Can Anyone Say “Aloha”?

I love birthday parties.  Don’t you?  They’re just so fun and joyous, filled with laughter and smiles.  Recently I’ve been invited to and attended several birthday parties.  And at each one, I’ve had a blast.

My favorite of all I’ve attended has been to a surprise party for a friend of mine turning sweet 16.  Since it was a surprise party, she of course had no clue what was going on.  There were about 15 other girls who gathered at her house about half an hour before she was supposed to arrive. 

It was so much fun!  Suspense hung in the air as we filled water balloons and kept an eye out for her car.  Once someone shouted, “She’s here!” we all ducked for cover behind sofas, walls, and tables.  Entering the home, she was shocked to see us jump from our hiding places and yell, “surprise!!”  Ah, good times, good times.

Did I mention the party theme was Hawaiian?  When I first heard, I thought, “of course, it’s so common.  But I’ll go along with it”.  The problem was, I don’t have a single item of Hawaiian clothing.  I’m an American teenager, why would I own Hawaiian clothes?!  Well…’cuz they’re awesome – that’s why.

Anyhoo, we stuck flower clips in our hair and adorned ourselves with leis.  I actually ended up wrapping mine around my wrist because I felt dorky with it hanging around my neck….and almost all the other girls ended up doing the same.  Great minds think alike, right?  😉

The party was *so* much fun!  My thoughts on Hawaiian themed parties were completely reversed.  I love them!  We each had slushies with little toothpick umbrellas…and line danced, played “Red Rover”, water balloon volleyball, & made sure this was a party Miss Sweet Sixteen was sure never to forget.  😀

So, what do you think of Hawaiian parties?



16 thoughts on “Can Anyone Say “Aloha”?

  1. Well, Hawaiian party, sound great, the name remind me cocktails,juice,pretty boy playing guitar. 😀
    i can imagine your friend’s facial expression when you all jumped from your hiding places. funny, right?! 😀
    BTW,we hardly have the birthday party here, every year i celebrated my birthday day with my parents. my mother would do some delicous food, so sweet, and i would receive some gifts as well.

  2. Aloha.

    I said it 😉

    Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever owned any Hawaiian clothes either. That’s pretty lame. I need to add that to my list of things you’ve told me to buy. A black hoodie and now a Hawaiian shirt. Dude, I’m going to look SO cool…. 😉

    • Congratulations!!! I’m *knew* someone could say it. 😉

      haha yes, you are going to look amazing. hawaiian and black – just perfect. all you need to do is add converse and you’re ready for the red carpet. 😀 Yep….both of us definitely need to get at least SOME Hawaiian something-or-another. lol


  3. Wow that sounds like fun! I’ve never had a party for myself, only family would come over and we would just sit around and talk and stuff after the “fun stuff” hehe…But I used to go to my friends parties, when we lived in Indiana. And I’ve gone to a few birthday parties here also.

    Hey, I just noticed that you’ve got this cute little smiley face at the bottom of your blog. FYI, it’s pretty awesome.

    • Really?! You’ve never had a birthday of your own?? Ok, when’s your birthday? I’m throwing you party.

      Oh yeah! haha I actually have no idea why that’s there except I think it might have something to do with blog stats…not sure, though. 😀 Thanks for commenting!!! 😀


      • ha, ha, ha. you made me laugh. 😀 Sorry, my birthday isn’t coming around again for 11 months! Like, when you guys came to visit us (thx for that, btw) I had had my birthday only a few days before.

        • Oh really? Man…well at least tha’ll give me a lot of time to plan out your party. Oh yeah sure, it was really fun visiting you guys!! I hope we can again soon…’d be great. 🙂


  4. Hahaha! Yes, I love Hawaiian parties as well! I’ve been to many. My favorite one was an outside sleepover complete with coconuts! I’m sure your friend’s sweet sixteenth was very memorable….as was mine a few months ago when all of you kidnapped me and brought me to Denny’s in my Pajamas and a dorky 80’s dress!!!! Ah, memories… was fun, but very embarrassing.

    • hahahaha yes that was very fun! lol I feel wicked now….if I were you I probably would’ve been upset at first because when I wake up in the morning, I’m not acceptable in appearance to see anyone but my family! haha It was fun though….and I’m glad you think it was too!
      Oh, coconuts – how fun!! That party sounds amazing.


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