Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I woke up this morning, with the temperature gauge-thing reading -3 degrees outside!  Negative 3 degrees!!!  That is soooo intensely cold.  So cold, it feels like it takes all the air out of your lungs.  So cold that your fingers go numb in like 2 minutes.  So cold that just wearing a hoodie and snowboots doesn’t cut it – I unfortunately learned this one myself.  So cold that the faucet doesn’t run.  So cold that your shoes freeze to the wet cement.  So cold that doors freeze shut.  I think you get the picture.  Or I sure hope you do.  😉  That’d be kind of awkward if you didn’t….  😉

It’s been in the negatives every day and night for the past week – I’m pretty sure this is going to be a much colder winter than we’ve had in a while.  We still have a few inches of snow…and our car actually died this morning because it was so cold. I have to wear my hoodie and winter socks along with my pajamas if I don’t want to freeze at night (and I even have a heating pad on my bed! Not to mention we keep the heater on all night….)

Man, it’s cold.  In case you haven’t noticed.  And if you also didn’t notice – I don’t like the cold.  I boycott snow.  I’m altogether Scrouge, The Grinch, and a humbug when it comes to winter.  (by the way, the Grinch is amazing.  Just sayin’ Oh, and the Muppets Christmas Carol is like the best Christmas movie – ever)  Granted, I really like winter break (which starts on the 19th!! so excited), so winter does have it’s pros. Still….

In other news, I spent 3 hours at the dentist today.   I had to get some stuff done….but I sure am tired.  And I bet my hygienist is too…haha.  It actually wasn’t all that much I needed to get done – a cleaning and some sealants…but I go to a place where they have students do the work, so it takes longer because they have to have instructors check everything.  But my hygienist was very sweet, so that made it better.

Really, I’m sooooo tired.  My jaw was aching through the whole thing, but the Bible verse, “My Grace is sufficient for you,” kept running through my head.  Every time it seemed like too much (I mean, c’mon – 3 hours is a long time to keep your mouth open, even with frequent breaks), that verse would pop in my head and the ache would seem to vanish for a while.  Bible memorization sure is helpful!

Here’s the full verse, in case you were wondering:

2 Corinthians 12:9, “And He has said to me, ‘My Grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.’ Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.”

What do you think of all the snow?? How’s the weather in your side of the country/world?  Hope your having a great one, and Happy Winter Break to all students out there – I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I will.  😀

All my love,


20 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. NEGATIVE 3? Holy guacamole, that’s freezing. Well, actually it’s below freezing. Not to rub it in or anything but *ehem* it was a warm 26 degrees here today 😀

    I still don’t have a hoodie. What’s wrong with me?!?!?! Wait. Don’t answer that.

    You should try blowing bubbles outside. Apparently they look really cool when they freeze. I’ve always wanted to try it, but it never gets cold enough in Missouri. Reason number five bazillion why I need to visit you.

    • yeah it’s only 35 degrees below freezing – considering that 32 degrees is freezing. So, technically it’s freezing there too! 😉 But, I know – it’s ridiculously cold here!

      Girl, you need to get a hoodie. A Black hoodie. Or a purple one. Or a purple and black one. 😀 Or one that has something having to do with Converse on it. Maybe I’ll get you one for your birthday. Shipping it might be problematic, though. :/

      Oh my goodness, that sounds *amazing*! I’m totally gonna try it. Except I don’t have bubbles. But I’m going to get some. If they turn out, I’ll take a photo and send it to you. With the caption, “Inspired by picco”. 😉


        • haha and that’s why you love me.

          very impressed. Good job! yeah I’ll have to look around. Oh I just thought of something – or a batman one!! Is it batman himself that you love so much, or the Joker? Because I know that I am freaking crazy about the Joker. lol ok not near as much as Johnny Depp, but the Joker is *the* coolest villain ever.


      • Wait, I love you because you point out my stupidity? Hmmm…just keep on dreaming that dream…

        Hmmm…that’s a toughie. Batman, converse, or black & purple. It’s up to you 😉 Haha, no I love Batman because Christian Bale plays him in the movies. The Joker’s totally awesome too, but I love me my angsty Christian Bale Batman.

        • well, I wasn’t exactly meaning that…… but whatever.

          ah, I see. Christian Bale – got it. But Heath Ledger was pretty awesome too. 😀 I’ll have to think about it and see what I can get cheapest! haha hoodies are expensive….unless you get them from thrift stores. Which, I pretty much only *ever* shop at thrift stores. I actually don’t remember the last time I got something from a department store…


      • Haha gotcha 😉

        Yes, Heath is awesome too. I know! They’re ridiculously expensive. I’m going to a concert tonight and I’m planning on buying a jacket with the band logo on it, and it’s $40. And it’s not even it a hoodie, it’s a zip up jacket! The world’s a messed up place…

        • Wow…what band? That is crazily expensive. That much and it’s not even a hoodie?! Whoever designed it needs to be shunned. 😉 Hoodies are the only way to go….haha hey at least you have money to attend a concert, right? just agree with me. 😉


      • Honor Society. They’re pretty much my favorite band ever. And I’m sure they’re a band you’d love too, seeing as we’re pretty much the same person 😉 Yeah, isn’t it insane?! Although I think I’m going to fork over the 40 bucks because their new shirts are white and I hate white clothes. I always spill stuff on them. Oops?

        My dad bought the tickets for me! I got a ticket for my friend too, and it’s her birthday present. I don’t know how I got away with not paying for both of them, but I’m happy.

        • Nice! I haven’t heard them, but if you love them I know I’ll love them too. 😀 haha I totally know what you mean. I love white clothes; I think they look so freshy and preppy, but stains get on them in 0.5 seconds after I put it on. :/

          That’s so awesome that your dad bought the tickets!! epic. I have to pay for anything extra like that, unless it’s my birthday or something. Have fun tonight!! You’ll have to post on your blog about it – with photos, mind you. Ok, I could go without the photos if it’s too inconvenient, but I want to hear how it was! 😉


    • I’m glad you like it! Oops, sorry to make you cold. Unless you really are literally freezing, which then all I can say is I’m right there with you! 😉 Thanks for commenting!


  2. You think its COLD there??? Come on! you live on the summery east end of town!
    Just kidding, by the way. It has been 0 degrees here during the daytime, I don’t even know how cold it is outside. I think it was negative 12 the other day. Brrrrr is an understatement.

    • Yeah, I’m sure it’s crazily cold over at your house. ugh -12 is horrible! That means it’s time get stay inside, get some hot cocoa, and bake. 😉

      by the way, thanks for commenting, Rachael!! glad to have you here. 😀


  3. I thought you were reformed! LOL, actually, its not that cold is it? 40* as a high isn’t that bad. Sure, it may get into the negatives at night, but hey, I’m wearing a skirt today! and I’m not that cold. two words: thermal, underwear. lol. I guess its just a matter of opinion. But I have to say, “Scrising” what is winter without snow? we would have blistering heat all year long…..or should I say, all our lives. That would be a great shame. lol.

    • hey hey I never said I loved the snow! 😉 Yeah today isn’t bad at all. I wrote that post several days ago when it was a *lot* colder. I was surprised at 6:45 this morning when it was already 25 degrees outside. bonus!

      “Scrising”? I’m confused. Yeah I guess we have to have some kind of winter. Snow has it’s pros – like snowboarding!! Sorry…this is really on my mind today. Thanks for commenting!


      • Alright, so you said you were beginning to like it…same difference. I know! It’s awesome, and soo pretty. Not to mention, there is only one time of year that you get to have a natural snow cone. 😀 Yep, it was pretty warm, though I have a theory, I think it only snows when its warmer. Not colder.

        Hey, you were the one who referred to yourself as “Scrooge” I just came up with something clever. At least I didn’t call you “Grinching” lol. i know.

        • yeah when it started getting warmer yesterday, Geramy was like, ‘It’s getting warmer because we’re going to have a storm tomorrow” – so it gets warmer before a storm, like the calm before a storm, haha.

          Oh ok! I totally didn’t know you were referring to Scrooge. I didn’t get that at all. 😉 Yeah, Grinching would be a little awkward… 😛


          • haha, I guess great minds think alike 😛 my congrats to your brothers awesome meteorological skills. lol. I guess we’re naturals at it. just kidding. 😀 kudos.

            Yeah, two words girl. Dense. oops, thats one word. unless of course, it only made sense in my own head…………strong possibility.

            😉 Grinching sounds like something you do….not a name. hahahaha

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