Phantoms and Pirates

I’ve been loving the Phantom of the Opera lately – you know, the new-ish one with Gerard Butler.  It’s so amazing!  I’m deeply attracted to the music, and though I’m not a big opera fan, I’m enchanted with this movie and all the music with it.  And, weirdly enough, the more I listen to it and admire the Phantom of the Opera music, the less I like metal.  I’ve realized lately that I’m just not liking metal all that much.

Plus, we have to be careful with the music that we do listen to.  Music evokes such powerful feelings – and very easily at that.  All you need is a simple tune to change your mood.  I’ve written about the influence of music before, but I just now thought of it again.  And, being a Christian, I need to make sure that the music I listen to doesn’t evoke ungodly feelings, or put images in my head that are dishonoring to God.  This is one reason why I’m glad that I’m not so attracted to screemo music anymore – I definitely feel like other kinds of music are more God-honoring for me.  Don’t get me wrong – I still love rock and pop – most definitely.  Just not metal so much.  😉

Hebrews 2:1 states, “We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.”

I’m enamored with the orchestra from Phantom of the Opera.  “Music of the Night”, “All I Ask of You”, “Point of No Return”, and of course the theme “Phantom of the Opera” are all major favorites of mine.  I can actually play most of the theme song on the piano, and I’m trying to learn “All I Ask of You”.  However, after my surgery, I forgot pretty much everything about playing the piano, so it’s still pretty difficult for me.  I’m doing my best to learn it all again, though, no worries! (Ok, so I’m not sure why you’d be worried…)

Also, speaking of music, my friend Rachael over at Rachael’s Writings posted this video on her blog, and I was so fascinated with it, I just had to post it on my blog as well.  The theme music for Pirates of the Caribbean is awesome, and this guy is amazing. His hands are so fast…I wish I could play like that one day. And I totally dig his hair – it just adds to his dramatic effect.  😀

And no, my love for the Pirates music does not have anything to do with the fact whatsoever that Johnny Depp starrs in the movies.  At all.  Zip, zero, zilch.   😉

Tell me what you think!


8 thoughts on “Phantoms and Pirates

  1. See, I’m torn with metal. I’ve never been a screamo fan (although there is Christian screamo 😉 ), but I really love hard rock/metal. I see your point about not wanting to put ungodly images in our mind. My mom always says “Our life is one big bucket. Why would we want to fill our bucket with trash when we can fill it with…*insert something pretty like Dr. Pepper or something…I forget the rest of her quote*.” Geez, now you have me second-guessing my love of metal. And I obviously shouldn’t quote people unless I know the full quote. I’m a little tired tonight…

    I LOVE Phantom of the Opera! Did I even need to say that? I also totally love Gerard Butler. There’s this really funny interview of him on Ellen (I think?) and he’s talking about when he had to wear a kilt at a wedding and it made me love him that much more. His accent is to die for.

    And that piano piece is insane. No human should be able to play that well.

    • Yeah, I used to really like metal. And it wasn’t like I read that verse or anything and was suddenly like, “ugh, metal’s satan” and stopped listening. not at all. and I don’t think metal is satan. haha I’ve just realized lately that I’m not as attracted to it, and it kind of gives me a headache when I listen to it…. so yeah. some metal isn’t as bad. it’s really the screemo that gives me a headache. and I kind of like to understand the lyrics so I can sing along…. I still love hard rock, just not quite that hard. 😉

      I would love to hear the rest of that quote when you remember it! I kind of have an addiction for quotes…so…. 😉

      I knew you loved The Phantom of the Opera!!! Because I love it. 😀 Gerard Butler is amazing, and I can’t believe he never took a single voice lesson before doing the part. I know some people don’t like his voice, but I love it. And yeah, his accent IS to die for! Well, I pretty much love any accents except my own, and Hispanic (that accent is really hard to pronounce). Of course, Italian accents are the best, but British ranks right up there too. 😀

      Yeah that guy’s name is Jarrod Radnich, and apparently he’s this amazing composer/pianist. I absolutely love that video. I could watch it over and over without getting bored.


  2. Love Gerard Butler but not a big ‘Phantom of the Opera’ fan – musical, movie or book. If we’re discussing Movie musicals, I think ‘Prince of Egypt’ has my favourite soundtrack, ‘Deliver Us’ being my favourite.
    Oh and I’ve only ever listened to one Christian rock band but I used to like Switchfoot a lot. Ever heard their music?

    • Well, I’m glad you at least love Gerard Butler. He’s amazing. 😀 I totally forgot about that song – I *love* “Deliver Us”! When I listen to it, it gets stuck in my head all day long. Literally.

      Yes, I like Switchfoot. If I’m remembering correctly, some of their songs are quite as “hard” rock….but they can really rock when they want to. 😀


  3. I love the Pirates soundtrack!(actually,I like all four of them but the first one is the best) I’m glad I could help put some subject matter on you blogging table(excuse the metaphor) I really enjoyed watching this guy, ’tis truly amazing how some people can play so well without a backward glance.

    • I couldn’t agree more! 😀 I’m so glad you posted that video on your blog in the first place! 😀 It’s the most amazing pirates video I’ve seen. He really is amazing, I totally agree. Thanks for commenting. RAD.


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