Ever heard of BW?

BW – meaning Brian Weaver.  Have you heard of him?  He is totally one of my favorite artists!  Actually, probably my favorite.  You can visit his website here.

He’s a Christian artist located in Phoenix.  If you listen to the Christian radio station, you might just hear him every once in a while.  His music is just so touching and true – and if you see him in concert, you can see God’s joy emanating from him, or at least I could.

I didn’t exactly see him in concert, but he was playing in the “I Love Christmas” tour this past year.  He only did a couple of songs, but something about them seemed different from other songs I’d heard.

Of course after the performance I had to buy his CD!  The album is entitled “Draw Close” – it’s all about drawing close to God, and He’ll draw close to you.  This was really special to me because it was just before my surgery, and that simple message calmed any and all nerves I had, and let me just give it to God.  Now, it was a little harder to remember that after my surgery when I was in so much more pain than I expected, but the message was still there.

Not only is Brian Weaver’s music great, but he also has a great sense of humor!  If you’re in the area (usually around Phoenix, Arizona), I highly recommend you stop in at a show!

Here’s a video of Brian’s song: Doin’ Alright.  Hope you enjoy!                     


You can follow BW on Facebook, Twitter (@bweavemusic), Myspace, and Tumblr.



9 thoughts on “Ever heard of BW?

    • Yes! I think you’re right; music that helps you with something tramatic in your life usually ends up being favorites!! I’m glad I had his music too….and I just had to tell the world about it since I like it so much! 🙂 thanks Rach,


  1. I have only heard what you have told me about B.W. 🙂 Very nice. He is pretty good.

    Ayce the one and only….jk.

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