I’m back!

Ok, so I’ve actually been back for over about a week now, but things have been crazy…I’m just now getting around to posting.  😛  Today I’m officially a Junior.  It’s the first day of school!  I know it seems late, but we always start the day after Labor Day.  Ah, the joys of homeschooling.  haha

So I have photos from our trip!  Hope you like them….we had a great time.  Just know, the photos of the river were *SO* hard to get.  Literally, it took me like half an hour to get one decent shot. 

For most of these photos I had my head and arms stuck out the window whilst driving at a decent speed.  So I’m sure you can imagine how “exciting” my hair looked afterwards.  😉  Oh, and it started raining on me…so I really hope you guys appreciate these pictures!  haha

And...of course, my shoes. Yep. Converse. What else?

I'm so proud of this photo. First of all, I took it, so that's a plus, but I also took it with my phone! *applause* yes, thank you

These photos just don’t do the actual views justice, but I’m still happy with them.  These magnificents mountains and gorgeous formations remind me of the Bible verses Psalms 121:1-2. 

“I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
From where shall my help come?
2 My help comes from the LORD,
Who made heaven and earth.”

God’s creation is just amazing, isn’t it??  I have lots more to share, so you’re gonna get quite a few of these posts!  Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?  So no worries.  haha

What’d you think?  Have a good time while I was gone?  Throw a party without me?  Shame, shame….  haha


Ok, so I just realized I didn’t post any photos of the river! Sorry…those are coming soon.  I have so many photos, I didn’t realize which ones I chose to exlude from this post!  😉


12 thoughts on “I’m back!

    • awww thanks! I’m glad it was worth it, haha. The views were simply breathtaking. I had to share! haha

      Oh well…I have to say I’m a little like Monk (OCD) when it comes to my Converse. I put my shoelaces in the bleach to keep them white, and periodically take a wet paper towel to clean them off. haha I actually just did it the other day because we went to the county fair and my converse were soooo dirty. It was horrible. 😀


      • Haha, seriously?! That’s amazing. Back in the day (a whopping 3 years ago…) when I first started my obsession with Converse, I’d wash them off every day. But then I got lazy…and the pair that I used to keep immaculately clean became the pair that I’ve drawn on with sharpies and have bright blue duct tape laces 😉

        I can’t watch Monk!!! He’s so OCD that it makes me a little crazy and I have to turn it off… but I *can* watch Psych til the cows come home. Moo.

        • bright blue duct tape laces – awesome. I figure one of these days I’ll probably end up drawing on mine with sharpies (it tends to be a trait in used Converse…?) but not anytime soon, haha. Especially when as of right now, I only have one pair. 😉

          Really? wow, a difference between us actually exists! I love Monk…he does annoy me when he gets so caught up in cleaning or moving things that he can’t focus on the “case”, or lets a murderer go because a phobia, but it’s so darn funny, I love it. haha I haven’t watched Psych, but I want to when I finish all the Monk episodes! 😀


      • Yeah, they are kinda awesome. And by kinda I mean TOTALLY. They’re my pride and joy. I almost love them more than I love Skandar Keynes. Almost.

        YAY! A difference 😉 What bothers me the most is that the table in his house isn’t straight. I know it’s like that because that’s how it was when his wife died (right?) but I’m just like gahhh, fix the stupid table! Although, my friend said that if you can’t watch Monk that means that you’re OCD. Hmmmm…??? Maybe I’m OCD without the “being neat and orderly” part. Make sense? Just agree with me 😉

        You definitely need to watch Psych 😀

        • Skandar Keynes is amazing!! You know, I know this guy who, when he was younger, looked EXACTLY like Edmund. no kidding. he doesn’t look like Skandar Keynes now, but it was really cool then! I almost love Converse as much as I love Johnny Depp – and that’s saying a lot. 😉

          Yeah he keeps the table like that because his wife would always pull the table closer to her so she could set things on it easier. Since that’s how she liked it, and he looooved her, now he can’t let it go and has to keep it like that. haha i know – it’s like everything else in his house is straight, except the table. lol ummm well I’m OCD….soo i’m not sure that theory works for everyone haha. Ok, I agree with you. 😉 You’re OCD abt him being OCD. Makes perfect sense – of course it does.

          Yes, most definitely. 😛


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