your spirits and let you see “the silver lining.”



8 thoughts on “I am permitted….

  1. oops. haha, i’m supposed to take my license test this week and momsy never scheduled it. because i haven’t finished my nighttime hours yet. 😀 oh goodness. thank you for reminding me. 😀

    congratulations! and yeah, i know about their bad pictures, believe me. 😉

    • Oh I hope you pass your test! I know the license tests are harder than the permit tests…at least the driving part. I’ll pray for you to pass! It’s kind of weird – they don’t ask you about defensive driving on the test which is like super important, yet they’ll fail you if you hit the curb when you parallel park. Thanks, I’m so relieved to have my permit now. YES, they take really bad pictures! glad I’m not the only one… thanks for commenting Katy.


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