Smoke! Fire!

Lots of fires are caused by cigarettes!

Have you ever had the feeling where you know you’ve gone through something before, and it was scary, but you’re going through it again and you know what to do but you’re still fighting your emotions to keep from panicking?  I had that happen to me a few weeks ago.  We had a fire just a few blocks from our house.  Actually, several fires.  The count ended up being 9 fires started in one small area.  As I saw the smoke rise in the sky and heard the sirens, I was suddenly brought back to a memory from a few years go.

It was a Saturday morning, and my family decided to go garage-selling.  On our way home, we followed a fire truck with lights and sirens on.  At first we didn’t think that much of it, except, “Oh I hope everything is ok”. 

It turned on our road; we turned.  We saw black smoke filling the sky – in our neck of the woods.  The fire ended up being about a football field distance away from our house.  We rushed home, so scared of what might happen.  Slurry bombers flew overhead – so low I could’ve thrown a rock and hit the bottom of it.  😯  We gathered everything we could and literally packed out our cars and camper with everything we thought of.  Later on, we realized we had totally forgotten about photo albums and family pictures – thank God our house wasn’t burned down, or we would’ve lost so much of our family history and memories.

Long story short, we were almost evacuated, but they got the fire under control just in time.  We were able to unpack everything and resume normal life.  We adamantly said we were going to create a list of things to grab if a fire happened again, along with a plan of where things go and what food to take.  Let’s just put it this way – those lists never came into being.  We always had them in our heads, but we never actually wrote them down.

And then another fire right by us.  What do we need to do?  Are we going to evacuate?  Should we pack?  What’s really going on?  Am I over-reacting?  Am I taking this too lightly?  All these thoughts raced through my mind as I walked to my room and peered out my bedroom window at the smoke.  I have to say, I did panic a little.  One thought stayed in my head the whole time – this is WAY too familiar.

We packed our camper and gathered important forms, medicines, photo albums (thankfully we remembered this time), clothing, toiletries…ect.  Pretty much a little bit of everything so we could live on those things for at least a little while.  Thankfully, we had a lot more time to prepare than before.  My dad and brother came home from work, and we were packed and ready to go in about an hour.  Obviously, if the fire was right by us and we were being evacuated, we wouldn’t have had an hour to get ready.  However, we did have the time, and we were even able to help out our neighbors.

As we checked scanners and listened to the radio, it was still between the thought that we were over-reacting, or that we might be evacuated.  We just figured it was “better to be safe than sorry” and prepared.

We were never evacuated, and thankfully the fires were under control by that night.  Still, my dad stayed up that night and most of the early morning hours on fire-watch, just to be sure.  It wasn’t all that fun unpacking everything, but better than not having a home to live in.  😉  I’m so thankful God once again saved us from the fire.  I think we just live in an area were we will have fires around and close to us, but never actually reach us.  I hope I never am proven wrong.  😉  This fire only damaged one structure, and that was only an abandoned mobile home.  😀

We are having lots of fires in the US lately, aren’t we?  I feel so sorry and actually kind of sick when I think about the Wallow fire.  I just can’t imagine.  It ended up burning several hundreds of thousands acres.  😥  Last year we had the Shultz fire here where I live, and that burned 15,000 acres.  I thought it was an amazingly huge fire, and so sad….but that’s nothing compared to the Wallow fire.  I pray we don’t have any more start.

Do you have a story about surviving a natural disaster?  Please share!  😀




24 thoughts on “Smoke! Fire!

  1. first of all, i got the same unbelievable feeling as you got, shaman tia, 😀 and my feeling maybe more weird, something happen to me make me puzzled, i got the piece of memories flash, which could fit the stuff well, but i could not tell why i got the strange intermittent memories. ok, let’s stop talking about the weird stuff.
    it’s good to hear that no one was injured in the fire. i am agree with you, smoking is really a bad habit, most fire disasters was caused by one abandoned smoking cigerette end. i don’t remember i have got some fire disasters happened close to me, but i have heard about the most huge fire disaster in china happened in Great Khingan in 1987 (haerbin where i live in and Great Khingan are in the same province), that was literally a disaster, a tragedy, 1010000 hectares of virgin forests were burned, nothing left, and 193 people were dead 226 people were injured in the fire. so today, smoking in Great Khingan is not only prohibited, but also a felony. no one dare to try the stupid thing, actually, it’s impossible to get into the great khingan in dry season, the ways into the forest were guarded. Even though, fires happened frequently, for the lightnings. fortunitely, most of them could be under control.
    oh, i have survivied two car accidents and maybe a flight, oh, and a skiing accident, boy, i supposed i couldn’t walk again. fortunitely, i can dance now. 😀
    yep, take good care of your photo albums please

    • Yep, smoking is really bad. Glad you agree.
      That fire sounds horrible!!! You know, in the end fires actually make the earth better because they allow for fresh growth…but still, they’re so sad. I’m glad it’s a felony to smoke in that forest!!
      Two car accidents, a flight accident, and a skiing accident?! Wow, you’ve really had some adventures haven’t you? God has certainly blessed you and you obviously have some reason to still be on the earth and walking! (I’m sure it’s for more than just dancing….haha 😉 ). wow, you are a living miracle!
      I will – anytime anything happens, those photos are coming with me. 😀 Thanks peng.


      • you know what? Tia, i like you call me “peng”, all my chinese friends call me like that, it make me feel so kind.
        yep, i agree with you, it’s literally a miracle that i’m still alive. 😀 so i really should do more things i’m passionate about and love life. as a way of loving life, i have never smoked, okey maybe once or twice in college, but i’m sure i will never ever smoke.
        Tia, i hope you and your family will never be hurt by fire accident, life is so amazing, wish peace be with you forever~~ take care.

        • Oh good, I’m glad you liked me calling you “peng”! I figured, you always call me Tia (which, granted, I sign off that way, but my full name is Tialla), so why not call you peng? haha I’m happy it makes you feel good!
          Yes, live life to the fullest! Every day is a gift from God, and we should cherish them. 😀 I’m glad you’re resolved not to smoke. It really is just a nasty habit, even if you take all the other dangers out of it. I hope we’re never hurt by fires either – and I hope the same for you. Thanks again – Peng. 😉

          -Tia ❤

      • Tialla, what a beautiful name, i like it. here is some thing for you.
        ” yesterday is history, tomorrow is mistery, but today is a gift, so that’s why we call it -present ” i like it so much. so share with you.

      • i have no idea, because i saw the “KongFu Panda” had been translated into chinese in the movie theater, most people say that’s a quote from “Panda”, but i got it from an American TV series named “Outsourced”, it’s a comedy, have you seen it before?

      • “Outsourced”, it’s about some interesting stuff happened between a handsome american superior Todd who currently worked in India, asia and his Indian employees. the comedy about different cultures.

      • “Outsourced” ,it’s about some funny stuff between an american superior Todd who currently worked in India (the country in Asia) and the Indian employees, it’s very funny, hot weather, hot food, the comedy about different cultures. 😀

    • Thanks Angel… Yeah I don’t like packing or unpacking – ever. It’s good to hear I’m not the only one! 😀 Glad you’ve never experienced it – it’s quite….nervewracking to say the least.


  2. Wow, I didn’t hear about this! Maybe bits and pieces, but wow! Obviously, I am very glad that you all did not lose your home. I don’t think I have been in any natural disaster that was fatal or anything. Oh! But my brother and sister almost got smashed by a huge falling tree! They were running while it was falling and it landed about 5 feet away from them. My mom almost drove off of a cliff that camping trip, also….but that would not have been a natural disaster. I could tell a lot of morbid type of stories about us almost dying, probably….except nothing natural was involved in any of them. I will let you know if I ever come in harms way of or have to evacuate because of a big natural disaster. -ayce

    • Oh yeah, that’s right – you guys were in California when the fire occured. Wow, a tree..driving off the cliff…..haha sounds exciting to me! 😉 Ok, I’ll keep my ears open for your stories. 😀


  3. Hey, Tia!
    Yeah, it was exciting. I do not care to relive that episode, though. (shiver) We have some friends from California who did drive off of a cliff. The car never even slanted down, it was mysteriously (an angel, no doubt) pushed backwards onto the road. Isn’t that incredible!!!!
    See ya tomorrow!

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