Today is Tuesday: Weekly Blogging Challenge

I have decided to challenge myself once a week to write a blog post.  If you haven’t noticed, I have not exactly been the most consistent blogger lately.  I was doing really well there for awhile, and then….  I don’t know.  Life happened, I guess.  However, blogging is part of my life, so I’m going to make it more important!

I’m a huge fan of Garfield.  I mean, seriously, he’s funny, ironic, sarcastic, sardonic, lazy, and cute.  What’s not to love?  Garfield hates Mondays.  Therefore, in allusion to him, I’m going to try and post a blog every Monday entitled “Today is Tuesday.”  It should lighten up the day, right?  “No more Mondays, people.  Today is officially Tuesday.”

It will be a list of random things going on in my life, including a weekly Bible verse and application.  I will share how God’s been working in my life, or at least how the Bible verse has encouraged/affected me in the week.  I pray that this will not only bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, but also encourage all of you, my lovely readers.

I think that the highlights of this blogging challenge are  not only to familiarize you with my weekly adventures (or lack of), but it will make me feel more guilty for not posting.  Wait, is that a highlight?  I’m at least hoping the guilt will persuade me to post on a regular schedule. 😉  I love blogging, so I’m not sure why I haven’t been doing it more often.  It’s kind of ironic, because I’ve nagged so many of my blogger friends to post more, and now they’re totally blogging more than me.  Funny how things happen like that.

This is a short post, but be looking forward to my “Today is Tuesday” post coming this Monday. 😀


4 thoughts on “Today is Tuesday: Weekly Blogging Challenge

  1. Hey Tia!!! wow..”Today is Tuesday”..the sound of it on a Monday morning,oh how soothing 😉 😀 will be definitely looking forward to ur posts!!! 🙂

    • I’m hoping it will be a way to take people’s minds off their anxiety for Mondays. 😉 Glad you’re looking forward to it! I’m excited to do it as well! 😀


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