{Clueless on a title} – hey, at least I’m honest. ;)

Right now I’m staring at my huge Lord of the Rings trilogy poster.  I know that’s random.  I’m just thinking how Tolkien was a genius, how I *LOVE* the Lord of the Rings, and how I really want to read the books again!

I’m also thinking how I can’t wait for the Hobbit to come out this next year!!  Peter Jackson is my favorite director….(I wonder why….maybe because I love the LOTR so much?!), so yeah, I’m really excited.  I heard they’re bringing Orlando Bloom back as Legolas. That’ll be cool….even though Legolas wasn’t in the book, so it’ll be interesting to see how they pull that off.

I’m so glad Ian McKellen is coming back as Gandalf.  No one else could pull of Gandalf – just saying.  It’d be like someone else trying to pull off Jack Sparrow instead of Johnny Depp.  Yeah, totally not happening.  😉

I really love Middle Earth.  It’s just awesome, and, well, amazing.  I really wasn’t planning on talking about LOTR in this post, but I guess sometimes things turn out differently than we plan, haha.

Anyway…moving on!  I’m *so* excited about Thanksgiving.  I’m pretty sure I say that everyday.  I don’t know why I’m so excited…..except for the fact that I love food and Thanksgiving food is amazing.  Just thinking about the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, sparkling cider, apple pie, pumpkin pie, ice cream….yum.  I could go on and on.  😀 😀

hahaha...hmmm, sorry...this made me laugh..... *snickers*

We always get together with a certain family (who happen to live a block from us, so it makes it really easy to run back and get stuff we forgot) we’re friends with.  We’ve been doing Thanksgiving & Christmas with them for about 4 years now I think.  Well, we missed last Christmas because it was four days after my surgery….and I was still totally out of it, haha.

Along with this family, each of us usually invite 2 or 3 other families, so we always have a big group – meaning *tons* of fun.  Plus, *tons* of food.  😀  We usually all have dinner mid-afternoon-ish, so we can “graze” the rest of the day, and play games until past midnight.  Yeah, it’s a great time.  We’re so thankful to know this family.  They’re awesome.

I Chronicles 16:34 says, “O give thanks unto the LORD; for He is good; for His mercy endures forever.

Verses like this always come to mind when I think about Thanksgiving…it seems like a holiday the Lord would smile upon because He commands us to give thanks and be thankful…so Thanksgiving seems like the perfect holiday.  Especially on this wonderful day, we should always remember to give thanks to the Lord, for everything He has given us and all He does for us.  He’s the One who gives us life, and we owe every fiber of our being to Him.

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?  Any special traditions?  What do you like most about it?   😀




20 thoughts on “{Clueless on a title} – hey, at least I’m honest. ;)

  1. Gahhh, I hate when I can’t think of a post title! Especially when I have a semi-funny post. It bothers me. Obviously.

    We usually do Thanksgiving over at my grandma’s. She is a fantabulous (did I make up that word? 😉 ) cook and the food is always…err…fantabulous. Oh and I have a confession: I really hate pumpkin pie. The only reason I ever get any is to eat the whipped cream off the top 😉 Shhhhh.

    • haha I know, right? I couldn’t come up with one for the life of me…so I decided to be a genius and let people know it. 😉 sometimes I think the post titles are *way* harder to come up with than the post itself.

      erm, lets say *we* came up with that word. haha cuz I thought I had come up with it…and then you used it. my bubble burst. 😉 Really?! I have to say, I like other pies way better than pumpkin pie…but it’s tradition, so I eat it. But, I do like it. 😀 hahahaha I always eat the whipped cream of the top first too. that’s the best part, right? 😀 But your grandma’s food sounds amazing. Is that the same grandma with zero AC? 😉 if so, it shouldn’t be *all* that bad in November…. 😉

      -your twin

      • I totally agree. It’s so annoying when I have this awesome post and a lame title. Oh well.

        Dude, I totally came up with it before you. I came up with it the day I was born and I’m older. So, yeah. But if it makes you feel better, I guess we could share the glory and say we both came up with it. What if I don’t like tradition…? What if I only like the whipped dairy product on top of the tradition? HUH?

        We’re doing legit Thanksgiving (I know I say I hate the word legit but it’s so useful… 😉 ) at my grandma’s here in town the week before Thanksgiving. And then on the actual Thanksgiving day we’re going to be up in Illinois at G’Ma No AC’s house for more casual Thanksgiving dinner. So probably no turkey. Make sense? …kinda?

        • oh really?! hmm. I guess you are older so you get bonus points for that. 😉 haha ok ok, truce. just eat the whipped cream. 🙂

          oh yeah, legit is *so* useful. like, it’s *way* easier to say than legitimate. 😉 jk Sounds good! Two Thanksgiving dinners. 😀 We always have *legit* Thanksgiving dinner on Thanksgiving and then the next day we all get together again to have 2nd Thanksgiving dinner so we can use up the leftovers. 😀 yeah, we’re so smart. haha


  2. Don’t taste me bro!!!

    Dearest Tia
    I enjoy reading your blog. It makes me laugh…because I know the green-eyed LOTR loving, slow eating, stair challenged, and amazing writer that you are….personally. 🙂

    I think your next post should be about how slow of an eater you are. I am just saying that would be amazing.

  3. First, i have to say, i love lord of the rings too, the new movie sound awesome!
    And your Thanksgiving day foods sound amazing~my mouth is watering, i have tried apple-pie some days before, yummi, yummi…and maybe i’m not lucky enough to have the amazing experience of Thanksgiving day, since Chinese don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But i’m glad that you guys will have a great holiday, happy thanksgiving Tia.
    BTW,did i tell you that i had been reading The Bible for 3 weeks, yup, i decided to be a Christian, and i’m learning.
    Next week i will have a tour, i’m happy, but not excited, maybe a little, since i got tired these days, heart tired, many many reasons, hope my mood will be better during the tour.
    Best wishes My friend. Sorry for my long time disappearance.

    • Wow, it’s so nice to have you back, peng! It’s been a long time- I’ve missed your comments.

      Yeah I can’t wait for the movie. I’m so excited about it. 😀 That kind of surprising me that Chinese don’t celebrate Thanksgiving since you guys have so many holidays…. But thanks anyway; I’m totally in Thanksgiving-mood, haha.

      That’s so great, peng!!! I’m so happy! This just made my day. I’m so glad you’re a Christian now. 😀 😀 I’m sure your tour will be fabulous – what’ll it be about? I’m really so proud of you, and really happy. You have been in my prayers this whole time, but I will definitely still be praying for you!


      • Yep, Chinese don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, most people think thanksgiving belongs to American people, not like halloween or Christmas day, but i know Thanksgiving is a very very important holiday in America, since my friend Isaac, an American boy, have decided how to celebrate Thanksgiving this year for a week. And everytime we talking about Thanksgiving day, Isaac seemed so excited 🙂 I’m so glad this holiday will give you guys so much fun.
        Wow~ Tia, after i be a Christian, so many friends of mine who are Christian give me their best wishes and pray, it’s so amazing, just make me feel so many people care about me, and you guys are so happy since i decided to be a Christian, you, Katy and some American people who living in China, this feeling is so good, some time i texted me friend told them i was reading The Bible in my living room, they will be very happy for me, this feeling is really awesome, and i have never had this kind of feeling before, like you have so many brothers and sisters, they are so kind hearted. Thanks God.
        Tomorrow, i will start to visit some place in the southwest of China, btw, i’m living in the Northeast of China, so that place is different from here, and very far, need 6 hours flight, but i think it will worth it, since it’s not urban, it’s more “China”, maybe like the inital feeling of most American people thinking about what China like, there more mountains, trees and water. So i’m really expected. So if something amazing happen, i will post for you.
        Thanks Tia, for your praying, i wanna give you a big hug, take care my friend.
        Yep i’m back with my comments 🙂

        • Yeah I guess it is an American holiday…I never really thought about that before, but it makes sense. Ooh Thanksgiving for a week sounds awesome! Except, I’m afraid after that week is up I’d probably have gained at least 10 pounds. 😛 We literally have so much food during Thanksgiving…that all our kitchen counters are filled and we have to set up extra tables to put more food on. And we have at least 6 different kind of pies, along with ice cream and a Strawberry pretzel type dessert. yeah…Thanksgiving is definitely a highlight of our year here in the US. 😀 Maybe your friend Isaac can bring a little Thanksgiving into Chinese culture this year for you, eh? that would be fun.

          Well you are now my brother in Christ, Peng! So really, when you become a Christian, you get a *lot* of brothers and sisters in Christ, and we’re all there for you – praying for you. I’m so happy you’ve made this decision, and have so many people supporting you. It won’t always be easy, but Jesus is totally worth it, and you’ll have your Christian friends standing by you. Wow your tour sounds like quite the adventure! That’ll be the total opposite side of China that you live on….but I bet it’ll be fun traveling. I live in the west coast of the US, but I have been to the East coast and it’s always fun to see how different things are over there. Yeah, make sure you take photos – I’d love to read a post about it. 😀

          You’re absolutely welcome, Peng. Hugs! Glad you’re back. 😛


  4. fun post, Tia!
    Yes, yes, LOTR is very epic…:)
    Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. We have had many traditions that changed when we moved…So, we cook and cook the day before and the morning of Thanksgiving…apple pie, pumpkin (yuck), pecan, and buttermilk….a million rolls, ham, turkey, gravy, and everything else!!!! Also we starve ourselves until around 2 pm when we eat linner (lunch/dinner). then we eat and eat, and eat….we pause and have a time of devotion and reflection on the rich blessings that have been bestowed upon us by God…we go in a circle and tell what we are thankful for (this can take a long time or a very short time, it depends how much turkey everyone ate). This is the best part of thanksgiving. We take a vote to see how many people are ready for pie, ice cream, and whipped cream….then we eat more…then we watch football, play something outside, watch movies, play card games, sing, or anything that( all the while eating and making hardly any progress on the piles of leftovers)….and that’s it….we usually stay up late….eat more…..also all the girls sit around talking about how fat the feel/are….pathetic, i know… THE END…… Also I am very thankful for what Peng said about coming to the Lord..I don’t know you, Peng, but Ii will be praying that God grows you in Himself everyday and that the fruits of the spirit will be evident in your life.


    • Thanks, Ayce! 🙂

      wow that’s quite the tradition! haha sounds fun. hey, if you don’t feel fat after eating Thanksgiving dinner, something’s wrong. Just saying. 😉

      Yes, I’m so happy about Peng’s decision!! I’m glad you’ll be praying as well, Ayce. Thanks for commenting!


    • I’m glad to know another Lord of the Rings lover!! haha yep, everything about middle earth, Tolkien, etc, is just amazing. Glad you agree…. I can’t imagine that any author will ever be as good as Tolkien. He was just…a genius. haha Thanks for commenting!


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