Um, Slightly Amazing Voice

Here’s a video of a 7-Year-Old girl singing the National Anthem.  Her voice is incredible – I wish I could sing like this!  Prepare to feel patriotic.

It’s at this point that most people would write “God Bless America.”  However, God has greatly blessed America time and time again.  By God’s grace, I say America Bless God.  It’s our time to give something back.


Also, here is a video of the same girl singing Amazing Grace.  Can anyone say “talent”? haha 🙂

I have to say, I like the National Anthem one better, but this little girl is definitely blessed with an amazing voice.



4 thoughts on “Um, Slightly Amazing Voice

  1. Hello long lost friend. It’s is I, commenting on this like five billion years after you posted it. But I agree with Rach, her voice is totally amazing.

    How are you? Still alive? Do you still have green eyes that I’m beyond jealous of in a totally non-creepy way? Lovely. 😉

    • Hello my lovely derk! I was wondering when you were going to comment. If ever. 😉 haha Well taking into consideration that I hadn’t posted for like five bazillion years, I’d say you’re doing all right. Doesn’t that girl have an incredible voice?! I was like, *whoa* that’s intense. haha

      I’m superdupermegaultra busy with like five essays I’m writing at the moment (all for different classes) and dealing with…crazy life. to say the least. I really want to post more…and comment more…I’ve just kind of lost the inspiration. I’ve heard this thing happens in phases, though, so hopefully it’ll change. 😛

      Oh and yes I still have green eyes. I just scorched my body this weekend, in case you were interested. I had the brilliant idea to lay out in the sun after swimming…and the majority of my body is cherry-red and horrendously painful. It’s getting better…but I’ve decided that tan skin is *so* overrated. ha!

      And you? How art you doing my lovely?


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