Gorgeous Landscapes, a sign, and a rock

Here I am, Tialla Rising, once again posting more photos of our trip to Colorado.  This will be my last post of photos from Colorado – I hope you’ve enjoyed all of them.  Or at least most.  Or maybe at least a couple.  ❓  😉

On another note, I drove for my first time in traffic today!  I was pretty scared at first, but after a little bit it wasn’t so bad.   😉   I could definitely use improvement, though.  haha   😛


This was the 1st photo I could take of the river – after trying to get one for about 30 minutes. O.o

This was the 2nd shot of the river I took – much better, isn’t it? 😀

If you notice, this sign doesn’t say “falling rockS”, it says, “falling rock” – there must just be one rock that falls in Colorado. Just saying.. 😉

the treacherous rock. Colorado had it right after all! 😉

Isn’t this a MUCH better shot of the river? My mom took it. Bonus points for her. 😀

This was somewhere in Utah. It was quite random, so we thought it was worth a pic. haha


6 thoughts on “Gorgeous Landscapes, a sign, and a rock

  1. Holy guacamole child, how many pictures of your vacation did you take?!?! 😉 This is like the 50th post you’ve put up with pictures from Colorado. But I’ve loved them all. You’re really making me want to go on a vacation….

    You drove in traffic? AHH!!! Congrats! Was it scary? I’ve stuck to quiet, car-less roads so far and even those stress me out 😉

    • haha well technically it’s my third post….but i know it seems like I did a lot more than that. 😀 I thought you said you were going on vacation at the end of September! girl, you’ve got to get out. haha

      Thanks!! I was soooo scared going into it…I was actually shaking. Coming back home didn’t freak me out so much until I was in the middle lane on a three-lane road with cars in front of me, on both sides, and behind me. 😯 and changing lanes was interesting…. but it was good. haha I know, right?! I used to be so scared at going 25 mph with no cars. haha


      • Heyyy, I thought we were going on vacation too! Twins. Technically, we should be on vacation right now. But my dad had to work, it’s my great-grandparents anniversary soon and *sigh* I don’t want to talk about it…

        I’m pretty sure once I stop being a wimp and get into the real world of other cars I’ll be the same way. The other day my dad picked me up from a friend’s house and he’s like “do you want to drive home?” Hmmm, let me think about that. Driving. At night. Sharing the road with other cars. I opted out of that one, shockingly.

        • I can totally understand why you would opt out of it! haha I have problems with night driving, driving in rain, and driving in traffic. today I did all of that at once. 😯 I feel like such a horrible driver, but everybody keeps telling me, “you’re just learning, it’s ok…” It’s the ice breaker that’s the hardest. but once you do it, it’s not that bad. 😉 Except, I still haven’t driven on the freeway….that scares me. A lot. 70 mph with other cars. Joy! O.o haha


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