‘An actor without a playwright is like a hole without a doughnut’

“Cops have a grudge against all that is not a doughnut.” – Dedrick D. L. Pitter

“Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll.  The optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist sees the hole!” – Oscar Wilde

Um, yum?

I like doughnuts. I mean, who doesn’t, right?  Well, I guess some people don’t.  But overall, doughnuts are a cherished delicacy.    😉 When it comes to regular doughnuts, I’m pretty sure that Apple Fritters are my favorite.  However, the best of the best, the most amazing, the most yummy, the most rare and sacred doughnuts are: Krispy Kreme. Oh my goodness. Krispy Kreme doughnuts just melt in your mouth and they have the most exquisite taste.

Wow. I can’t believe I just used the word “exquisite” in reference to doughnuts. I’m quite passionate, aren’t I? haha

Now, some of you may argue that Dunkin’ Donuts are the best, but I’m here to tell you – argue away.  It will never change the fact that Krispy Kreme tops Dunkin’ Donuts any day.    😀  I have some friends who would definitely argue this fact with me, so I just had to mention it. 😉 But seriously, take a plain glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut, and microwave it for 9 seconds on high.  It’s absolutely perfect, and will totally melt in your mouth. Yum!!

Anyway, doughnuts are delicious.  And thanks to Rach @ This Italian Family, I now have a recipe to make homemade doughnuts.  This recipe is super easy and super fast.  And when I say something is easy and fast, I mean it.  I personally prefer to spend a maximum of one hour in the kitchen at a time. You know, I have other things to do, people to see, and blog posts to write.  I’m happy if I can get my cooking done in under an hour.  😉 But, if it does take over an hour, I will oblige…just not as happily as if it were under an hour.  😉

These doughnuts took about….20 minutes, max. And I’m including preparation in that.  Plus – they were super delicious!  This recipe is definitely a keeper, and I plan on making doughnuts again soon.

Melt in Your Mouth Doughnuts


  • 1 ten-count can home style biscuits (or whatever you prefer, just not flaky layers)
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 tbsp. cinnamon
  • 1 stick margarine (or butter), melted
  • vegetable oil for frying
1. Pour oil into skillet to the depth of a little less than 1/2 an inch and heat on medium to medium high for about five minutes. In a bowl, melt margarine. In a seperate bowl, combine cinnamon and sugar.
2. Using a plastic bottle cap, cut the center out of each biscuit. Drop dough into hot oil, watching carefully and turning when golden. Once doughnuts are golden on both sides, remove to paper towel lined plate. Repeat until all dough is cooked, including doughnut holes.
3. Dip both sides of each doughnut into melted margarine, then press both sides into cinnamon sugar mixture. Serve warm.
These are amazing doughnuts!  And seriously – they don’t taste like biscuits at all. It’s amazing. 😀
In other news, here’s your verse of the day:
“Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus, the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.” Romans 8:1-2

Isn’t that refreshing?  Those of us who are in Christ Jesus are set free from sin and death. Of course, we’re still humans, and we’re still tempted with what everyone else is. However, the difference is, that as Christians, we do not have to pay the price for Eternal Life. We’re set free – saved –  from that requirement, because Jesus Christ paid it for us when He died on the cross and rose again 3 days later. There’s no way that I could possibly ever be thankful enough for what Jesus did for me. He’s awesomesauce.   😀

Well, have a great week!  I’m crazily busy trying to write a Literary Analysis Essay due next week for my literature class.  *insert pulling my hair out* I’ve never, ever done an essay like this one before.  However, I love writing, so it’s not that bad…I just have a lot of homework to somehow get done this week. O.o

And….I’m gonna go now. Ciao!  😉

*title quote from George Jean Nathan


24 thoughts on “‘An actor without a playwright is like a hole without a doughnut’

  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe Tia! I just happened to get a half of one of your fantabulous doughnuts Sunday night and it was absolutely delish! I would have never had any idea that they were so easy– and made out of biscuits none the less! 🙂 I’m all over easy though, so thanks!

    • Hey no problem Kiah! Oh, I’m glad you liked them!! 😀 It always makes my day when I hear that people like the food I make. I know, right? Who would’ve ever thought of biscuits?? Have fun cooking – and thanks for commenting; I always love reading your comments. 🙂


  2. I’m going to let you in on a depressing secret: I’ve only had one Krispy Kreme doughnut in my entire 16 1/2 years of earthly existence. And I had it like a few months ago. I don’t deserve to be human… 😉

    WHEN we get together in New York or California or wherever (anywhere but Arizona and Missouri, right?), you need to make me these. And I’ll make you some bacon. Mmmm..bacon and donuts… yum.

    • *GASP* oh no, no, no, no. You didn’t just say….did you?? shame, shame, shame. 😉 Well…sounds like when we get together, we’re just going to have to splurge on a couple dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts to make up for your lackage.

      Oh, don’t forget about Chicago too. Somewhere in there. 😀 I will definitely make them, and you make me bacon. Then, with Johnny Depp movies, Dr. Pepper, and chocolate, we’ll be the life of the party. Btw, nice to hear from you again! I’ve missed you! 🙂


      • Couple dozen is right 😉 I’m so excited!!!!

        Yes, Chicago too. If you ever end up having that Johnny Depp party, I’m totally flying out to Arizona for it 😀 Yeah, sorry about that. I saw your last few posts and was like, I need to comment on those, and then I’d forget. School is crazy. I’m spending pretty much my entire life memorizing Latin verbs, reading up on the Roman Republic, and attempting to get good grades on ACT practice tests. I can’t wait for summer :/ Blarg. And blarg is totally a word, in case you had any doubts.

        • haha Me too!! 😀

          I definitely want to have the party…I really hope that I can. I just need a place to do it (our house is a little small)…get a costume, and rent the movies. I’m gonna Google “Johnny Depp movies” and then sort them by awesome-ness. Which, I’m sure will be difficult when it comes to Johnny Depp. Do you have any favorites that you’d recommend??

          Hey no problem. Yeah, I’d say I can’t wait for summer either…except that I’m starting college this summer so….that’s kind of exciting, but I’m also pretty nervous about it. Blarg. haha

          Oh and I didn’t have any doubts because I figure, if a person’s cool enough to use an uncommon word, even if it’s made up, it totally makes it a word in my book. 😀

      • Hmmm just slightly. So you, Picco, and I need to get together and pig out on Krispy Kremes to make up for you never having any. Seriously, you haven’t lived until you’ve had Krispy Kreme. 😉 ok…maybe I’m being a *little* dramatic.

        Thanks!! I had a Legolas background like a year ago and somehow drifted away from it….but my love for LOTR returned with full force, and I just *had* to display it on my blog. I know right? Orlando Bloom – *swoon* haha. Actually, I love Johnny Depp like a bazillion times more, but Orlando Bloom is still *very* nice. 😀


    • haha, yeah sorry about that! I probably should have mentioned in my post that I changed it again. I tend to change it quite often… hehe I like trying out new ones. 😀 Hugs to you as well!


  3. I also like krispy kreme more that Dunkin.
    Krispy kreme’s doughnuts are very soft I could eat half a dozen quickly 😀

    Good luck for your essay (^__^)b

    • Aren’t krispy kreme doughnuts delicious?? I just love them! Yes, haha, I’ve noticed that it’s *very* easy to eat several at a time. 😀

      Thanks! I turned it it…so we’ll see what happens!


  4. I have got to be one of the most rare people on earth! I don’t like chocolate and I don’t like donuts!
    Is something wrong with me? 🙂

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