Posters Mania!

My posters came in!!  Well, I’m still waiting for one to arrive, but my other six posters came in.  😀 😀 

Two are from Alice in Wonderland…… looks cooler in person.

I love the Mad Hatter!  Of course because he’s, ya know, Johnny Depp.  😉 

The coloring looks better on the poster itself....

The Cheshire Cat is awesome.  Plain and simple.  I even printed a photo of him onto a shirt.  😀 

I’m totally a Lord of the Rings fan….click here to read more about it.  My posters…. 

I know....awesome.

This poster is HUGE!  It has almost every single character listed….  The only character I’ve realized isn’t on it is Faramir, but that’s ok.  😉 



I’ve stapled these up in order on my wall…so it looks really good.  They’re really small compared to my Trilogy poster, but they’re still awesome. 

Here’s my Lord of the Rings wall…..

Yep, these posters are pretty awesome, don’t you think?  😀



6 thoughts on “Posters Mania!

  1. AHHH!!! I LOVE the Johnny Depp poster!!!! 😀 He’s so cool. If it’s gone tomorrow morning, I can’t promise you I didn’t steal it…The Cheshire Cat one is a little creepy, but totally super amazing too. And of course, who doesn’t love Lord of the Rings? Mainly Aragorn… 😉

    • I know, right?! Johnny Depp is *amazing*!!! I love him! 😀 haha well thanks for giving me an advance warning! lol Yeah in some ways Cheshire is a little creepy, but he’s an awesome creepy. 😉
      YES! Mainly Aragorn is absolutely right. He’s totally my fave…. He’s just…. *wow*. haha


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