10 Reasons Why WordPress is Super Awesome

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I have to admit it: WordPress.com is awesome.  It’s so easy to “get along” with, and compatible with most systems.  Their staff will help you almost immediately when you have any Q’s, and you have so many choices of how to set up your blog.  It’s just amazing.

Therefore, in honor of my fantabulous blog host, I’ve compiled 10 reasons why WordPress is super awesome.  Remember that these are just a few of the super cool reasons.  Prepare to be amazed.

  1. Ease of comments – completely and totally essential!  On Blogger.com, you have to literally fill out a form and check out with their security before you can post your comment.  On WordPress, even if you’re not a user, all you have to do is type in your name and email, then write your message.  Super duper simple, I say.  I do recognize that Blogger is very secure and looking out for their bloggers.  WordPress is just easier, that’s all.
  2. Distraction free writing – There’s this thing that means you can switch to full screen and completely distraction free to write.  Of course, you’ll still have distractions around you as life goes on, but the screen will have nothing on it but what you’re writing.  This is sooooo helpful when it comes to concentrating on a good post.
  3. Zillions of amazing themes – Ok, so maybe not zillions, but it pretty much seems like it!  You have about 100 or so themes you can choose from to base your blog on.  These themes range from white to black and everything in between, transparent, to stark, and so on.  Amazing. 
  4. Plus theme combinations to mix it up – Then, most themes have several customizing actions to make the blog yours.  This includes custom headers, backgrounds, color schemes, side-bars, and more.  This is all for free.  You could always pay a bit every month and make your blog extra special too.  But it’s really not necessary with how cool you can make it just from the free options.  Have I mentioned I love WordPress?
  5. Compatible with lots of other processors – This is very important.  Yes, they prefer to have their websites run on certain Internet levels, but they’ll still make it work for those who don’t have it.
  6. Tons of people on it – There are so many people using WordPress, I’m surprised I haven’t met more in person.  Everyone is different and I’ve seen blogs range from sermons to movie reviews and more.  Some people use their blogs to record their romantic life, others to record their gospel witness.  The stats for how many bloggers are using WordPress is on the homepage, but let me just say that it’s a number hard for me to properly pronounce.  😉
  7. “Like” ability – You’re probably used to this from Facebook, but there’s this really handy button that says “like” on it.  If you’re a user on WordPress, you can click on this little button when you  like a post and want to show your appreciation.  This is really nice when you liked the post and don’t know what to say, but still want them to know that you read and liked it.
  8. Social groups amazingness – There are so many groups in WordPress, it’s amazing.  You can usually end up with at least 3-4 people who like what you write, and you like what they write, and you end up being kind of blogging buddies.  I guarantee that no matter what you write, you’ll find other people who are like-minded with you.
  9. Freshly Pressed – Ah, the moment every blogger has been waiting for.  When they open their email and see they have been featured on Freshly Pressed!  This means their post will get tons of “likes”, comments, emails, and new subscribers.  Your blog stats will instantly sky-rocket and you’ll meet new people.  Even if you’re not the one who’s Freshly Pressed, it’s a great way to see what kind of blogs are out there when WordPress picks several new posts everyday to feature.
  10. Constant updates – Even if you’re not subscribed to WordPress.com News, you’ll still see constant updates of how they are changing and enhancing their sites to make them even better.  You get the scoop right away in order to try things out and see how you like them.  You instantly know if they’ve changed anything, or made anything new available – such as new themes, new ways to write your posts, new comment boxes….anything.

WordPress is simply amazing.  They have lots of ways to track your stats, your comments, your clicks, search engines – practically everything.  I’m so glad I use WordPress for my blog.  😀



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