Influenza Epidemic – seriously.

I can’t promise that this post is going to be all the entertaining…because….I just getting over a bad case of the stomach flu and am *very* exhausted and tired, and drowsy, and not able to concentrate much, and…. I think you get the picture.  Hopefully sometime during this week I’ll be able to write a much better post.  🙂

Yeah, so I was over at a friend’s house on Friday doing experiments for Marine Biology, when it all started.  We were dissecting a shark.  Eew!  I’ve always been like, “Ugh, that’s gross,” but have never actually been sick from it.  Except this time.  During the middle of it, I started to get kind of queasy but tried to ignore because, frankly, it’s pathetic that I would be so grossed out by a high school lab dissection!  I’ve dissected several creatures before!!

Anyway, I ended up…you know….hurling.  I was so embarrassed, but I felt so bad overall that I couldn’t care all that much. I was completely in a fog…I didn’t really “register” what people were saying or doing, and even though I answered, I can’t remember those answers now for the life of me.

When my friends dropped me off back home, I was still feeling quite sick, and when we walked in the door, the “aroma” of fresh-baked muffins met my nose.  Oh, I’m sure they’re delicious, but fiercely didn’t agree with my stomach at the moment.   🙄   haha

Let’s just say 7 hours later and 15 times of throwing up I was finally starting to feel a little better.  Man, I was so tired and thirsty…but I couldn’t keep anything down and only had half an hour between “letting loose” to rest.  I was soooo glad when I was finally done.

That was Friday.  Today’s Monday.  My stomach still hurts.  I guess it’s going to take several days for it all to calm down.  I hadn’t eaten anything since Friday morning until last night, but at least I can get something down now.  :/

But, it’s not just me.  Friday night my two baby brothers started throwing up as well. Late that night my sister and mom threw up.  Saturday night my older brother got sick as well.  Last night it was my dad.  I only have one brother left to go – then all of us will be sick.

However, my sister really wasn’t that bad so right now she’s pretty good…. and the babies throw up occasionally but otherwise are ok…but still.  We are definitely quarantined with the “epidemic” in our house.  Isn’t it fun with families??  One person gets sick; they all get sick.   😉 We’re unfortunately very good at sharing.   😛

In other news, this weekend we’ve also received several inches of snow!  Wherever I look, there’s snow everywhere.  We have Christmas music playing, the heater on, and snow outside.  Yeah, I’m ready for the holidays.  😀

I can’t exactly think of a Bible verse this time, but if you could pray to Jesus for me and my family, that would be great.  Actually, I just had a great idea – how about you tell me about a Bible verse God has set on your heart today?  If you don’t have one, that’s ok, but if you do, I’d love to hear it!

How’s your weekend been? haha



9 thoughts on “Influenza Epidemic – seriously.

  1. Oh no! hope you all feel better sooo-oon! Our family has been sick too this last week, but not really that kind of sick…more like fevers and sore throats. Matthew has a really bad cough and earlier he had an earache…I guess it’s that time of year again. 😦 😦 😦
    Oh, and we’ve been having some snow; today it has been snowing on and off all day!

  2. Gahhh, poor you! 😦 Funnily enough (I feel so posh when I say that), you’re not the only blogger who’s down with the pukes. Mara, who also comments on my blog, wrote today about how she’s been sick. I reeeeeaalllyyy don’t want to catch this, so I’m staying far away from everyone and washing my hands until I feel like they’re going to fall off. Blarg.

    Snow?!?! NOOOOO!!!!! What happened to fall?! I feel like autumn is the shortest season. Summer and winter feel like they take forever, spring feel about 3 months (like it should be) and BOOM fall’s gone. Loser fall. No one appreciates you, obviously 😦 Except for me. So…yeah.

    But my weekend was just spiffy. My parents were out of town, so I was babysitting all weekend. Needless to say, we watched a lot of movies to keep the toddlers occupied. Megamind, anyone?

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend! Whenever I’m sick and I don’t eat for a while, just plain ice water tastes like deliciousness from heaven 😀

    • yeah, something is definitely going around. I’ve heard about a lot of people getting sick lately. But I WILL make it to literature class tomorrow. haha I’m determined. 😉

      I know, fall’s always the shortest. i love Fall….not winter. 😦 It’s so ridiculously cold!!!

      Oh my goodness, I *love* Megamind. He’s like the most amazing villain ever. Glad you had a good weekend. Except, babysitting all weekend isn’t all the fun, but watching movies is, so I guess it evens out. 😛 Yes, ice water is the best. But I’ve also been living on Gatorade to get some electrolytes back in my system…


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