The Grand Canyon!

You know, I haven’t been to the Grand Canyon for 7 years – even though it’s just a couple of hours from my hometown.  I know, sad.  So, when our relatives from Virginia came to visit, we all decided to tour the Grand Canyon!  I was so excited.. I’d been there about 5 times before, but I was a lot younger, so this time I was able to fully appreciate it.

It is so amazingly beautiful, people.  Here’s some trivia: Did you know the Grand Canyon is one of the 7 wonders of the world?  Now, you just have to do your homework and find out what the other six are.  Unless you’re super smart and already know them – for which you get bonus points.  😉

I can’t believe how some people think the Grand Canyon happened by accident.  It’s just like, “really?!”  How can you look at this gigantic canyon with bazillions of canyons inside it and think it happened by accident??  It clearly shows the marks of a Creator.  Even the works of the Lord show His glory – no mistaking.

We were able to see the Colorado river winding through the Canyon….and we even saw the rapids, but from where we were, it looked totally calm, and just like white parts of the river.  It was just so breathtaking and amazing.  I heard that there’s a village somewhere at the bottom of the Canyon – like, people actually live down there.  Wouldn’t that be cool?

I could just hear it now:

“Where do you live?” 

“In the Grand Canyon.”

“No, really.  Where do you live?”

hahaha  that would be so funny.  or at least to me.  😉  The only problem is it would be quite a long trip to the grocery store.  Or nearest chocolate factory.  Yeah, that’s quite a problem.  😉

I took a couple of photos with my phone, but here’s the best one.

Isn’t it gorgeous?  God is just so amazing.  Really, seeing the Grand Canyon makes me think of how big our God is, and how much He loves us.

Have a fantabulous day!




8 thoughts on “The Grand Canyon!

  1. Wow, that post was a great way to start my day. Thank you! It’s funny (in a sad sort of way) how even though I live right by the mountains, I am usually in such a rush that I forget who made them. I think I’ll work on that today. 🙂

    • Oh, well you’re welcome! And thank you for enjoying it! I think a lot of us fall into that mode…we have beautiful scenery all around us, but we take it for granted, and forget Who made them. I know it’s quite easy to do, sadly. Seeing the Grand Canyon certainly helped me to remember. 😛 Thanks for commenting, Dillon! 😉


  2. Weird that you posted about the Grand Canyon. My friend’s there right now! Twins 🙂

    I know that the 7 wonders of the world are the pyramids and that one lighthouse…right? And the natural wonders of the world are the grand canyon, the reef in Australia and the northern lights. See?! I’m smarter than you think I am 😉 Never underestimate Picco.

    • haha awesome sauce, Picco. hmmm well that’s five, what about the other two? Yes you are very, very smart. I’ll never underestimate you again. 😉

      *whoa*, haha that’s cool. Definite twins. 😀


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