More photos!!!

Here are a few more photos of our trip to Colorado!  There were so many amazing shots….the Lord certainly blessed us on this trip!  I know you guys have just been dying to see more of my *amazing* (sarcasm there, in case you didn’t notice) photography.  😉

If you look closely in the mirror, you can see me taking the photo! 😀



6 thoughts on “More photos!!!

  1. Gorgeous darlin’, gorgeous 😀 You’re making me want to go on vacation. Although, we are going back up to visit Grandma No Air Conditioning at the end of the month. But that’s not a vacation, since I’ll still be scarred from our gajillion degree visit back in July. Gahhhh.

    Sooooo, I tried to be a total creeper and see you in the 2nd to last picture, but I failed. It’s too small. So for now I’m just going to have to keep on pretending that you look like the blonde version of me. Which is pretty dang attractive 😉 Ha, I wish.

    • thank you darlin’, thank you. You make me feel so special. 😀 Oh have fun at Grandma’s! Take like a bazillion portable fans with you. Or, even better, get your parents to purchase an air conditioner and take it up to your Grandma, by explaining how you need it to survive. Even though it probably wont be as bad now…. haha I’m *sure* they’ll do it.

      Well, even if you could kind of see me, all you’d see would be like the bottom half of my face, which is kind of awkward. Besides I like you imagining me pretty dang attractive! I know…I wish also. haha


  2. Colorado… yes indeed… good stuff. As I recall. At least parts. Which way did you go? Man I wouldn’t mind visiting Colorado again, it’s been a while. Except for the road trip, which isn’t too bad except for the public restrooms, which scare me.

    • Colorado is absolutely gorgeous. Um….I’d have to get back to you on which way we went. I know we went through Cortez…… but that’s not very helpful. I know, the driving takes a long time, which is why I was happy this last time when we split it up into 5 hours of driving at a time. that wasn’t quite so bad. hahaha public restrooms at rest stops are scary. now at Anthem (near Phx)..not so bad. ok, this is an awkward subject…. 😛


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