Who Needs a Rollercoaster When You Can Drive a Stick Shift?


Alright, this time you’ll get a “real” post, but next time I promise you’ll have more photos.  😀  I know you guys just *love* reading my rambling thoughts, so I figured I’d make you all feel so special and give you a regular post.  😉

So while we were in Colorado visiting my grandparents, my dad put two things together.  1), my grandparents have a huge field as their backyard with virtually no important landscaping.  2) that my grandparents also own stick shifts.  Guess what that added up to?  Driving practice!  (…yay…I think…..)

See, we only have automatic cars (fine with me!), and so I’ve learned how to drive with those.  I’ve been doing pretty good with those…and then my dad introduced the stick shift.  Um.  😯

Haha it was really fun, but really hard!  I’ve officially decided I do NOT like stick shifts, and I really hope I can get an automatic as my first car.  I don’t know how many times I stalled that car, or how many times I almost sent us into the fence because I was pushing on the gas too hard before releasing the clutch.  That coordination thing just wasn’t working for this girl.

Beside it being hard to get started, my dad had to admit once I was going, I was able to smoothly transition between 1st and 2nd – most times.  Don’t mention 3rd.  I didn’t quite get there; I usually got stuck in neutral and the car stalled.  At least the Lord gave me the ability to switch between the first two gears – that’s a start, right?  Exactly.  I just know you’re nodding.

It was really fun.  I liked it – for fun, but thinking about driving a stick shift in traffic terrifies me.  Well, driving in traffic with an automatic terrifies me as well – but that’s beside the point.  😛

I felt kind of bad when we came back inside and my dad asked for some Tylenol.  I was like, “really?  C’mon, no way!”  But apparently he really did have a headache from all jerking and stalling.   Oh well…hopefully I’ll eventually get better.  I don’t like stick shifts.  Just want to say that again.  Haha I’ve had a lot of people say, “It’s a life skill you have to know…” and I believe them – I just don’t like driving it. 

You know, I was thinking, and figured driving a stick shift can kind of be like life.  At times it’s hard to get started, but the Lord gives you just the right coordination and energy to get it going.  When you first get going, it seems pretty easy to shift gears and drive (just like remembering to do your devotions and putting God first)…but after a while, you’ll try to shift to a different gear and get stuck…eventually stalling.  You may have tried to do something on your own, or didn’t ask the Lord about it first, and it didn’t turn out so well.  Or something happened completely out of your control, and the car stalled with what seems like no reason at all.  It might seem impossible to start again.  But once you slow down, and think, the Lord will give you the coordination, and you’ll start back up like there wasn’t a problem in the first place. At least, that’s what it seems like to me.  Kind of interesting, huh?

So I’ll stick with the automatic for right now and tackle traffic eventually.  😉  Do you have any driving experiences to share?  Stories?  What do you think of stick shifts; how’d you learn to drive them?   Or if you’re learning now, what do you think?



6 thoughts on “Who Needs a Rollercoaster When You Can Drive a Stick Shift?

  1. Yay!!!! First comment! I’m glad that you acquired a new skill! I’ve always been told that stick shifts were so fun! Personally, I’m with you…I think. The less I have to be distracted while driving, the better! I haven’t actually driven yet, but I’ve imagined what it would be like (which is accurate) and it is scary. If you take a back road with some friends and listen to country music then I think that everything would run smoothly…..but still….Anyway, I love your example about life…very good, very true. Once again, another amazing post by Tialla! And a happy sweet sixteenth to you!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Ayce

    • Yep, you scored the first one! haha

      Exactly – the less to be distracted with, the better. 😀 Girl, you need to start driving. If I have to teach you myself, I will. but you don’t want me teaching you, so you’d better get on it!! 😉 Thanks, glad you liked it! I was trying to come up with something…and I had all my thoughts there, but I wasn’t sure how it came out in words. So I’m very happy it was understandable!!

      oh thank you! That was so fun at lit class yesterday when everybody said happy birthday and sang it too. awesome. 😀 I had an amazing day yesterday!! Thanks again for everything Ayce!


  2. Awww your poor dad… 😉

    I’m learning right now and I can’t say I’ve had any “exciting” experiences to share. Other than I drove up and down the road a bunch and didn’t get hit! WOOHOO!!!! I’m learning on an automatic, so you definitely win in the stick shift department.

    I love that you totally turned driving into a deep message about God 😀 Impressive. And so true. Life is like driving a stick shift. Lot’s of stopping and starting. Lots. But it keeps things interesting, right?

    Good luck with everything! Now that you’re back home you’re just driving an automatic, right?

    • oh well thanks! haha he’s all good. he did think it was quite humorous that I wrote about him, though. 😀

      Hey, not getting hit is quite an achievement. really. 😉 Yeah I like automatics waaaay better!!! I know I’ll have to get a stick shift down eventually, but I’m good on an automatic for right now! 😛

      I’m so glad you like it! I wanted to relate it to our lives with God somehow…and I had all the thoughts, but it was quite difficult getting it into words. So I’m glad it turned out all right! It definitely does keep it interesting. No reason for boredom at all! haha though…. I’d kind of like to have the boredom instead the stalling…

      Thanks! Yep, I’m back on the automatic! haha it’s sooo much nicer than the stick, that’s for sure. 😀


  3. It was a kick driving stick. Whoa Ok that wasn’t supposed to rhyme. I knew it was a pun though. But yeah anyway I drove a small (manual) pickup on dirt roads in KS last fall. It was fun. On this one you couldn’t feel the clutch engaging through the pedal, which, as I was later informed, was abnormal. Oh well. I need more practice though.

    • hey, thanks for commenting. now I just have to get Tara to comment some more… 😉 Anyway. Nice ryhme! I love it when I write something and it ends up ryhming. I guess I like it so much because I’m *horrible* at poetry… haha

      wow, sounds fun! Except that would kind of creep me out a little bit. I’d like to feel the clutch engage. Driving a stick in a backyard, not so bad. Thinking about traffic with one is just plain terrifying… Glad you had fun. Not sure my dad did, but hey, we were laughing so that’s a bonus. 😉


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