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Wow.  I haven’t written a regular post for a long time. So much has happened!  Let me see if I can sum it all up in a decent-sized post. 😉

First off, my uncle died, so we had to travel down to Tucson and Sierra Vista for the funeral/memorial service. (For those of you who don’t know, those cities are in southern Arizona.  Very southern. The border of Mexico was in sight.)

I had only met my uncle a few times while he was still alive, and well, let’s just say I didn’t appreciate his sense of humor for most of the time. 😉  I guess uncles are just like that.  It was great seeing relatives whom I hadn’t seen for years, but it was really sad as well.  I feel so sorry for my aunt – this is going to be a very hard time for her.  I pray for her daily, but I can’t imagine the extent of pain she’s going through.  However, my uncle was a Christian, so at least that thought can bring some comfort.

While we were down there, we were able to visit my dad’s old house (he grew up there), and my mom’s old house (she lived there for a while).  That was quite interesting, but my parents were both saddened by how many new homes had been put on property they once called theirs.  My dad told me about how he used to run through the fields on their property to a mountain where he had built a fort, and play there as a boy – but now all those fields are covered with homes.  They’re basically on top of each other. :L

Anyway, it was especially very nice to see one of my aunts who lives in Wyoming.  I hadn’t seen her for about 5 years or so, and she is so sweet – it’s always a joy being around her. 😀

Let’s see…when we came back home we were super surprised to find that our house was kept immaculate by the family who house-sat for us.  Our animals were happily taken care of, and even the laundry was done.  Amazing.  This family is so wonderful, and such a blessing to us – we’re so glad to know them.  We just can’t thank them enough for what they did – I mean, we asked them to feed our animals and make sure our house doesn’t burn down, but they even did the laundry and swept the floors.  This was just such a blessing to come back to after attending a funeral, ya know? 😀

The next day I went to a friend’s house and slept over.  We’d been trying to work this out since March of 2011, but one thing after another kept it from happening.  We ended up watching 5 movies – The Princess Bride, Master and Commander, The Phantom of the Opera, The Count of Monte Cristo, and National Treasure.  Oh, and we also stayed up until 7 AM, slept for 1 1/2 hours, and started watching movies at 8:30 AM again. 😛

Of course we had to watch the Princess Bride, I mean, c’mon, what sleepover is complete without the Princess Bride?!   😉  Master and Commander is also one of my absolute faves, and I’m pretty sure my friend loved it.  Watching it more than once really helps to get the jist of it though, so that gives us a good excuse for another sleepover, right?  😉

I absolutely adore The Phantom of the Opera.  The music, the Phantom himself (Gerard Butler, btw), Christine, everything.  It’s so amazing, I love it.  My friend and I talked about it long into the night.  I despise the ending when the Phantom says to Christine, “Christine, I love you.”  Then she just gives him back the ring and leaves.  Ugh!  I feel so sorry for the Phantom.   😥  But it’s an epic movie overall.

This was my first time watching The Count of Monte Cristo, and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  No, I loved it!  It was really, really good – and I really want to watch it again.  Really.  😉  I can’t believe I just used the word “really” three times in that sentence… hmm….

Moving on!  National Treasure it a classic, so it was definitely one we had to watch.  I can pretty much quote the whole thing since I used to watch it everyday, and Riley is the best character of all.  He’s so awesome – and I’m seriously going to complain if Justin Bartha isn’t in National Treasure 3 when it comes out.  No body else can play Riley like he can, just saying.  It’d be like somebody besides Johnny Depp trying to play Captain Jack Sparrow – so not happening.

This past Friday I woke up with a sore throat….which lasted all the way through Saturday.  And then I developed nasal congestion/runny nose, a cough, a pounding headache, etc – basically, I got a cold.

And I still have it.  My sinuses/head feels a lot better today, but I still have a bad and very irritating cough, along with minimal energy.  This cold has been horrible.  I’ve been in bed almost all day long since Monday – except for today.  I actually ventured outside today to see my rabbit, and have been sitting in my reading chair, not my bed.  So this is good. 🙂

In case any of you were wondering, I’ve discovered that sinus rinses work really well to help speed up recovery when you have a cold.  Ok, that was random…..

But yeah, Monday was really bad….I didn’t feel like eating anything, talking, reading, watching movies, anything.  Most of the day was spent lying in bed, moaning, and staring at the ceiling and walls.  Lying in bed, because I had like zero-energy, and moaning because I felt like death was closer than life at the moment (ok, so I was joking…but I just felt really, really sick.)

I actually said that I thought it’d be easier to die than live – but hey, to die is gain!  For me, and all believers in Jesus Christ, it means Heaven with no pain, sorrow, or discomfort. 😀 Now that is an amazing thought.  Can you imagine Heaven, also known as New Jerusalem?  Revelation 21 describes it, but it’s still extremely difficult to even slightly imagine.  Even without all the physical dimensions, just thinking that Jesus will be there!!! Is amazing to me. I’m so excited.

Oh and we had a great Christmas in case you were wondering.  I can’t believe I forgot about that.  I was sick, as aforementioned, but it was still nice.  My parents gave me a pair of black Ugg slippers which are really warm and cozy, a whole can of Almond Roca (yum!!!), a mini-compact so now I have something to put my eyeshadow in, and the book Inheritance by Christopher Paolini.

I’m really happy to have this book because it’s the last book in the series, so I now have the whole series.  I’ve only read the first few chapters, and I have to say, I’m not that impressed (nobody compares to Tolkien. Fact.), but maybe I just need to keep reading.  I think I was kind of turned off by the fact that he used the word “and” as the first word in a sentence 37 times just in the history of the previous books.  Which was like five pages long at the most.  37 times!  And the books are quite gorey….but I still like the story line itself, and I am very, very happy to have the book!! 😀

My older brother also gave me a huge tub of hand cream, which I’m very thankful for because I’ll always use hand cream and it’s a great practical gift.   This hand cream works very well – it’s some of the best stuff I’ve used.  😀

My sister gave me a glow-in-the-dark key chain, and a little bag to put stuff in, while my little brother gave me a broken piece of glass.  😉  Just kidding, ok so it’s supposedly a rock.  But it looks like a broken piece of glass.  We love teasing him about it, but I appreciate it all the same – it’s pretty.

And now as I’m starting to mend, I thought I should write a blog post to catch you guys up with everything.  Sorry it’s so long, but I had a lot to say.  Congratulations are in order if you read all the way through it!

Happy New Year!


9 thoughts on “my insane life

  1. Hey, you thought my Honor Society post was long? Seesh lady! This is the longest post in the history of blogging…or something…

    I’m glad you had a good Christmas. Mine was good too. Crazy busy, but weirdly uneventful. Hmmm.

    Luckily life gave me vodka. Lets have a party! But not in Arizona or missouri
    Oh, and I think that first comment is spam 🙂

    • haha no i didn’t necessarily think it was long, but it was the longest post I’ve ever seen *you* write. I love all of it though! 😀 I know, right? My mom advised me to break it into two chunks, but who knows when I’ll have time to get back to that….so I just did one big whopper.

      Uneventful? Nice. I wouldn’t necessarily say mine was uneventful…haha. I didn’t write it in my post because it was already too long, but here’s what happened on MY Christmas: we went over to a church family’s home for dinner. This family has two 14 year old sons and two 3 year old twin daughters. Out of all that, (and while being sick), I got water poured on my head and down my shirt, rammed into with a door and getting root beer float all over me and the floor, shot at with an air-soft pistol, hit with a Frisbee, mercilessly teased, tackled and might I say tortured by the little girls, knocked over and hitting my head on the corner of a desk, and stepped on.

      Yeah, I had quite the eventful Christmas. No wonder I was at death’s door the next day. We totally need a party. Even if it’s just the two of us with the vodka and lemonade. And chocolate. And Johnny depp. now THAT would be a party. 😀

      Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s spam too…but aparantly “Writing Jobs” subscribed to my blog…so idk. I just approved it for the heck of it. 😉


  2. LOVED this post, Tia! HAPPY NEW YEAR, BTW!!!! Yeah, we had a lot of fun….aaannnddd I got sick to….that dumb sinus stuff..I am still feeling it. But we are having an awesome time here in CA I miss this place. ANYWAY…yeah the movies were great….hmm….it seems every time I watch a new movie with you it ens up being a new favorite of mine….:)

    • I’m so glad you loved it!! Happy New Year to you as well!! We missed you guys at church today…it felt so empty. Yeah it seems like a lot of people are sick right now….several were missing from church because of it, and several at church were coughing/sneezing/blowing noses, etc. It’s definitely going around!

      That’s great that your having an awesome time there! I bet it’s amazing to be back. I’m glad you get to visit. We moved here from CA 12 years ago, and I haven’t been back once. 😦 I really want to visit!

      Maybe it’s the company and commentary that goes along with the movies to make it extra special? haha I know the Count of Monte Cristo is definitely a fave of mine now. I’m glad you loved the Phantom of the Opera – because it is definitely one of the most amazing movies ever created. 😀


    • haha yeah unfortunately I can ramble and in rambling I can express all my emotions. I’m glad you appreciate it though! Some people don’t like it, so it’s nice to know someone who does. 😀

      I am doing much better now…though I still have a bad cough. However, I feel a lot better, so that’s what matters most. Thanks for asking! 😉


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