Happy Birthday, Johnny!

On this day, 49 years ago, a very special event occured.  The fruit of such an event led to world-changing results – especially in the movie business.  Can you guess what this day is?

Johnny Depp’s birthday!

Today, Johnny Depp turned 49.  So naturally, being an extreme Johnny Depp fan as I am, I was inclined to celebrate.  Originally I wanted to have a birthday party for him, or rather for his fans in celebration of him.  I planned that everyone would come dressed as their favorite Johnny Depp character; we would have a cake with his photo on it; pirate rum drink for a beverage; and have a Johnny Depp movie marathon.  It probably would have went well, except for the fact that aside from me and my best friend, Johnny Depp fans are null and void in my city.  In fact, pretty much everyone in my circle of friends dislikes Johnny Depp – with a passion.  It makes me terribly sad, so needless to say, the party isn’t happening.

However, with my parents permission, I still decided to celebrate.  I baked a cake (chocolate, of course), made pirate rum drink, and am still watching a Johnny Depp movie marathon.  At the moment, I’m watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.  I have planned to also watch Benny and Joon, Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I really wanted to watch Chocolat, but we don’t own it, so it won’t be happening today.  However, we should be getting it from Netflix in the next few days, so I guess that works.  There are pretty much a bazillion other Johnny Depp movies that I still need to watch, but I’m slowly working through the list.

This is a short post, but I just wanted to mention Johnny Depp’s birthday, and I would love to hear from all of you fellow Johnny Depp fans out there!  Also, what’s your favorite movie he has starred in?  Feel free to share!

I’ll sign off with a quote from Johnny: “I don’t pretend to be Captain Weird; I just do what I do.” (Thanks Picco!)



14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Johnny!

  1. Ha Ha! I’m sorry no one wants to celebrate Johnny Depp with you! 😦 But…he is really…odd. I’m myself am not a fan of him, but watching movies all day with him in it sounds like fun!

    • *insert tears* 😉 Hey, maybe you can come over for a movie marathon next year! He turns 50 then… so that will be even more of a reason to celebrate. Or, we could do it just because sometime. Even though you’re not a fan of him, I’m very (VERY) glad to hear that someone is interested in participating in a Johnny Depp-athon. 😉 Thanks for commenting!


  2. I agree with Rachael.:) I am not in love with J.D..but he is talented and I like his movies…I even half-way like Alice in Wonderland just because of the special effects..:):):) He makes a good “mad” person in my opinion….heeheee!! I guess you are entitles to have your favorite actor…I still like Billy Boyd…he’s fun.:D

  3. Hi there, it’s me. Commenting late, as usual… If we didn’t live so dang far apart from each other, I would have totally joined you for the Johnny Depp party. Basically, you need to move closer. And then we can have a Christian Bale party on January 30th. He’s gonna be 39. We like the older men obviously… 😉

    • haha ah Picco, you make me laugh. Yes, it would be totally awesome if we loved closer… So either I could move closer, or you could move closer, or we could both compromise and meet up at either the border of Colorado and Kansas, or try to find something to do in Texas. Or, we could be really crazy and go to Chicago. 😀

      Christian Bale’s birthday is on January 30th? Nice… I will have to write that down. haha I can’t wait for Dark Knight Rises… oh my goodness – SO EXCITED. haha yes we do like the older men apparently. I just realized that Johnny Depp is over ten years older than Christian Bale… Oh well, he’s still the most amazing person to grace the planet. 😉


  4. Randomly looking for a Johnny Depp picture, stumble onto this page, and read a Mr. Magoriums quote, which is one of my favorite movies! 🙂 Made my Monday a bit brighter 🙂

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