Blown Away

WINDY. Yeah, say goodbye to a nice hair-do.

I literally think I’m gonna be blown away.  It’s so windy here!!  Normally, it’s only really windy here in Springtime.  Which means from around March to mid-May.  The winds started early this year, and here we are at the end of June and it’s still crazily windy!

 It’s not even fun just to go outside in the warmth to read a book – you’re gonna get blown away!  Hello weather – it’s summer.  Time to reel in your wind and let us have some still days.  😉

I’ve heard it said in church that the wind is actually the Holy Spirit blowing through.  I’m not sure if this is true or not, but at least it makes me look at the wind a little nicer than just hating it.  I mean, if it’s the Holy Spirit, I should love it, right?  That might be a little hard to do! Haha.   

Actually, it makes me feel a lot better when I’m outside and complaining about the wind, and all of a sudden I think about it being the Holy Spirit.  More wind – aka “Holy Spirit” will do more good than bad!  Our world could use some “cleansing” by the Spirit.  Don’t you agree? 

Anyway, I’m gonna try not to blow away and perhaps just stay inside a little longer as I wait for this weather to get back to normal.  Hmm, normal, what is normal?  No clue.  Actually, I do have one: normal isn’t being blown off your patio in summer.  😀  Let’s see if it calms down soon, shall we? 

How’s the weather in your part of the world? 


Isaiah 40:8, “The grass withers, and the flower fades, but the Word of our God stands forever.”


20 thoughts on “Blown Away

  1. you must be kidding me tia, it shouldn’t be wind like that the first picture was, it’s a disaster. poor hair-do. 😛
    how’s the weather in my part of the world? wow, good question, my hometown, haerbin, is also called “ice city” in china, pretty cool, hmm? because haerbin is in the northest of china, nearby Siberia Russian, the winter here is extremely cold, so the summer is very comfortable, not too hot, but what i’m talking about the summer here is “used to be” to be exact. these years the summer here is freak hot and last a whole week maybe longer, so, the end of June and the whole July are hot summer, and August will be more cooler, life turns better, but unfortunately, August is my ALLERGY SEASON. so, life is really hard, right? 😀

    • haha actually Chenpeng, that hair-do in the picture is very often close to what my hair looks like when I’m outside!! It’s sad. 😉 Ooh, nice “ice city”. I *so* want to live there. 🙄 hehe That
      s kind of close to how our weather usually is – unbelievably cold in the winter and fairly nice in the summer. Except, erm, lately it’s been pretty hot! sounds like we’re dealing with the same thing. Hey, at least hot is better than cold, right? 🙂 Oh, yeah August is my dad’s worst month for Allergies too. He has allergies so bad that my mom starts giving him natural allergy medicine in July to get him prepped. He also has asthma, which is aggravated by the allergies…so yeah, it’s not fun. I can totally feel for you. Life is hard – but hard is good. If life never gave us challenges, we would be bored out of our minds. Though sometime it would be nice if it was QUITE so hard. 😛 Thanks chenpeng!


      • i still could not believe that picture is what your hair like gone with the wind. 😀
        yep, tia, we definitely deal with the same stuff, global warming. i’m so sorry to hear that your father has allergies too, it’s really a bad feeling. when millions of little cute pollen hang out in the fresh air, my nightmare on elm street start, dizzinee, itchness, running nose……but on the bright side, i got a chance to realize what i really wanted, and got a list what to do after the allergy season. 😀
        THANK YOU tia, for your kindhearted that you feel for me about the allergies trouble, allot friends of mine could not suppose allergy is a big deal. some of them think the feeling just like get a cold. oh~~ignorance 😀

        • well it really does get that windy around here sometimes. Not all the time, but sometimes it literally does knock me over and my newly hairsprayed and flatironed hair-do is totally gone. hello wind, yes nice to meet you too. 😉 haha I like how you use “nightmare on elm street”. I know it’s not funny, but that was good. I’ve never had allergies myself, but I know a lot of people who have them really bad. I even heard about one person who had allergies so bad, they ended up in the a coma. not fun! haha yeah being down and out definitely gives you the chance to think over your priorities, and what you really want to accomplish. I hope your allergies aren’t too bad this year.


      • thank you, tia, i will try my best to protect myself and do more rest to against the allergies this year, may the force be with me~
        i don’t want to be coma, so i have to do more fitness, drink more pure water and eat more fruit and vegetable to make myself more healthy, maybe it works 😀
        I’m getting ready, c’mon, you naughty little son of flower.

        • hahahaha! you are too funny! yes, may the force be with you. 😀 If I were you, I’d Google “natural allergy medicines” and start taking them in July so they get in your system. These are really what make August a live-able month for my dad. Natural medicine is SO much better for your better, and though they take longer to kick in (which is why you should start in July), they work a lot better.


  2. oh Tia…you’re not alone.I live in the southern most part of India.It’s supposed to be summer here.well,it still is ,but the wind is blowing hard too…hot winds! can’t stand them sumtimes! and yeah,I have fairly long hair which is always raped by these winds! :/

    • Oh good, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one dealing with the strong wind! Yeah it’s like you can stand it for a little bit, but after a while it just gets annoying that you can’t go outside without being blown away! 😀 Yes – hair-do’s never last. ever. 😉 Thanks LynAn!


  3. BWAH! i love the wind! 😀 here in colorado, it’s roasty toasty, like the inside of an oven. 😛 but whenever the wind kicks up, it’s so refreshing. :} i think that’s what i’ll miss most about colorado, it’s chilly winds in the hot summer. 😛

    oh, and i liked your analogy of the Holy Spirit. it’s a good way to think of it. 😀

    • hahaha well I think you would get quite tired of our constant and vicious wind, Katy! 😛 I bet the wind does feel nice up there, though. Thanks, I heard it at church…so it’s just kind of an idea. 😉


  4. The wind……I could think about it for a long time. I really do enjoy it most of the time, though!
    Yes, I like the idea of the wind being the Holy Spirit, but that is debatable. 🙂 It does make it easier to deal with. Did you notice that whenever my dad said something convicting or loud the wind howled louder? This is very off the wind topic, but don’t you just adore the wonderful monsoon weather! It is one of the biggest reasons why I love living here. It makes all of creation to seem as if it were painted in a vibrant light that made the blues purple, the browns red, and the yellows orange! The roll of thunder that demands our attention is so brilliant and awful! (as in full of awe) rather,it fills me with awe! I also love the smell of rain….that is the one smell that candle makers have not been able to stir into their scented candles yet. That’s OK with me. Anyway, yes the wind is nice, but it dries you out. I suppose it is very nice for the people who make a living off of it! Oh, well. I can’t wait for October all of the sudden! I can’t wait to shovel snow in my front yard alone while the orange/pink light casts a gorgeous glow over the never ending stretch of powder. Sigh.


    • haha yeah well, Mr. Carsey is the one who originally said about the wind being the Holy Spirit, so debate it with him. 😛 Just kidding, but I do like to think of it like that, and then I feel guilty when I don’t like the wind, lol. Yep the monsoons are wonderful (at least for me when I’m INSIDE and watching it rain. being out in it – not so fun. I just don’t like being wet unless its really hot). October?! C’mon summer just arrived!! Summer is the shortest season here, we need to take advantage of it! hehe thanks for commenting Ayce.


      • Well, yeah….Mr. Carsey. Ha! I can’t believe that you don’t like to sit out in the storm! As soon as the thunder starts to roll and the billowing grey clouds make their entrance, I immediately feel compelled to sit in the grass/mud to enjoy it all! I love getting all soaked and chilly! That’s just me, I guess……:) I do like Summer and I guess I’m not in such a hurry for Winter because it NEVER RAINS DURING THAT TIME!!!!! It drives me NUTS!!!!!! Oh, well.


  5. Wow! That’s some serious wind! When I lived in Wuhan we had Northern Siberian winds blow through in the winters. It was strong stuff. So icy and strong that it nearly picked me up off my feet once! Anyway, hopefully your weather will calm down soon!

    It’s been mostly sunny and slightly breezy here. 🙂

    • Wow…yeah it’s easier to take the wind when at least it isn’t freezy, but when it picks up in the winter, it’s just miserable, isn’t it? I’m so glad your having nice weather! 😀 Thanks Rach


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