My One Weakness

My mom and I have recently been watching “Lark Rise to Candleford”.  It’s a TV Show set in the late 1800s about a young woman working at a post office, the center of the city’s hubbub.  It’s hilarious, and a main character named Ms. Lane is always saying, “pastries are my one weakness”, or “hot baths are my one weakness” – things like that.  Whenever she really likes something, she calls it her “one” weakness.  So, in honor of it, I thought I would list my one weakness.  😉

  • Chocolate.  Anything chocolate calls my name.  If I ever say no to something chocolate, it has to be because I’m sick.  Seriously.   😛
  • Movies starring Johnny Depp.  He’s super amazingly awesome.  Totally my favorite actor!!
  • The Lord of the Rings.  I *love* the Lord of the Rings.  Click here to read more about it.
  • Dr. Pepper.  I actually have the nickname DP Freak because I like it so much.
  • Starbucks Frappuccinos.  Pretty much my favorite in the world.  😀  Even a tad bit more than Dr. Pepper, so that’s saying a lot.
  • My dog.  She is my baby!  I love her so much….I can’t imagine life when she’s gone.  😥  She just adds so much joy and security to my life!!
  • Alice in Wonderland – yes the new one with…guess who?  Johnny Depp!  I posted about it here.
  • The Princess Bride.  The book.  It’s the most amazing book e.v.e.r.  Guys like it, girls like it, it has enough action to even out the romance, but enough romance to satisfy the girls.  😉  It’s sooooo good.
  • Converse.  The most amazing shoes.  They look great, feel comfortable, and you can even wear them with dress clothes!  Amazing.
  • Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream.  You haven’t lived if you haven’t tried it yet.

 There are obviously a lot more things I love, but I can’t think of that many right now.  That tends to happen, doesn’t it??  I would like to add Jesus Christ to my list – but He’s my strength, not my weakness.  But I love Him with all my heart, soul and mind. 

Haha  So now you know a little bit more about me!  I would love it if you told me a little about your “one weakness”.  😀  Leave me a comment or post on your blog and link it to mine!

I hope you all have had a great week.  Not much has happened this week….except I ordered 5 Lord of the Rings posters, and 2 Alice in Wonderland posters.  I’m so psyched about them!  Plus, they were pretty cheap (well the posters themselves…we’re not gonna talk about the shipping….haha), so it was a great deal!

I also might start part of my school this next week, so I’ll begin my Junior year in highschool.  Fun!

We’re looking for a 2nd opinion on all my shoulder problems, so we’ll see how that goes.  I hope we can find something to help my shoulder.  This month it’ll be 8 months since my surgery, and over a year and a half since my original injury.

Well, I think that’s about it!  🙂 



28 thoughts on “My One Weakness

  1. Hey, I think Converse rocks, too!! I got a pair a few weeks ago, and I love wearing them!!!!
    (of course, I have other “one” weaknesses too, but that’s the one thing I thought of when I read your post!)

  2. Tia, great post! 😀
    well, i’m absolutely this kind of guy who got allot weaknesses.
    1.yup. chocolate, most people supposed that chocolate is girl’s favor, but i like chocolate so much which make me supposed slightly sissy. it’s not fair, guys also have the right to enjoy chocolate.
    2.Johnny depp, my hero. Needless to say more about him, he is amazing.
    3.Beijing duck and sweet-sour fried pork, my weakness, my mouth was watering even i just thought them.
    4.Nightclub, nothing is better than hanging out with some friends in an awesome nightclub in the summer night. hip-hop music, booze, ladies……life is short, so enjoy yourself.
    5.the fast and the furious, haha, yep, i love this movies, 1,2,3,4,5 albeit i can’t drive, this movies awesome! many many reasons, shining ten seconds cars, guys and ladies, so many mission impossible, the fast, the furious.
    6.barcudi, well, i’m not a wino, seriously, i just like the taste of rum.
    ok, Tia, i’m sure i got some other weaknesses, if i remember some, i will continue commenting. like your post, awesome.

    • Oh thank you peng!! I actually had *no* idea what to write…so this worked out well! 😀
      I like your list of weaknesses. Peng, guys can totally love chocolate. there is absolutely no problem with that! I think it’s rather cool. 😉 haha yep, Johnny Depp! already spoken for. 😉 I’m sure you’ll remember other weaknesses too…I’ve have a bazillion other, but they’re just so hard to remember!
      Thanks again peng, I’m glad you commented!


      • to be honest, Tia, my friend, i really like this post, it make me so exciting, 😀 . i’m this kind of guy who like day dreaming, when i thought about my favors, my weaknesses, i feel so good, so exciting. so, thank you ,Tia, your amazing post reminded me a good time. life is so wonderful. by the way, alice in wonderland is cool, i got a movie post on the wall of my bedroom, to be exact, the wall behind my bed. it’s a real post, one of my mother’s friend working in the movie theatre, she gave it to me, and the wall face my bed was the “Pirate of the carribean” post, so my bedroom is full with Johnny stuff, haha~~i’m straight. i love “Chuck Taylor”, too, ya know, it really fit jeans well, i like jeans.

        • haha well you’re welcome. I’m glad this post makes you feel excited!! Wow that’s so cool you like Alice in Wonderland too!! you have a poster on the wall behind your bed?! really – that’s really cool, that’s the exact place I have mine! 😉 Aww I want a Pirates of the Caribbean poster (or two or three…hehe)! At least one with captain Jack. 😀 Oh, it’s good to know you’re straight. Just cuz you really like Johnny doesn’t make you weird. 😉 Yes, Jeans are amazing.


      • haha~~i’m so glad you have an Alice in wonderland poster as well, especially hanged in the same place. i hope it make you in the wonderland every night. 😀

        • Yeah it’s actually a huge Cheshire Cat poster behind my head at night. 😛 I have the Mad Hatter poster on the same wall too. so I’m definitely in “Underland” every night. 😀 Once my Lord of the Rings posters come in, I plan to put them on the wall next to my bed. So, I’ll have a mixture of Alice and Middle-earth in my dreams at night. haha


  3. 7.”Toasted Oats” with Milk, the label is “Hospitality”, the only one i can get in town which made in the USA. yup, two things made milk amazing, baileys and Toasted Oats.
    8.Hip-Hop Dancing battle, this feeling is awesome. make me being full of energy.

  4. Oh my goodness, I LOVED this post! One of my favs thus far! Dear, oh dear…I have sooo many “one” weaknesses….here we go.
    1-anything white-vanilla ice cream, coconut, Oreo filling, snow, clouds, clothes, mashed potatoes, etc,etc,etc,.
    2-Anything blue or gray my”Yankee &Rebel” colors….sky, clothes, etc.
    3-Panda Express Orange chicken….need I say more?
    4- Barbeque sauce!!!!!!!!!!! (especially Oakhurst, California’s Todd’s BBQ Memphis sauce.) :):):):) MAKES ME SMILE!!!!!!!!!
    5-Pulled pork sandwiches from Todd’s BBQ with the above mentioned BBQ sauce…
    6-I guess food in general
    7-eyes….sigh….squeal!…brown melty eyes,all color of blue I-can-see-through-you eyes…intense staring eyes, Gray, far away-look-eyes, etc…love them all.
    8- smiles….I see a smile I smile myself, whether or not it was directed to me.
    9- Deep cowboy voices…(I also like these two things separately cowboys and deep voices, that is)
    10-music-Country, Dance, Christian…anything with a cool beat and melody…LOVE it! (except I like the words to be good too.)
    11-(this is my favorite number, so I’d better make it good.) Books…mysteries, historical fiction, Biblical commentaries, anything…
    There are SOOOO many more it would take a looooonnnngggg time to write….:)


  5. Hey I just thought today of another One Weakness of mine! (wait–is that an oxymoron?!)
    It’s music, music videos, and artist’s websites. Can you see a theme here? So can I. 😛
    Basically music in general.

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