Trips, Trips, and More Trips!

We have gone on so many trips this summer, it’s unbelievable.  Normally, it’s big for us to get 2 trips in…but right now, we’re working on our fourth trip!!  I think we’ve been quite adventurous this year.  😉

Actually, right now, I’m on vacation.  I wrote this post ahead of time for it to publish on Sunday….hopefully it worked.  Let me outline all our trips we’ve made these past few months!

The end of May started it all.  We went camping in the KaibabForest….at our usual spot.  It was really fun and relaxing…and we actually had about five days of straight camping – really nice.  Camp fires weren’t restricted, but it was sooo windy, we had to keep the fire pretty low….oh well, at least we had a fire, right?  I mean, c’mon, what’s camping without a camp fire?!

Our next trip was at the very end of June, beginning of July.  So, we had about one month to recover from our last trip.  This time is was Church Camp.  We were somewhere out by Mormon Lake– with no cell service.  😯  I had like a bazillion text messages when we got back home.  Anyways…it was LOTS of fun.

We had services in the morning, Ping Pong Tournaments, Archery, Hay Rides…etc.  Our theme at camp was “Trusting God”, so we had lots of messages on what’s really trusting God, what’s not, and how you can trust God more in your everyday actions.  It was a great time of fellowship and worshipping the Lord.

The only downfall was the rain (which if you know anything about me, you know I don’t like to get wet).  Oh and the last night there was like a big fight and drunk people, police and sirens – all involving the campground next to us.  Somehow I slept through it (really weird for me, I’m usually a light sleeper)…and I was completely confused in the morning.  Haha

Our third trip was to Arizona’s Families for Home Education Conference at the end of July.  I already posted about this with Ken Ham (founder of Answers in Genesis) and everything….but it was definitely one of our trips.  We were actually gone for about 3 days….two of those days being spent in a chilly air-conditioned building, listening to Ken Ham, touring the exhibit hall, and talking with friends.

For dinner every night while we were there I had a chicken chimichanga, but since I became sick with a horrible flu-ish sickness lasting about a week (starting the night we got back home), I’m not going to eat a chicken chimichanga for a loooong time.  My parents tell me it wasn’t the chimichanga, but all I know is now every time I think about it, I get nauseous.  Coincidence?  I think not.  😉

And right now we’re on our fourth trip!  We’re visiting my grandparents…just for the weekend, but it still counts since we’re sleeping in our camper and it took about ten hours of driving put together to get here!  😀

We have been traveling so much more this summer than usual….but it’s all been fun.  However, I’m really hoping this is our last trip for the year.  I’m quite a hermit and anti-social thank you, and I like to stay home.  Away from large crowds….and you know…people.  Lol   Just give me a few at a time and I’m good!  I’m even better if I can stay home.  Hahaha

How was your summer?  I know it’s not quite over, but schools are starting, and it seems like its pretty much over.  Did you take any trips?  Or just stay home and chill?  (Which, you know, is fab in my opinion….  😀 )

Leave a comment and let me know!  You know I always LOVE comments.  They just make my day.  Even if you can’t think of anything else, “this post was amazing” works well.  😉



24 thoughts on “Trips, Trips, and More Trips!

  1. My summer was unproductive. Which is fine by me 😀 I’m pretty anti-social so I prefer it being boring than it being crazy and out of my control. The only vacation I went on was to my Grandma’s un-airconditioned in the middle of July. Heatstroke, anyone? But I survived. I’m good.

    I’m totally with you on the chicken chimichanga boycot. When I was 6, I made paper mache balloons on a Pocahontas plate. I got sick soon after that and I 10 years later, I still refuse to use that plate. But that might just be me being weird….hmm…

    • I’m glad you agree with me about being anti-social. I also prefer to not have anything to do than having so many things to do you don’t have anytime to do the “nothing” you want to do. 😛 did that make sense??
      Oh good, I’m glad you survived! I just got back from my Grandma’s, and it was air-conditioned, so I was good. haha…. 😉
      Nice to know someone’s with me on it!! hmmm….i’m not sure how paper mache balloons would affect you getting sick…but I can understand….sorta. lol isn’t it funny how things like that will stick with us?
      Like, when I was very young, I used to get sinus infections ALL THE TIME. so I had to take anti-biotics, and naturally I had to eat yogurt as well. Which means eating one of those Yoplait containers of yogurt EVERYDAY. I became so sick of yogurt, to this day I won’t touch Yoplait. I used to not eat yogurt at all, but I’m past that. thankfully, haha!


      • I totally get it! You’re forgetting, we’re the exact same person and I’m pretty sure our ideas are identical 😉 I love don’t nothing.
        I am alive! It’s nice to have survived 5 bazillion degree weather…
        Thinking about it “logically”, there’s no way I can get sick from a flour and water mixture. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t totally scar me for life. Your yogurt thing makes much more sense than mine 😀

        • hahaha I just find it so amazing how identical we are!! Sometime we’ll have to get together and do nothing. 😉
          Yeah…no air conditioning in July…that’s pure torture. You’re a strong soul! haha
          Oh I completely understand you’re being scarred for life. I’m right there with you. haha


      • Sounds like a fantastic plan. Maybe we can watch Johnny Depp movies? I’ve always wanted to see Edward Scissorhands, but I’m too freaked out to watch it by myself…
        Yeah, no AC was harsh. If that didn’t make me stronger, there’s seriously no hope for me 😉
        THANK YOU! Please tell my mom that. She still doesn’t get why I act like a freak about it. Honestly, flour and water by themselves are fine. But MIXED?!??! It’s like the thing of my nightmares…

        • We would totally have to watch Johnny Depp movies!!! Me too!!! I’ve always wanted to see Edward Scissorhands, but have never seen it!! that would definitely be in the list. 😀

          hahaha I know, right? living without AC is definitely an accomplisment…worthy of like…and Oscar or something. haha

          oh yes, mixed = trouble. 😉 except with all your cooking, picco, you ought to know that in order to make bread, you have to mix flour and water. Or is it ok if it’s in with other ingredients too? 😉


      • Awesome!!!!!!! I’m so excited 😀

        Hahaha an Oscar? Nice. Maybe something a little less prestigious..? Maybe it deserves like a Teen Choice award or a Razzie or something… 😉

        *awkward silence* Oh yeah. I forgot bread has water and flour in it. But…uhh…that doesn’t count. Yeah. Because bread is yummy. And paper mache? Not so yummy. And that’s what I’m sticking with.

  2. Wow, what a great summer you have had, hermit Tia.
    I like the area with no cell service, the feeling like escape from something or hiding.
    well, talking about my summer, the former half part was very hot, the later half part has been filled with pollen. 😀

    • haha I like that – hermit Tia. 😀 Yep, it’s been great…but really busy!! And I just found out we are going on another camping trip next month…. so I’ll have to crawl out of my hermit shell once again. haha
      oh well it doesn’t really sound like an amazing summer for you…but I hope it gets better!! 😛


      • haha~yup, it’s getting better, thank you, Tia.
        So, you will have another camping trip? that’s great, more outdoor games are good for your health. Anyway, I can’t stay home a whole day long. It makes me feel dizzy. The fresh air really hit the spot. So, ditch your room. 😀

        • haha yeah I guess it’s good for you…. ditch my room?! I don’t think so…that might be going a step too far there, peng. We have to take this thing with baby steps… hahaha really? yeah I know some people just have to get out and do SOMETHING or they’ll go crazy. 😉


  3. this post was amazing.
    And it really was. I like long posts.
    argg I’ve been writing this comment for like 5 minutes cause i’m not used to this keyboard. haha the keys aren’t where they should be! 😀 (you do what you gotta do when you’re camping–in this case, using a different laptop.) Ah yes, but it’s all good. 😉

    • awww thanks Tara! I’m glad you like long posts…most people hate them, so I was kind of worried when I wrote this one. I’m officially back from vacation!! haha oh you guys are camping? fun! that’s strange…normally keys on a keyboard are the same… What kind of laptop is it?
      Thanks again…I’m so glad you liked this post! 😀


      • oh! haha I just noticed you used my line from my post! 😀 You’re too funny Tara. I love it!! 😀 I guess that was a blonde moment, because I totally didn’t realize it at first. hahaha It’s been too long since I wrote the post! Yeah, that’s my excuse. lol


      • at least you are allowed to use electronics while camping! It’s kind of like a “mark against nature” in my family to use electronics while camping! lol wow…I’ve replied to your comment way too many times now. I just can’t stop talking! haha 😉


      • Actually it depends what the post is about and who’s writing it. Sometimes a certain person writing about a certain thing is a bad combination. ‘Ya know what I mean? Although I don’t think any body I know is like that; just certain blogs on the internet that I follow.

        well I was using my dad’s laptop and the keys on it are farther apart then I’m used to so it was really weird haha.

        • Yeah, I completely understand! Sometimes, you’re reading a blog, and you’re just like….”say what??” haha and that’s usually when you stop reading the blog, lol.

          Oh ok, gotcha! lol


        • hahaha! so you guys couldn’t resist the temptation!! JK, it’s all g. I love using electronics…and technology, haha. We’re actually pretty spoiled when we go camping – we have our really big and nice RV, satellite radio, mircrowave, ovens, electricity…yeah the works. lol I love it. haha!


    • Wow! Yes you definitely beat me. I’m pretty sure you’re not a hermit like me… haha I think that’s a good thing… 😉 I bet it was really fun! I’ve enjoyed your photos of the places you’ve visited.


    • hahaha, thanks Rach. 😉 I just had to write something like that. 😀

      Yeah! with your cruise and everything…I bet it was amazing. I’m sure Oreo didn’t think it was so amazing….haha he sure is cute! I’m glad you guys had a great summer.


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