Yes, I is a homeschooler.


😀  Ok, just saying that makes me laugh.  I love to say that to other homeschoolers, mainly because I’m homeschooled and it’s just kind of inside jokes.  Yes, I is homeschooled.  Hahahaha  hmm, ok I think I’m good now.

Anyway, I like say that because it’s been stated in the past that homeschooled students aren’t as smart as other students, or perhaps have a lack in education.  This has been proven wrong over and over again – repeatedly homeschooled student’s test scores have soared – scoring an average of 10 points higher than public schooled students on standardized testing.  There are so many other things proving homeschoolers have an amazing learning opportunity…but I’m not going to get into that right now.  This post would be WAY too long.  😀

We just went to the annual Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE) Convention this past weekend, and it was fun, hectic, amazing, crazy, and tiring as usual!  Haha  Ken Ham was the keynote speaker – *wow* he is a great speaker!  He’s very powerful, convicting, funny, informative…..  Usually at the Convention, there are specific Teen Speakers for….you got it, young people!  This year, Ken Ham was not only the keynote, but also the Teen Speaker, so as you can imagine, his classes were always packed.   The Convention is a 2-day thing, from 8 AM to7 PM.  I think I went to all of Ken Ham’s talks except one.

At the Convention, not only do they have classes, but there’s also a Curriculum Fair where you can get discounted prices on curriculum you purchase.  We can pretty much get subjects for whole year of school there and save a couple hundred dollars.  It’s great!  The Curriculum Fair is also a fun (and popular) place for young men and women to hang out.  Not only is there curriculum in that hall, but t-shirts, hats, accessories, toys, lots and lots of books (LOVE IT!), and cool science-y experimental stuff you can try out.  😀

As fun as it all was, I’m glad it’s over for this year.  It’s very tiring and takes a lot of thinking!  It’s like….information overload.  Or, Einstein Chatty Cathy meets caffeine.  😯



32 thoughts on “Yes, I is a homeschooler.

  1. I agree…it was an info-overload!! Sometimes I wanted to stand up and say, “Ok, Mr. Ham, could you repeat that please–and slowly?!” 😛
    But yeah it was good.
    “It’s designed to do what it does do, and what it does do it does do well.” ~Ken Ham
    “If someone made God, then you must have a bigger God who made that God . . . and a bigger, bigger God who made that bigger God who made God. . . then a bigger, bigger, bigger God who made the bigger, bigger God who made the bigger God who made God…” ~Ken Ham

    • hahaha! Yeah, Ken Ham is confusing at times! I noticed he kind of likes to repeat things really fast…but he makes a good point. Love those quotes! I’m so glad you commented, Tara! I hope to see you around! 😀


    • yeah, slow down. and if you could say that without the accent that would be marvelous.

      HAHA!! he said that? thats good 😀

  2. Hi, Arizona homeschooler, it seems that you had a good time.
    i’m so glad to hear about that the homeschoolers in the States could do the test as well as the public schooled students, even better. great job! applause, bravo. 😀
    the “AFHE” sound amazing, and you should hang out as well , awesome!

    • haha well hi peng. Yeah, I’m truly blessed to be homeschooled. Sometimes I find myself thinking about what it’d be like if I was in a public high school….but I’m not in one, and I know I’ll be smarter for it. 😉 oh and thank you, thank you very much – *bows*
      It really was an amazing time…we go every year, and we’re never quite ready for the info overload, but it’s always fun to be around all the people! 😀


      • in my country, we are not allowed to be homeschooled, ya know, in the pubilc school of china, life is boring, various kind of tests and remediations, specially in the high school, that’s literally a high stress job for the students, so the education means liberation here, china is the world factory producing millions of book boys and thousands of freaks.

  3. I Is homeschooled 2. Ya’know, Luke Skywalker was a homeschooler…and everyone likes him 😀 besides, everyone knows that we homeschoolers are smrt (lol)

  4. I love the questions that come along with being homeschooled. No, I don’t do school in my pajamas (usually), no I’m not a total nerd, and yes, I AM socialized. I swear 😉

    Great post! 🙂 Your writing makes me laugh 🙂

    • I know, right? It’s like, yes I do get out of the house (like twice a week, can you believe it?!?! i know, awesome.), I do know what’s going on in the world, and I do have friends. really. haha 😛
      Thanks so much! Hey, your writing makes me laugh also – so that makes two of us. 😀 Nice to see you around, picco!


    • Most definitely – 1 on 1 is veeerry helpful. 😀 Plus it helps to have say your mom teaching you – because she knows your strengths, weakness, favorites, things that make you tick…ect. So she can individualize your education to strengthen your weaknesses and encourage your strengths. 🙂 I’m quite fortunate to be homeschooled!
      haha yeah it really was fun at the convention! Thanks Rach!! 😛


  5. Wow people really loved this post! So did I!!!!!!!!!! Yes, the convention was amazing. tiring, yes, but amazing none the less. I love the *we are home schooled* jokes, also. Ken Ham was an awesome speaker! I loved his lectures. His accent is soooo cool I do hope he was right about everyone talking with an Australian accent in Heaven…would NOT mind that. 🙂 I think I went to about 5 or more of his lectures. Very good. He talks rather fast, though. Oh, I am getting off subject. So, homeschooling…I do enjoy being home schooled. I hate it how people ask in this odd skeptical voice, “So…do you get to socialize ever?” I laugh out loud every time. I have been asked that a bazillion times. I tell them that, yes, I do get socialization time…I have a few sarcastic funny remarks that I have yet to use, though. Actually, I don’t want to have the typical social life. I’m fine with only seeing people on Sunday, Wednesday, and running club. I don’t NEED to have my peers around ALL DAY LONG. ‘Nuff said. 🙂


    • hahahahahahaha. I like it – ’nuff said. 😀 Yeah socialization is like the biggest question out there. So big, it’s almost like “really??” when they ask it. Like, c’mon – surely you know the answer!! haha


  6. Hahahaha, I totally just realized that the title of this is Yes, I IS a homeschooler, not yes I am a homeschooler. I glossed over the is part the first time I read it. Wow, I really *is* a homeschooler. Epic life fail. I’m sure that wouldn’t have happened if I was socialized and went to “normal school” like kids should… 😉

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