Official Teaser Trailer

You know how in my last post, I mentioned that big things are happening for my book?  I presented you with my book cover, summary, and new website?  Well, ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves – for I have more.

I am proud to release my official book teaser trailer.  Never heard of a book trailer before?  Let me explain:  it is a short video clip about a book.  Still not sure if you can picture it?

Watch this.

What do you think?  Are you excited?  I am very excited.  This video took me about a week to produce, and I have to tell you, I’ve never done anything like this before.  So…needless to say, I’m very happy with the result.  God has definitely blessed me with through this process and has opened the doors for me.  I’ve accomplished things I had no idea I could – writing a whole novel, editing, filtering out publishers, creating a website, creating a book trailer… .  It’s all so amazing to me, and I’m extremely grateful to the Lord, and everyone who has helped me out.

“Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might.” – Ecclesiates 9:10a

Now here’s where you come in: If you could please share this video with your friends, family, Facebook, twitter, and on your own blogs, I would really appreciate it!!  I need ALL the help I can get in marketing my book.  Since I’m self-publishing through CreateSpace, the marketing is left completely up to me…so, the more shares, the more people know about my book.

You guys are amazing – thanks for everything!  Oh, and if you ever want to view this video again, but don’t feel like searching for this post, you can always look it up on YouTube, head over to this page, or even visit my website.


13 thoughts on “Official Teaser Trailer

  1. EEP! so cool! I loved the video. Who did the photos? They’re really good.

    Also, who designed the cover your book and is the photo your own? Lol I sound so nosy, but I’m extremely impressed and SO EXCITED! I just love books like this so much, and then to have one written by someone I know simply doubles the anticipation 😛


    • haha now you have me even more excited! 🙂 I downloaded the photos off of Google Public Domain. I’m glad you like them!! 😀

      My book cover was designed by my publisher (CreateSpace), and no, the photo is just some of their licensed stock photography. I’m so glad you’re impressed, and you don’t sound nosy at all! I would much rather have people ask me lots of questions than not say anything at all.

      You have definitely been such a huge encouragement for me, Marie! I hope I can meet you someday in person. 🙂


  2. Hey Tia..awesome work..nice video 🙂 wow it’s so nice to be able to see the growth of your book step by step..thanks for choosing us,the bloggers,to share your book with !! All the very best to you!!

    • Thanks LynAn!! Oh, you’re totally welcome – I can’t thank you guys enough for supporting me in the growth of my book, and expressing your excitement! That’s what really keeps me motivated to get it all done. 😛


    • I’m totally psyched! (Do people actually say that too??) Actually, I used to know someone how would say cool beans all the time. 😉 Anyways – thanks!!! I’m so glad you’re excited!

      Oh, and I was reading back on my Rent-A-Kid post…how’s your savings coming for the Rent-A-Twin thing? hehe


  3. Oh, your book looks so GOOD. Seriously. The cover is awesome, and the video totally makes me want to read it asap. I’m gonna link to this in my Friday Links post, I like it that much!

    And also, the whole thing makes me really want to get back into writing. It’s been way too long, and this post just tugged that piece of me that really misses writing.

    • Aww, thanks Mara!! I’m SO happy the cover and trailer interested you like it did. Your comment has totally made my day. 😀 Also, thank you so much for the link, come Friday! You are so amazing.

      I remember when you would post part of your stories on your blog – they were always wonderful. I would absolutely love to read more about your writing! 😀

      Thanks again, Mara!


      • You actually did inspire me to get back into writing. I’ve been working on something most of the day today (slow day at work.) So I’m hoping sometime soon that I might start posting stories again!
        And I realized like five minutes ago that I totally forgot to link to this post in my Friday Links post today! But I rectified that. 😉

        • Wow, I’m so glad I’ve inspired you. Writing is just…a hobby that can’t be replaced with anything else. It truly is amazing to have a fiction story and characters form from the ink of your pen (or the keys of your computer haha). I am really looking forward to your stories; I hope you start posting them soon!

          Oh, and thanks for remembering. I read your post and was slightly confused, but wasn’t too concerned. I’ll have to go back and re-read it now. Thanks so much for adding me in – I really, really appreciate it. 😀


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